13 Best Sports Bras in India for Ultimate Comfort

Whether you are looking to support your breasts while working out or need a type of bra like a no-fuss bra that is comfortable to wear, a sports bra is your answer. Sports bras are sturdier, use absorbent fabrics for drawing away sweat, and reduce bounce to eliminate discomfort during physical exercise. These performance-oriented bras are also designed based on the intensity of your workout, like high, medium, and low-impact bras. Finding the right sports bra can be a little daunting; that is why we have researched them for you.

Our Top Recommendations

How Do We Choose the Right Sports Bras for You?

Sports bras are constructed from soft, stretchy, and breathable material to keep you dry and perspiring throughout the rigorous exercise. To suit all of your demands linked to exercise, they are available in many patterns and styles. In India, a good quality sports bra costs anywhere between Rs 300 to Rs 1,800. Before you jump into our recommendations of the best sports bras in India, we suggest you take a look at the factors that helped us decide on the best sports bra brands.


Ladies, there are three different types of sports bras available in your favourite store’s sportswear area. Those with petite breasts should opt for a compression sports bra. If you have huge breasts or participate in intense workouts, get an encapsulated sports bra. If you want complete support and the right amount of compression, go for a hybrid sports bra.


If you like using pullover bras, you are taking a big risk since there is no way to tighten the straps. They lose their elasticity after a few wears. You must thus search for an adjustable strap that can appropriately support your breasts.

Cup size

We are aware that sports bras typically come in small, medium, and large sizes if you are not sure what your bra size then you can check it from any of the bra size calculators. And don’t you believe a bra that is intended to support your breasts as you hop up and down ought to be less generic? Therefore, to prevent spills and to ensure that you get the right assistance, always seek a brand that provides appropriate cup sizes.


Your breasts are supported by the bottom band, and spills are prevented by the side and back panels. They also assist you in selecting a proper fit. Your sports bra’s bottom band should be detachable from the centre by at least half an inch. You’ve found the perfect one if you can do this accomplishment.

List of The 13 Best Sports Bras in India for Ultimate Comfort

Enamor SB06 Sports Bra 

Enamor SB06 Sports Bra

This super comfortable sports bra is liked by beginners and adults alike. Made with soft, breathable cotton, it ensures gentle lift and easy movement. It is thoughtfully designed with broad straps, moulded cups, and high coverage for ultimate comfort.

This wire-free, low-impact sports bra is ideal for everyday use and activities like yoga and basic stretching. A double-layered front for maximum coverage without spills or lines makes it one of the best sports bras for all your activity needs. 

Prominent Features of the Enamor SB06 Sports Bra:

  • The Enamor Sports Bra is a supportive bra made of breathable cotton
  • The bra has flexible grip elastic, metal-free slip-on, and soft hold straps that offer you the ideal form
  • The Enamor Sports Bra features a keyhole back and moulded bra cups for simple wear


  • Comfortable
  • High coverage
  • No bouncing


  • Not padded

Why We Picked the Enamor SB06 Sports Bra?

Due to its comfortable fit, the Enamor SB06 Low Impact Bra is appropriate for both adults and novices for light exercises. It is constructed from supple, breathable cotton fabric. This low-impact bra offers a two-layer front to minimize show-through and a beautiful form with moulded design. The broad straps provide complete support, and the seamless design hides any lines.

Mysha Women’s Sports Bra 

Mysha Women's Sports Bra 

The Mysha Women’s Sports Bra comes with removable pads and a front zipper closure. Its super-light material is stretchy and quick-dry, which makes it ideal for extensive workouts. It also features a racerback that allows unrestricted movement. It has a broad band that gives additional support and comfort.

The bra provides full coverage and has a relatively deep neck so that you can wear it under fitted athleisure wear too. The flattering thin cups give a smooth appearance, while the strappy back is designed to offer a wide range of movement. This makes it the most comfortable and best sports bra out there.

Prominent Features of the Mysha Women’s Sports Bra:

  • The Mysha Women’s Sports Bra is made from super stretchy cotton elastane fabric, which makes it stretchable
  • Sweat is wicked away with quick-dry fabric technology, which keeps you cool and dry
  • Front zip fastening for simple and practical wearing and a snug fit when working out
  • This wireless racerback padded bra gives the shoulders the most range of motion


  • Proper coverage
  • Easy to wear
  • Stretchable


  • Not suitable for intense workouts

Why We Picked the Mysha Women’s Sports Bra?

