Bra Size Calculator & Measuring Guide With FAQs

Millions of women go through life wearing a bra that doesn’t fit. While we may not think it matters much, wearing an ill-fitted bra can affect your neck, back, and posture. Moreover, it also impacts the way your clothes fit you. If you’re experiencing constant back pain, your bra straps digging too deep on your shoulders, bulging from the armpits and back, or the straps not sticking in place, you’re most probably wearing a wrong-sized bra. Here are some easy steps to determine your size and buy a bra that fits and complements your body. Let us help you find the right bra size with these easy steps before you go lingerie shopping.

Bra Size Calculator

How to Measure Bra Size in India with CashKaro Bra Size Calculator? 

If you’re wondering how to find the right bra size for yourself, follow the steps below. Get a measuring tape and a mirror to check your size.

Bra Size Measurement

Step 1: Measure Band/Underbust Size  

  • Place the soft tape snugly around your ribcage, ensuring it’s neither too tight nor too loose. 
  • Ensure that the tape is on the same level on the front and the backside
  • If you get a decimal, pick the nearest whole number to it. E.g., If you get 31.5, pick 32 as your band size.  

Step 2: Measure Your Overbust/Cup Size  

  • Place the tape around the fullest part of your breasts while ensuring that the tape is wrapped straight and evenly around your bust.  
  • If the number is a decimal, round it off to the next whole number.  
  • Put both these measurements in CashKaro’s Bra Size Calculator to find your accurate bra size. 

Step 3: Check the Straps  

  • The straps should neither dig deep into your skin nor keep slipping sideways.  
  • If your straps keep falling off, you can try tightening them. If that doesn’t work, the bra is unsuitable for you.  

TIP: How to tell if my bra is of the right size and fit? 

  • Wear your bra on the loosest hook. You should be able to slip in two fingers underneath the band comfortably.
Bra Fit
  • The fit of the bra should be snug, meaning that it should support you comfortably. If you find it restricting or too loose, it might be an incorrect size as the band may be too small or tight for you. There should be no spillage, and the cups should support your breasts properly.
Snug Fit Bra
  • The straps should not fall off your shoulders and should rest comfortably without digging in.
Bra Straps

Bra Size Chart (cm)

Bra Size Underbust
30 63-67  77-79  79-81  81-83  83-85  85-87   
32 68-72  82-84  84-86  86-88  88-90  90-92 
34 73-77  87-89  89-91  91-93  93-95  95-97   
36 78-82  92-94  94-96  96-98  98-100100-102  
38 83-87  97-99  99-101  101-103  103-105  105-107   
40 88-92  102-104  104-106  106-108 108-110  110-112  
42 93-97  107-109  109-111111-113  113-115  115-117  

Here’s a video explaining how to calculate bra size

Various bra brands offer some of the best bra size calculators in India. Since sizes may vary according to brands, you might have to pick slightly different sizes. Bra sizes may also vary depending upon your age, BMI, body type, and bust type.  

Here’s a video that can make the process of checking your bra size easier.

Source: wikiHow

How To Choose the Right Bra for Your Breast Shape?   

Whether online or offline, shopping for the perfect bra can be an exhausting experience altogether. Every woman has differently shaped breasts, so a style of bra that looks flattering on your friend might not work the same way for you. While you may be lured into buying trending bras that look beautiful on Instagram, they may not be the right fit for you. Let’s discuss some of the most common breast shapes and bras that would complement them.  

  • Round Shape: Women with rounder breasts have an evenly circular bosom with nipples pointing straight outwards. The breasts are full both at the top and bottom.

Bras for You: Since these breasts don’t need shaping or contouring, you can wear a basic t-shirt bra, balconette, and plunge-style bras.

  • Bell and Teardrop Shape: You have a bell or teardrop shape if your breasts are rounder at the bottom and slender on top, with nipples pointing at the fullest bottom.

Bras for You: You can choose a balconette bra or demi-cup with an underwire that will support your breasts and add a little volume on top.  

  • Asymmetric: Having one breast larger than the other is more common than you think.  

Bras for You: You can go for a t-shirt bra with light padding to make your breasts appear similar.  

In addition to this, we would also like you to check our recent blog, where we have listed some of the best sports bras in India. Do check it out and let us know if you find it helpful.


What is bust size?

The bust size is the circumference of the fullest part of your breast, usually over your nipples. You can read our detailed review above to know how to measure your bust size. 

How to measure bra size? 

Take a measuring tape and wrap it around your underbust. Once done, measure the fullest part of your breasts the same way. Insert all the measurements in the CashKaro Bra Size Calculator, and you’ll know your bra size instantly.  

Which type of bra is good for increasing breast size?

While there is no quick way to increase your breast size, you can certainly make them look bigger with the help of padded and pushup bras.  

What is the best bra size calculator in India?

CashKaro has one of the most reliable bra-size calculators in India. Since different brands might have slight variations in bra sizes, you can also check the brand’s website for their specific bra size calculator. 

How to measure bra size for sagging breasts?

If you have sagging breasts, here’s how you can find out how to calculate bra size for yourself. Wear a non-padded underwired bra before taking measurements. The underwire will support your breasts and allow you to take the measurements properly. Then use a measuring tape as usual and jot down your numbers in the calculator. 

What is Underbust and Overbust?

