20 Best Transparent Bras in India

A fact that surely cannot be denied is that a bra is one of the most significant parts of a woman’s life. The entire lifestyle is dependent on this one lingerie item. And, with the availability of many bra designs and styles, women have got even more options than before.

Out of all, a bra with transparent straps is something that nobody wants to miss, courtesy to several dress types that women have in their closet today. Having said that, while buying transparent bras online, Shyaway is one such platform that features a variety of transparent bras.

Don’t worry, we have filtered the best transparent bras in India from their list, just for you. So, go through these options and buy the one that would suit your requirements just fine. Here you can also check different types of clovia bras & list of top bra brands in India for premium and comfortable bras.

List of 20 Best Transparent Bras available in India

Finding a perfect transparent bra sometimes becomes difficult. But today we are here with the best styles of transparent bras that each one of you will love. From bras with transparent straps to bras for backless dress, we are here with the best for you. Check out the best transparent bra styles on Shyaway:

1. Lace & Bow – Transparent Pushup Bra

Lace & Bow Transparent Pushup Bra

Made with a combination of Polyamide, Elastane, and Polyester, this transparent bra for backless dress is available in different sizes. For moderate lift, this transparent bra has medium angled padding at the cup’s bottom.

For optimum support, it has been given side boning and underwire. Little baby pink satin bows enhance the appearance of cups and gore even more. The bra features adjustable straps that can be detached easily for multiway usage.

[maxbutton id=”1″ url=”https://traqkar.com/?a=3&oc=233&c=238&s1=&s2=ShyawayTransBras&ckmrdr=https://www.shyaway.com/shyle-aqua-green-double-lace-bow-ornamented-push-up-bra/&utm_source=af-ckaro” ]

Price of Transparent Bra

Rs. 199

2. Bralette – Plunge Transparent BraBralette Plunge Transparent Bra

Coming from a renowned brand, this specific bralette is a lingerie piece that will surely make you feel confident and vibrant. This bra is available in various sizes. Choose your ideal size as per the size chart, if you’re shopping for transparent bras online for the first time.

Apart from that, you can even find a variety of colour options whenever you are shopping for transparent bras online. You can simply choose the one that suits best with your requirements. Even though this bra is unpadded, when it comes to adjustability, this bralette will not cause any problems.

[maxbutton id=”1″ url=”https://traqkar.com/?a=3&oc=233&c=238&s1=&s2=ShyawayTransBras&ckmrdr=https://www.shyaway.com/susie-black-strappy-bralette-bra/&utm_source=af-ckaro” ]

Price of Transparent Bra

Rs. 699

3. Lace Cup – Padded Transparent Bra

Lace Cup Padded Transparent Bra

This everyday lace transparent bra comes with ¾ coverage. Being a multiway transparent bra, this one is completely adjustable, and its straps can be detached as well. Featuring back closure, this bra with transparent straps is underwired and has padded cups.

Further, its side boning makes sure that it offers excellent support. It features scallop-edged, opulent lace lined with mesh. You can find eye and hook closure at the back of it.

[maxbutton id=”1″ url=”https://traqkar.com/?a=3&oc=233&c=238&s1=&s2=ShyawayTransBras&ckmrdr=https://www.shyaway.com/susie-baby-pink-lace-cup-padded-everyday-bra&utm_source=af-ckaro” ]

Price of Transparent Bra

Rs. 799

4. Lace Winged – Push Up Transparent Bra

Lace Winged Push Up Transparent Bra

Another transparent bra for backless dress on the list is this pushup bra. Its seamless, smooth cups offer demi coverage to your breasts. At the bottom of the cups, this transparent bra has light angled padding that provides subtle lift.

For adequate support, you can rely upon its side boning and underwire. Further, its premium fabric ensures that you don’t face any problems even if you wear this bra the entire day.

[maxbutton id=”1″ url=”https://traqkar.com/?a=3&oc=233&c=238&s1=&s2=ShyawayTransBras&ckmrdr=https://www.shyaway.com/shyle-powder-blue-lace-winged-push-up-bra-with-metal-accent-at-front&utm_source=af-ckaro” ]

Price of Transparent Bra

Rs. 199

5. Bridal Balconette – Strappy Transparent Bra

Bridal Balconette Strappy Transparent Bra

Moving forward, this black transparent bra for backless dress is another considerable option for you. Specifically, for brides, this bra will offer you an excellent stylish appearance.

This one is an unpadded bra with transparent straps and comes with back closure. Being fully adjustable, this bra offers complete support. Moreover, it is available in a variety of colours and sizes for you to choose from.

