21 Best Jockey Bras for Women’s in India With Pricing

Jockey is a manufacturer, distributor and retailer of underwear, sleepwear and sportswear. The company was founded in 1976 by Samuel T. Cooper and is headquartered in Kenosha, Wisconsin. In the market of sleepwear, underwear, and sportswear, Jockey is a name that is loved and preferred by one and all. Founded back in 1976 by Samuel T. Cooper, this brand has successfully managed to tap the manufacturing, distribution, and retail domains.

Amidst several other products that it has to offer, Jockey bras are a go-to for innumerable women, owing to fitting, comfortable, luxury, and premium fabric. Moreover, when talking about options, Jockey has put forth an extensive range of bras, right from Jockey sports bra to a simple classic one. Here you can also check some of the best push-Up bra brands on Zivame & the list of top nursing bras in India

In addition to this if you are looking to check your bra size then you can easily check it with our one of the best bra size calculator.

List Of 21 Best Jockey Bras For Women’s In India

1. Jockey Cami Bras

Best Jockey Cami Bras

Camis are soft cup bras, typically without a wire. Jockey offers these in sizes from 30B to 38B in colours link pink, white and black. Additionally, jockey also offers a combo pack of 3 which comes in padded and non-padded variants.

It also comes with comfortable Jockey panties in lots of different colours and sizes.

2. Jockey Push Up Bras

Best Jockey T-shirt Bras

Jockey Push up bras provides additional support to the breasts and makes them appear perkier. Jockey offers underwired push-up bras in many fun prints. Their sizes range from 30B to 36B which comes in seamless cups and adjustable straps.

3. Jockey Everyday Bras

Jockey Everyday Bras

Seamless cup bras for everyday wear are among the most popular purchases by women.  Some of these bras offer full coverage whilst some offer a push-up look with the shaper bra. These bras can also be bought without underwire.

Offering both Jockey padded Bras and non-padded bras for everyday wear and each bra is available in at least 5 colours like red, white, blue and pink. Certain pieces offer cute prints like stars and polka dots while you can also buy stylish ones like crossover bras or the plunge bras. It also comes in a pack of up to 4 bras.

4. Jockey T-shirt Bras

Jockey T-shirt Bras

A T-shirt bra is required to provide full coverage and comfort. These can be underwired or wire-free and bought according to preference. These are available in plunge neck, shaping and many other styles in sizes up to 38D. Available in colours like grey, bright blue and tan, these T-shirt bras are the best steal for you.

Jockey underwear women collection offers you a lot of styles and colours.

5. Jockey Sports Bras

Jockey Sports Bras
Check Prices

Jockey designs underwear to promote maximum comfort and includes their range of sportswear also. Jockey sports bras are not only known for its comfort and elasticity but also for their styles and patterns. Sports bras by Jockey can be bought in padded or non-padded variations and are wire-free. Either slip them on or pick a back clasp for unquestionable support. Buy regular fits or racer backs in up to 7 solid colours in sizes from small to XXL.

6. Jockey Multiway Bras

Jockey Multiway Bras

A multiway bra offers unparalleled flexibility with regard to style. The straps can be adjusted to provide maximum comfort and try new styles. Go backless or try a cross back, these multiway bras offer it all. Padded and underwired, these bras are available in sizes up to 40C.

7. Jockey Training Bras

Jockey Training Bras

Every girl’s first bra is a revolutionary step in accepting the changes occurring in their body. Jockey offers a range of wire-free and non-padded training bras to make young women comfortable when they are facing transitions. Unlike most brands, Jockey offers many vibrant colours and patterns for young women and are available in sizes from 30B to 38B.

8. Jockey Slim Fit Bra

For the ones who prefer body-hugging outfit more than others, buying this slim fit bra while Jockey bra online shopping would be an appropriate choice. Its cotton and elastin stretch fabric offer premium comfort. Moreover, being a full coverage bra, it will shape your curves quite perfectly. And, the straps of this bra are designed in such a way that they leave no mark behind.

9. Jockey Strapless Bra

For off-shoulder styles or strappy sleeves, a strapless bra would give you perfect support. And, if it’s coming from Jockey, you can be sure of the quality and comfort. They’ve got an extensive range of this style. Navigate through the options and buy the best one from the lot with a tinge of affordability in Jockey bra price.

10. Jockey Bralette Bra

In case you love layering yourself up, Bralette is one such category that you should not miss. Not just internationally, but this style has been trending in India as well. Devoid of wires and hooks, bralette from Jockey is all about fashion and comfort. To take the game a notch higher, the brand has introduced alluring designs with beautiful fabrics.