The Underbust is the part below the breasts where the bra band usually wraps around your body. The overbust is the fullest area on the bust. You can measure both using soft tape.  

Which type of bra is best for daily use?

T-shirt bras are the ideal choice for daily use as they are comfortable, offer good support, shape your breasts, and are available in almost every size in India.  

Who invented bra? 

Herminie Cadolle invented the modern bra in the year 1889.  

What is a padded bra? 

Padded bras have a soft foam padding on the bust to give them support and a rounder, more aesthetic shape.  

Which bra is best for a perfect shape?

You can go for a minimizer or full-coverage bra if you have heavier breasts. If you have smaller breasts, you can choose a padded or plunge bra to get the perfect shape.  

What is the meaning of lingerie? 

Lingerie is intimate clothing for women and includes bras, panties, and nightclothes.  

What is the band size in bra?

A band is the part of the bra that stays just below your breasts, on your torso. The even numbers, i.e., 32, 34, 36, 38 etc., that you see on bras are actually band sizes, while the A, B, C, D, DD, E and so on are the cup sizes.  

What are cup sizes and how to measure cup sizes?

Your cup size is derived by determining your overbust size and band size. All you need to do is subtract your band size from your bust size and then refer to our Bra size calculator to know the cup size of your bra. We also have a guide that explains to you all about what is a cup size in bra and any other questions that you may have.  

Which type of bra is good for health?

While there is no scientific backing that bras are good for health, they can certainly support your breasts, prevent back and neck pain, and make your clothes fit better. Some bras that are good for you include T-shirt bras for everyday use.  

What is a t-shirt bra?

T-shirt bras are seamless, and comfortable, and have moulded cups that make your breasts appear round and even. They are called t-shirt bras because they aren’t see-through even if you wear plain t-shirts.  

Which type of bra is best for a heavy bust? 

A minimiser, full-coverage, and super support bra are best for women with a heavy bust. If you are comfortable with underwired cups, they can also offer good support to your breasts and enhance their shape properly.  

What is a seamless bra?

A seamless bra has no seams, stitching, and moulded cups that offer a smooth finish. 

What is a plunge bra?

A plunge has a deep v-neckline and angled cups that bring your breasts together and give the impression of a deeper cleavage. Apart from being aesthetic, they are also very supportive and can be used by women with both heavier and smaller busts. 

What is a wire or underwire bra? 

An underwired bra has a wire on the lower side of the cup that properly lifts and supports your breasts. Most women with heavier breasts go for an underwire bra, which offers immense support and is comfortable.  

What is a minimiser bra?

As the name suggests, a minimiser bra is used to make your breasts appear a size or two smaller and in a more flattering shape overall. Many women use minimiser bras to make their breasts look smaller and to make clothes fit better.  

What is a balconette bra?

A balconette bra is considered one of the sexiest and most aesthetic bras. They have a balcony-shaped neckline that offers correct support to your bust and lets you show off some skin.  

How to increase cup size?

You can do some exercises to firm and tone your pectoral muscles and enhance them. Exercises such as bench presses, dumbbell flys, and chest presses may help. Going for a breast augmentation surgery is also an option if you need quick results.  

What is ABCD in bra size?

The letters ABCD stand for cup sizes in bras.  

How to calculate bra size in India?

To calculate bra size, you should know how to calculate bust size and band size before. First, place the measuring under your breasts where the band sits and measure in cm or inches. Then, place the tape over your bust from around your ribcage to measure bust size. Once done, input all the measurements in our size chart, and you’ll have your bra size. If you want to know how to measure bra size in inches, just convert the centimetres to inches by multiplying each inch into 2.54 as 1 inch = 2.54 cm.  

What are the impacts of wearing the wrong size bra?

Wearing a wrong size bra can not only make your clothes fit improperly but also cause back pain, neck pain, tenderness, sagging, and stretching of breasts which is not good for you. It can also affect your posture in many ways.  

How often should I measure my bra size? 

You should measure your bra size at least twice a year since our bodies keep changing with time. Sudden weight gain, weight loss, or hormonal changes can lead to changes in breast size.  

When should I replace my bra?

The ideal time to replace your bras can be anywhere around 6-9 months. After this period, the bra’s fabric can lose its elasticity, and the cups may become very loose. 

How to wear a bra correctly?

Wearing a bra isn’t as hard as you think it is. Here are some easy steps 
Lean a bit while putting the bra on from the front to allow your breasts to fall in the cups perfectly 
Clasp all the hooks to ensure a good fit and comfort  
Put on your straps from the sides  

What is meant by sister bra sizes?

Sister sizing is a simple term that involves finding an alternative to your current bra size for a better fit. The cup volume will be the same in sister sizes, while the band and cup size may change. For, e.g. If your current size is 36D, but your band size is 34, you may be able to find a sister size in 34 DD or 34 E.  

What is the difference between cup size and bra size?

Your cup size is the difference between your band and bust size measurements. Your bra is derived when you subtract your band size from your cup size.  

Is my Bra size the same in all brands?  

Every brand has some differences when it comes to sizing. When buying a bra from different brands, always refer to their size chart before making the purchase.  

Why do women need to wear a bra?

Bras offer the much-needed support to your breasts and help prevent sagging, stretching, pain in the neck and back, and tenderness in the breasts. Wearing a bra also makes you look more in shape and gives you a flattering appearance. 

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