[maxbutton id=”1″ url=”https://traqkar.com/?a=3&oc=233&c=238&s1=&s2=ShyawayTransBras&ckmrdr=https://www.shyaway.com/susie-black-guipure-strappy-lace-bridal-balconette-bra&utm_source=af-ckaro” ]

Price of Transparent Bra

Rs. 699

6. Floral Printed – Wired Transparent Bra

Floral Printed Wired Transparent Bra

Every component of this turquoise bra sparks elegance and attractiveness. Made with a mixture of Spandex and Polyamide, this transparent bra has an amalgamation of print, lace, and transparency.

Available in different sizes, this wired pushup bra from Shyle comes in numerous beautiful colours. On top of that, this transparent bra features detachable straps making it suitable to be worn as you please.

[maxbutton id=”1″ url=”https://traqkar.com/?a=3&oc=233&c=238&s1=&s2=ShyawayTransBras&ckmrdr=https://www.shyaway.com/shyle-turquoise-scallop-lace-winged-floral-printed-wired-push-up-bra&utm_source=af-ckaro” ]

Price of Transparent Bra

Rs. 699

7. Denim Print – Lace Neckline Transparent BraDenim Print Lace Neckline Transparent Bra

Not just for jeans and jackets, but denim looks pretty awesome when it comes to buying some of the best transparent bras for backless dresses. And, this one from Shyle is the testament to this theory. With a mixture of lace, transparency, and print, this transparent pushup bra looks quite good in appearance.

And, the best part is that it is available in different sizes. Simply pick your size and purchase this elegant piece online. As far as the fabric is concerned, this one is made with Spandex, Lace, Polyamide, and Mesh to provide comfort to the wearer.

[maxbutton id=”1″ url=”https://traqkar.com/?a=3&oc=233&c=238&s1=&s2=ShyawayTransBras&ckmrdr=https://www.shyaway.com/shyle-burgundy-denim-print-lace-neckline-push-up-bra&utm_source=af-ckaro” ]

Price of Transparent Bra

Rs. 699

8. Lace Winged – Transparent Bra

Lace Winged Transparent Bra

This particular pushup bra with transparent back straps is perfect for those who prefer to wear front closure bras. If you are looking for a transparent bra that has detachable straps which can be worn multiway, this bra is your ideal pick.

Moreover, this seamless transparent pushup bra offers demi coverage. Being an underwired bra, this piece of intimate clothing comes with padded cups. Hence, you would not face the slightest trouble with this bra brand as far as the support and coverage aspects are concerned.

[maxbutton id=”1″ url=”https://traqkar.com/?a=3&oc=233&c=238&s1=&s2=ShyawayTransBras&ckmrdr=https://www.shyaway.com/shyle-maroon-lace-winged-push-up-bra-with-metal-accent-at-front&utm_source=af-ckaro” ]

Price of Transparent Bra

Rs. 699

9. Embroidered Mesh – Balconette Transparent Bra

Embroidered Mesh Balconette Transparent Bra

Next on the list of transparent bras is this attractive lingerie piece that is appropriate for those who wish to keep it sexy and smoking. The fact that this balconette bra is available in a wide range of colours adds more to the excitement of buying it.

This one offers demi coverage and comes with non-detachable straps that can be adjusted on the back. Apart from offering optimal support to the wearer, this bra is sure take care of almost everything for you.

[maxbutton id=”1″ url=”https://traqkar.com/?a=3&oc=233&c=238&s1=&s2=ShyawayTransBras&ckmrdr=https://www.shyaway.com/susie-lime-green-scalloped-embroidered-mesh-balconette-bra&utm_source=af-ckaro” ]

Price of Transparent Bra


10. Bralette – Plunge Transparent Bra

Plunge Bralette Transparent Bra

This lace plunge bra is absolutely comfortable and sexy. Available in 9 colour variants, this transparent bra is for the ones who want to add an elegant appeal to their apparel. This plunge bra provides demi coverage to the breasts highlighting your cleavage.

An unpadded piece of intimate wear, this bra comes with non-detachable straps which can be adjusted as per the requirements. It has got wire-free contour and provides complete closure at the back.

[maxbutton id=”1″ url=”https://traqkar.com/?a=3&oc=233&c=238&s1=&s2=ShyawayTransBras&ckmrdr=https://www.shyaway.com/susie-navy-blue-lace-plunge-bralette-bra&utm_source=af-ckaro” ]

Price of Transparent Bra

Rs. 699

11. Winged Longline: Transparent Push-up Bra

Winged Longline Transparent Pushup Bra

This winged longline bra is one of the best-selling transparent bras with lace designing. With features like that of a push-up bra, this transparent bra for women has a seamless design that offers great support to the bust. The transparent padded bra has an underwire, side boning and detachable straps that offer optimum support to the breasts. Further, this transparent bra has cups with level 1 padding that provide a subtle lift and make your curves look even gorgeous.