The Mysha Women’s Sports Bra provides complete support for both indoor and outdoor workouts. This wireless racerback padded bra gives the shoulders the most range of motion. The detachable pads are fastened in curved cups that provide additional support. These pads are simple to take out and put in as needed.

Jockey Women’s Sports Bra 

Jockey Women's Sports Bra

When it comes to lingerie, no one does it quite like Jockey so it is considered one of the top bra brands in India. This padded active bra comes in contrasting colours for a fun workout. It is suitable for extensive and low-impact workouts by providing superior comfort and reducing bounce. It has double-layered cups with soft removable pads that give a smooth look to your clothing.

The StayDry technology helps in evaporating sweat so that you stay dry and fresh throughout the day. The racerback style makes it easy to wear and ensures maximum movement for the shoulders, making it an elegant pick for the best sports bras.

Prominent Features of the Jockey Women’s Sports Bra:

  • The Jockey Women’s Sports Bra is available in a number of prints and patterns
  • The bra is composed of 94% Cotton and 6% Lycra.
  • The Jockey Women’s Sports Bra is easier to move in for daily activities


  • Comfortable
  • Easy to wear
  • Sleek design with a variety of options


Stitching may not be of very good quality

Why We Picked the Jockey Women’s Sports Bra?

Jockey is one of the most trusted innerwear brands in India. The Jockey Women’s Sports Bra is comfortable and can be worn for exercise. The good quality material is durable for women who are actively into sports.

Bodycare Sports Bra  

Bodycare Sports Bra 

The Bodycare Sports Bra is lightweight and comfortable. Made without an underwire, it provides a less structured fit, but the soft elastic band holds the bust firmly in place. The cotton spandex fabric provides freedom of movement and helps in reducing bounce for low-impact workouts. The light and breathable fabric of this popular choice for the best sports bras make it a comfortable option for daily wear or less rigorous workouts. 

Prominent Features of the Bodycare Sports Bra:

  • The Bodycare Sports Bra is made from a light material which makes it possible to wear
  • Feel comfortable during workouts due to the Bodycare Sports Bra
  • The bra is perfect for daily use and activities


  • Quality material
  • Comfortable
  • Reduces bounce

Why We Picked the Bodycare Sports Bra?

The Bodycare Sports Bra is a brand that is well renowned in India. They use high-quality materials at an affordable price to provide you with the best experience. The Bodycare Sports Bra is easy to move in and is perfect for working out.

Dilency Sales Sports Bra

Dilency Sales Sports Bra

This cotton sports bra comes with removable pads and adjustable shoulder straps. It is non-wired and is suitable for all sorts of physical activities, from gym workouts to dancing and running. It comes in a free size that fits 32 to 36 bust sizes. The thin foam padding gives a nice shape and is excellent for high-impact workouts. The material is soft and stretchy and absorbs sweat well, reducing the sticky and wet feeling post-workout.

Prominent Features of the Dilency Sales Sports Bra:

  • The Dilency Sales Sports Bra is wire-free, which makes it perfect for everyday use
  • The bra comes with removable padding
  • The Dilency Sales Sports Bra is made from cotton and polyester for comfort


  • Comfortable
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use and wash


  • Straps may not be of good quality

Why We Picked the Dilency Sales Sports Bra?

The Dilency Sales Sports Bra is both comfortable and affordable. The sports bra comes with removable padding, so you can wear it any way you like. The bra is easy to use and wash, so go for it.

Van Heusen Sports Bra

Van Heusen Sports Bra
Van Heusen

This comfortable sports bra is the right pick for light and medium-impact workouts. It is non-wired and is available in vibrant colours in all sizes. The fabric is treated with N9 Pure Silver Technology to reduce odour-causing bacteria by up to 99%. The breathable cotton is quick to dry, making it one of the best sports bras for women. Additionally, the moisture-wicking technology and colour-fresh technology keep the bra looking fresh and as good as new for longer.