11. Jockey Padded Bra

Over the years, the Jockey padded bra has been a saviour for numerous women out there. Those who have smaller breasts, this type of bra is meant to provide a fuller look. Moreover, you can even get complete coverage with Jockey bras. Right from soft-padded to semi-padded, you can surely find a wide range from this brand.

12. Jockey Beginner Bra

For a teenager, one of the most challenging tasks is to find a fitting bra. Considering the number of options available out there, confusion is ought to happen. So, if you are looking for a soft, comfortable, and supportive option, try out bras from the beginner’s category of Jockey.

13. Jockey Super Support Bra

Amidst everything else, support is one such factor that no woman would want to compromise with. And, if you trust this brand for durability, you can also rely on Jockey for a supportive bra. Surely, you are going to find several options in this category as well while searching for Jockey bra online.

14. Jockey Non-Padded Bra

In case you are not a fan of padded bras, non-padded ones are meant for you. In comparison to the padded ones, these give you extra comfort. Along with that, they even come with attractive designs and styles.

15. Jockey Coverage Bra

Admit it, the need for coverage bras is totally unavoidable. And, with Jockey, you can find a variety of them. Whether you are looking for full-coverage, high-coverage, low-coverage, or any other type, you can search for an adequate option from Jockey women bra selection.

16. Jockey Classic Bra

A majority of women, today, are choosing trendy and latest designs of the bra over anything else. They want the brightest colour, striking design, and luxurious fabric. However, classic bra is one such type that cannot be replaced by any chic look. So, if you also have a thing for age-old designs, choose classic bras from Jockey.

17. Jockey Balconette Bra

If you haven’t heard about this Jockey bra type, don’t worry. Accordingly, a balconette bra is an elevated, enhanced version of a T-shirt bra. These are a bit more fashionable and come with no padding whatsoever. They could be available in different materials as well. So, look through the options provided by Jockey and buy a satisfactory piece.

18. Jockey Plunge Bra

In case you are fond of low-cut dresses and tops, plunge bras are specifically meant for you. This type of bra is manufactured with narrow centre gore and angled cups, making your cleavage look increased. In comparison with push-up bras, plunge bras are not heavily padded.

19. Jockey Seamless Trendy Bra

Youngsters with small breasts can try out this bra for excellence. Whether you wear it underneath Kurtis or T-shirts, this seamless bra will offer softness till the very end. And, its double layer provides a natural contour to breasts.

20. Jockey Cotton Padded Bra

If you are contemplating to wear a strapless dress, this Jockey cotton bra should be your adequate assistant. With padded cups, the underwire of this bra type provides proper support. Further, straps of this bra are detachable as well; hence, you can wear it with a criss-cross and halter neck back.

21. Jockey Fashion Stretch Fit Bra

Coming from a fashion-rich basket of Jockey, this one is made of pure cotton, and its fabric is exceptionally comfortable. This one comes with a deep neckline and medium coverage, which would be suitable for low-cut tops, dresses, and blouses. Its cups are contoured; shaping up your bust naturally.


Q1. Which brand is best for a bra?

Although there are several bra brands out there, such as Zivame, Enamor, Amante, Clovia, Triumph, and more; however, for perfection, superiority, and comfort, you can always choose Jockey.

Q2. What is the price of Jockey bra?

The price varies as per the category and type of bra. At Jockey, the usual price is Rs. 249 – 999.

Q4. Which bra is best for daily use?

For sure, you can find a variety of bras that are best for daily use. The list includes T-shirt, Balconette, Bralette, Plunge, Push-up, and Sports. However, the type may also depend upon the dress you are wearing.

Q5. Is Jockey an Indian brand?

No, Jockey is not an Indian brand but a US brand.

Q6. How do you pick a Jockey bra?

Picking a right bra includes a few factors that should be considered, such as finding an accurate bra size, making sure of a good fit, selecting the right style, and checking the smoothness of cups.

Q7. What is the best quality bra?

Generally, the quality is measured based on the comfort level. Irrespective of the fabric or material used, if the bra is comfortable and supporting your bust, you can rely on it. Also, durability is another factor that should be considered while buying a quality bra.

Q8. How to measure bra size Jockey India?

You can measure the bra size quite easily. Just follow these steps:

  • Pull the measurement tape around your chest, below the underarms. Keep the tape firm but not too squeezed. This would be the band size. If it comes in odd number, do it again.
  • Now, use the same method to measure the fullest part of your bust.
  • Subtracting the band measurement from the bust measurement will give you the cup size. For instance, if your bust size is 51 and your band size is 46, then your cup size would be 51-49 = 5

For more details, refer to the below-mentioned table:

InchesCup Size
6”DDD & F

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