[maxbutton id=”1″ url=”https://traqkar.com/?a=3&oc=233&c=238&s1=&s2=ShyawayTransBras&ckmrdr=https://www.shyaway.com/shyle-white-lace-winged-longline-push-up-bra&utm_source=af-ckaro” ]

Cost of Transparent Bra


12. Seamed Balconette Bra: Transparent Back Bra

Seamed Balconette Bra Transparent Back Bra

A beautiful balconette bra, this intimate wear provides demi coverage to your breasts making them rounder and highlighting your cleavage. Adorned with sexy see-through cups and noodle straps, this transparent bra features a lace designing. Further, the mesh lining, side boning and underwires offer maximum support to the wearer. Made with mesh, lace and spandex, this balconette bra is ideal to be worn under deep neck dresses. When shopping for a transparent net bra online, do not forget to give a shot at this one.

[maxbutton id=”1″ url=”https://traqkar.com/?a=3&oc=233&c=238&s1=&s2=ShyawayTransBras&ckmrdr=https://www.shyaway.com/susie-white-transparent-lace-bridal-balconette-bra&utm_source=af-ckaro” ]

Price of Transparent Bra


13. Twin Strap Bralette: Transparent Bra With Full Coverage

Twin Strap Bralette Transparent Bra With Full Coverage

Made with lace and spandex to offer ease of movement and ventilation, this transparent bra features a lace underband. This intimate wear comes in a light padded variant with removable pads and seam. Offering full coverage to your breasts, this bra is ideal to be worn during an intimate vacation during summers under a shrug. Simply grab this transparent bra by shopping online for it on Shyaway. Being wire-free, this bra can be worn with greater ease and comfort as it won’t nudge or irritate the skin.

[maxbutton id=”1″ url=”https://traqkar.com/?a=3&oc=233&c=238&s1=&s2=ShyawayTransBras&ckmrdr=https://www.shyaway.com/shyle-white-lace-twin-straps-bralette-with-removable-cups&utm_source=af-ckaro” ]

Price of Transparent Bra


14. Padded Tube Bra: No Straps Transparent Bras

Padded Tube Bra No Straps Transparent Bras

A cutesy tube bra with lace adornments, this transparent belt bra is ideal to be worn along with off-shoulder dresses. Easy to wear, this slip-on bra features is available in a without underwire. A no back strap transparent bra, this piece of intimate wear is made with lace and spandex and offers proper ventilation and comfort. Featuring removable pads, this bra can also be worn under solid bandeau tops.

[maxbutton id=”1″ url=”https://traqkar.com/?a=3&oc=233&c=238&s1=&s2=ShyawayTransBras&ckmrdr=https://www.shyaway.com/shyle-white-lace-padded-tube-bra&utm_source=af-ckaro” ]

Price of Transparent Bra


15. Bridal Balconette Bra: Noodle Strap Transparent Bra

Bridal Balconette Bra Noodle Strap Transparent Bra

A clear transparent bra with no padding, this cute balconette bra offers demi coverage along with highlighting the cleavage. This see-through piece of clothing is ideal for those who love flaunting their curves and wearing cute deep neck clothing. Adorned with keyhole design, mesh lining, underwire and side boning, this transparent bra with straps made of adjustable elastic features a beautiful lacework on its cups.

[maxbutton id=”1″ url=”https://traqkar.com/?a=3&oc=233&c=238&s1=&s2=ShyawayTransBras&ckmrdr=https://www.shyaway.com/susie-neon-coral-sheer-lace-bridal-balconette-bra&utm_source=af-ckaro” ]

Price of Transparent Bra


16. Unlined Lace Everyday Bra: Transparent Bra

Unlined Lace Everyday Bra Transparent Bra

Made with lace, mesh and spandex, this see-through bra offers optimum support and comfort throughout the day. This is what makes it suitable to be worn as an everyday bra. Featuring full-coverage cups adorned with lace and transverse seam, this beautiful transparent bra has fully adjustable elastic straps that can fit as per the shape of your body. The unlined bra also accents a cute underband design.

[maxbutton id=”1″ url=”https://traqkar.com/?a=3&oc=233&c=238&s1=&s2=ShyawayTransBras&ckmrdr=https://www.shyaway.com/susie-black-unlined-lace-with-mesh-everyday-bra&utm_source=af-ckaro” ]

Cost of Transparent Bra


17. Corded Lace Plunge Bralette: See-through Bra

Corded Lace Plunge Bralette See-through Bra

A sexy see-through bralette bra made with lace, polyamide and spandex, this transparent push up bra accents a designer gore. Featuring fully adjustable, non-detachable straps, this bra offers proper ventilation and maximum comfort to the wearer. The bra offers demi coverage for the bust and can ideally be worn with any sexy outfit to accentuate your feminine side.