Prominent Features of the Van Heusen Sports Bra:

  • This wireless, non-padded slip-on sports bra is ideal for low-intensity activities, like yoga and jogging
  • The bra inhibits the formation of germs that cause odours
  • The Van Heusen Sports Bra is made from breathable cotton blend material for a smooth feeling


  • Comfortable
  • Sturdy band
  • Provides full coverage


  • The size chart may not be accurate

Dermawear Women’s Sports Bra 

Dermawear Women's Sports Bra 

This ultra-stretchable sports bra is ideal for running, jumping, and heavy workout sessions where you need additional support. It is easy and comfortable to wear, and the plush back straps give a soft feel against your skin for a no-marks experience. The premium fabric and design of this sports bra ensure elevated comfort, performance, and style

Prominent Features of the Dermawear Women’s Sports Bra:

  • The Dermawear Women’s Sports Bra is made from a cotton blend that makes it comfortable
  • The bra is wire-free and provides good support
  • The Dermawear Women’s Sports Bra is padded to keep the bra firm


  • Comfortable
  • Good fit
  • Perfect for high-impact workouts
  • Good elasticity


  • Cups may be a little small

Pipal Women’s Sports Bra

Pipal Women's Sports Bra
Pipal Women’s Sports Bra

The Pipal Women’s Sports Bra is comfortable to wear throughout mild to vigorous exercise. The sizes for this sports bra with a slim fit range from 30B to 36B. It has easily removable cushions so you may wear it as suits you best. The quick-dry technology used in the soft, breathable fabric wicks perspiration to keep you dry and comfortable. The racerback collar on this bra allows for the most shoulder mobility possible. It is simple to put on thanks to the front zip design, and the large elastic band offers complete support.

Prominent Features of the Pipal Women’s Sports Bra:

  • Sweat is wicked away with quick-dry fabric technology, which keeps you cool and dry
  • A wider range of motion is provided by the racerback design of the bra
  • The Pipal Women’s Sports Bra is quite cosy to wear and touch


  • Front zip closure
  • Comfortable
  • Keeps sweat away


  • The colour may come off after washing

Amante Women’s Sports Bra

Amante Women's Sports Bra
Amante Women’s Sports Bra

The Amante Reversible Women’s Sports Bra provides the ideal level of comfort for your intense workouts. You can choose between a textured pattern and a plain colour print on this sports bra, which is quite comfy. The back details enhance your posture when engaging in a high-intensity workout by offering greater support from your upper to lower neck. For its amazing coverage, flexibility, and fabric quality, you should give this sports bra a try.

Prominent Features of the Amante Women’s Sports Bra:

  • To support your breasts when jogging or running, this sports bra offers a designated support zone.
  • When working out at the gym, the stretch knit fabric lets you move freely and comfortably.
  • The sports bra is made for medium- to high-intensity activities like running, jogging, sports, etc.


  • Comfortable
  • Reversible
  • Wide coverage


  • Size may vary

Triumph Triaction Sports Bra

Triumph Triaction Sports Bra
Triumph Triaction Sports Bra

The Triumph Triaction Sports Bra is your greatest high-impact sports bra since it has the best rebound control technology, which makes it the ideal option for runners. The Triumph sports bra has broad, completely adjustable 3D foam-padded shoulder straps that provide your breasts with superb support. This bra’s multi-directional spacer cup technology enhances ventilation and boosts air permeability by a factor of four.

Prominent Features of the Triumph Triaction Sports Bra:

  • The Triumph Triaction Sports Bra features large cups which provide wide coverage
  • It is an impact-resistant sports bra that is ideal for people with large breasts
  • The sports bra features hooks in the back, which makes it simpler to take off


  • Elegant look
  • Comfortable
  • Easy to use and wear

Craava Women’s Sports Bra

Craava Women's Sports Bra
Craava Women’s Sports Bra

For regular physical activities like yoga, the gym, jogging, and Pilates, the Craava Women’s Sports Bra is perfect. It has a racerback shape and a front zip clasp to make it simple to wear and allow for full shoulder mobility. The bra is constructed of supple, breathable spandex and polyamide fabric with quick-dry technology to drain perspiration away from your skin and keep you cool and dry. This everyday bra offers complete coverage and all-day support, and it may be worn all day.

Prominent Features of the Craava Women’s Sports Bra:

  • The Craava Women’s Sports Bra features a zip at the front for ease of use
  • The sports bra comes with a removable pad which makes it quite cosy to wear and touch
  • The Craava Women’s Sports Bra is perfect for high-intensity workouts Like running, cross-training, and weight lifting


  • Quick-drying material
  • Full coverage
  • Comfortable


  • Limited sizes available

Shoppy Villa Sports Bra

Shoppy Villa Sports Bra
Shoppy Villa Sports Bra

Shoppy Villa’s fashionable and vivacious sports bra boasts wired cups and mild padding to provide all-day support. To provide a comfortable fit, it is fashioned from a fabric that is both very soft and stretchable: polyamide and spandex. The cross-back shape makes it simple to put on and take off. Depending on your preferences, the pads may be simply removed or replaced.

Prominent Features of the Shoppy Villa Women’s Sports Bra:

  • The Shoppy Villa Women’s Sports Bra is breathable and soft, which makes it comfortable
  • The bra features elastic closure that is perfect for physical activities
  • The bra features removable padding for additional support


  • Soft material
  • Removable padding
  • Comfortable


  • Padding quality may not be very good

Sqin Women’s Sports Bra

Sqin Women's Sports Bra
Sqin Women’s Sports Bra

Regular fit problems like strap slippage, uncomfortable hooks, or building edges don’t exist with the Sports Bra from Sqin. It provides a snug fit and enough support for carrying out your everyday exercises without difficulty. The broad elastic band on this non-padded, non-wired bra delivers maximum support, while the back’s shape allows for unrestricted mobility. This sports bra has an inner breast edge made of fine mesh to increase ventilation and comfort. It is made of soft, stretchy cotton and spandex fabric.

Prominent Features of the Sqin Women’s Sports Bra:

  • The Sqin Women’s Sports Bra is made from stretchy material to make it comfortable
  • This bra is non-wired with a broad elastic band for support and comfort
  • Fine mesh is included in this bra along the inner breast edge, which enhances airflow
  • The Sqin Bra conceals rolls, bumps, and bulges


  • Lightweight
  • Wide elastic band
  • Comfortable


  • Thin material

Final Word

The most crucial component of a woman’s exercise regimen is her sports bra. However, it’s also crucial to wear a bra that supports you as you work out in addition to being comfortable. While making our recommendations, we took into consideration factors like type, straps, cup size, and brands. Based on our research, the Enamor SB06 Sports Bra, Mysha Women’s Sports Bra, and Mysha Women’s Sports Bra are the best brands for sports bras in India.


Which brand is best for sports bras?

According to our researchers here at CashKaro, the Enamor SB06 Sports Bra, Mysha Women’s Sports Bra, and Mysha Women’s Sports Bra are the best brands for sports bras in India. They are affordable and provide sturdy support that keeps you comfortable all day long.

Which sports bra is good for heavy breasts in India?

The Wacoal High Impact Underwire Sports Bra is the best bra for heavy breasts in India. The bra is made exclusively for women with bigger breasts and offers strong support and comfort.

Which sports bra is best for workouts?

The Dermawear Women’s Sports Bra and  Jockey Women’s Sports Bra are the best brands of bra for working out. They are sturdy and provide full coverage. Also, the high-quality material makes them perfect for everyday use.

Which is better: a sports bra or a normal bra?

Sports bras provide more coverage than ordinary bras. They also include broader straps on the shoulders and backs in addition to the breast. They may be more comfortable in part because of this, but it may also mean that your skin doesn’t have as much room to breathe, which might irritate it and potentially result in acne.

Which sports bra is better: padded or non-padded?

In general, unpadded bras are more supportive. This is because preformed pads cause breasts to slide about within them unless they fit exactly. Additionally, the cushion puts a barrier between the breast and the external compression fabric, which lessens support.

Why Trust CashKaro Reviews?

Highly experienced and competent researchers at CashKaro work hard to provide you with the finest market suggestions available online. To create a list of products you can trust, we evaluate various products and compare them based on a variety of factors. We considered type, straps, cup size, brands, and other aspects while making our recommendations for the finest electric tandoor. We really hope that this list will assist you in reaching an educated conclusion.

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