[maxbutton id=”1″ url=”https://traqkar.com/?a=3&oc=233&c=238&s1=&s2=ShyawayTransBras&ckmrdr=https://www.shyaway.com/susie-white-corded-lace-bridal-plunge-bralette-bra&utm_source=af-ckaro” ]

Cost of Transparent Bra


18. Broad Strap Cami Bra: Sheer Transparent Bra

Broad Strap Cami Bra Sheer Transparent Bra

A beautiful camisole design, this sheer bra with broad straps can be worn along with a denim jacket and contrasting lower to attain a boho look. Adorned with lace underband, this wire-free bra offers maximum comfort and full coverage to the bust area. Made with spandex, this bra is also capable of adjusting according to the body shape of the wearer. For a more beautiful look, this bra accents a scalloped design on its neckline and geometric patterns on the back.

[maxbutton id=”1″ url=”https://traqkar.com/?a=3&oc=233&c=238&s1=&s2=ShyawayTransBras&ckmrdr=https://www.shyaway.com/shyle-white-lace-broad-strap-cami-bra&utm_source=af-ckaro” ]

Cost of Transparent Bra


19. Double Layered Wirefree Bra: Transparent Backless Bra

Double Layered Wirefree Bra Transparent Backless Bra

Made with cotton spandex to offer the perfect shape to your curves, this transparent bra for backless dresses provides medium coverage to the breasts. Synonymous with a t-shirt bra, this bra also accents convertible straps and wire-free cups for maximum comfort. A doubly padded transparent strap bra, this piece of intimate wear is adorned with side closure for the ease of wearer. Wear this bra along with backless or low back apparel and flaunt a natural cleavage with elegance.

[maxbutton id=”1″ url=”https://cashkaro.com/stores/shyaway-coupons?sgn=2&sid=2747&vid=46073&r=487283&utm_source=TransparentBras&utm_medium=Shy1&utm_campaign=Blog_to_Store_Fashion” ]

Price of Transparent Bra


20. Wire-free Bra: Bra With Transparent Straps

Wire-free Bra Bra With Transparent Straps

A transparent bra with metal hook straps, this piece of intimate wear offers maximum comfort and support to the breasts. The bra has transparent plastic straps including a transparent back. This makes it an ideal choice for those who wish to wear backless and low back dresses without the fear of showing. Made with pure cotton, this bra ensures that your clothing remains well ventilated even with the cup pads. The bra offers 3/4th coverage and is thus one of the best additions to a woman’s wardrobe.

[maxbutton id=”1″ url=”https://cashkaro.com/stores/shyaway-coupons?sgn=2&sid=2747&vid=46074&r=487283&utm_source=TransparentBras&utm_medium=Shy1&utm_campaign=Blog_to_Store_Fashion” ]

Price Of Transparent Bra


At the end of the day, if you are buying bras with transparent straps or a complete frame, you must ensure that the comfort level is up-to-the-mark. And, with those mentioned above, you are sure to experience a luxurious feel.

So, grab these transparent bras available on Shyaway and do not forget to use the Cashback coupons curated by CashKaro.


Q1. What is a transparent bra called?

Transparent bras are also called sheer bras. While there are other types as well like bras with transparent straps, full transparent bras, transparent bra for backless dress and more.

Q2. How do you wear a backless bra?

To begin with, ensure that your skin is clean and dry. If the bra has clasps in the front, separate the cups. Place the bra cups over your breast and smooth them upwards and downwards. And, there you have it.

Q3. What are the other alternatives to transparent bra?

Instead of transparent bras, you can choose convertible, strapless, stick-on, and backless bras.

Q4. What to wear under a backless dress?

A bra with a transparent back would be perfect to be worn under a backless dress. You can choose yours from the seamed and seamless variants available online.

Q5. How to choose a transparent bra?

One of the major factors is fitting. Ensure that the bra fits you well and doesn’t have any loose ends. Further, you must also keep comfort in mind while choosing a transparent bra.

Q6. Why do girls wear bras with transparent straps?

Transparent bras allow girls to wear almost every kind of dress, without the worry of exposing straps to the world.

Q7. Do women love transparent bras?

Of course, women love transparent bras. These transparent bras stick to your body like a second skin and give great all-day comfort.

Q8. Where to buy transparent bras from?

You can simply buy transparent bras online as they are available on varied platforms, Shyaway being one of them.

Q9. Are nude bras and transparent bras the same?

Transparent and nude bras are two different things. The former ones are not completely invisible but have transparent straps, and the latter ones are nude in colour.


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