How To Wear Saree To Look Slim?

Saree is a garment with its origin from the Southeast Asian countries. A traditional style, this piece of clothing is mostly worn in the Indian Subcontinent. Often worn on a daily basis, it is also a popular choice of clothing for festivities and occasions. The style holds a special significance for married women. There are many popular saree brands that provide many prints and designer motifs, the Saree is especially suggested for the curvy body types owing to the flattering effects it exhibits on a curvy body frame. So, if you’re a proud curvy woman, then check out the below-listed styles of wearing a saree to look slim and tall.

How To Wear A Saree To Look Slim? Step-by-Step Tutorial

Open Pallu Style

Open Pallu

One of the most popular styles of draping a saree, the open pallu style offers your body a full coverage making your body look slim overall. Sarees with thick fabric often go well with this style.

Requirements: Dark coloured silk saree, petticoat and a matching blouse. You can choose matching blouse with different designs

How To Wear A Saree In Open Pallu Style?

  • Begin tucking the saree in your petticoat from the right leg around the back and come back to the same point.
  • Take the other end of your saree and measure its length from the floor.
  • Place the pallu over your shoulder and pin it loosely on your left shoulder. Carry the loose pallu over your left arm.
  • Now take the center portion of the saree to make wide pleats and tuck them in as usual. Secure with a pin

Double Pallu Style

Double Pallu

A unique new style to drape a saree, double pallu is something that is trending in the Bolly Industry. While this saree style is quite easy to carry, it offers your body a slimming effect.

Requirements: 1 saree, 1 dupatta, petticoat and a matching blouse

How To Wear A Saree In Double Pallu Style?

  • Begin by tucking in one end of the saree from the right leg and complete one round.
  • Hold the other edge of the saree and pleat the pallu in narrow pleats.
  • Once pleated, bring the pallu from the back and place it on the right shoulder from behind.
  • Grab the dupatta and start tucking it from the center and complete a full round from below the saree pallu.
  • Place it on the left shoulder and secure with a pin.
  • Take the remaining saree and begin with the front pleats.
  • Tuck the pleats below the belly button and cover with the dupatta.
  • You’ve got the look.

Mermaid Style

Mermaid Style

To achieve a cute and sassy look, mermaid style saree can be worn in two methods — with the help of a dupatta and without a dupatta. While the one without dupatta features an end of a back-draped pallu tied around the waist, the one with a dupatta can be draped in the following way.

Requirements: A lehenga saree, petticoat and matching dupatta and a blouse.

How To Wear Saree In Mermaid Style?

If you want to experiment with your overall appearance to attain a slim look, try getting one of your best sarees into a flouncy lehenga saree. And follow the below-mentioned steps.

  • Begin with wearing a blouse and a petticoat to give your lehenga saree a neater look.
  • Pull up your lehenga skirt and secure it tightly on your waist.
  • Take the dupatta and grab one of its ends. Tuck the end on the left side of the belly button.
  • Bring it around the waist from the back and tuck it on your shoulder, giving it either a flouncy or pleated look.

Cowl Style Saree

Cowl Style Saree

Owing to its similarities with the Rajrani Style of draping a saree, this style is a modern twist to the traditional way of wearing a saree. Featuring front cowls, the draped saree looks more like a flamboyant dupatta drape rather than a saree’s pallu.

Requirements: A chanderi or tissue saree, matching blouse.

How To Wear A Saree In Front Cowl Style?

  • Wear a petticoat and a blouse that goes well with your saree to give your outfit a neat look.
  • Begin tucking in your saree from the right leg and bring it around from the back.
  • Take it around your waist once more and place the other end of your saree on your left shoulder.
  • Measure the length of your pallu and pleat the remaining saree.
  • Secure at the front with a saree pin.
  • Now begin pleating the pallu. Once done, secure it with a pin on your left shoulder.
  • Now take one end of the pallu and pin it over your right shoulder to get the look.


Short Patli Style

Short Patli Style

Patli style pallu essentially means a half and half design. While the pallu and front pleats both feature a different design or colour, this saree style is quite a popular choice for any celebratory occasion. Add on to your Patli Style by teaming it with a short pleated pallu to get the look.

Requirements: A saree, petticoat and matching blouse

How To Wear A Saree In Short Patli Style?

  • Begin tucking your saree in your petticoat once you’ve worn a matching saree skirt and blouse.
  • Start from the right leg and tuck it all the way from your back to front.
  • Grab the other end of the saree and measure the length of your pallu.
  • Begin pleating it with small pleats and place it on your right shoulder once done.
  • Grab the remaining saree and pleat it in the normal way.
  • Tuck the pleats on the front and pin it up to give your saree a secure look.
  • Additionally, you can also add a shoulder brooch to it.

Dual Toned Leheriya Saree

Dual Toned Leheriya Saree

Leheriya saree has gained popularity in the olden times and still continues to dominate the fashion wardrobe of every woman. A beautiful print to wear, leheriya sarees work best if you want to wear a saree and look slim.

Requirements: a leheriya saree, a cutout blouse, and a matching petticoat.

How To Wear Leheriya Saree To Look Slim?

  • Wear your cutout blouse and a matching petticoat.
  • Begin tucking your leheriya saree in the petticoat from the right leg.
  • Bring it to the front from around the back and place your pallu loosely on your shoulder.
  • Pleat the remaining saree on the front in medium wide pleats and tuck it in.
  • Tighten the pallu from the right side and secure it with a pin a bit away from your neck on the shoulder.

Loose Pallu With Side Cowl Style

Loose Pallu With Side Cowl Saree

Studded cut sleeve blouses paired with a loose side cowl style saree is quite a new trend to be seen these days. While this look is very easy and cheezy to achieve, it can surely make your body look much slimmer.

Requirements: A beautiful saree, studded blouse, and a matching petticoat.

How To Wear A Saree With Loose Pallu and Side Cowls?

  • Wear the studded blouse and a matching petticoat to provide the base to your look.
  • Begin tying your saree in the normal manner from the right leg.
  • Bring it to the front from around your back and pull your pallu up on the left shoulder.
  • Pleat the remaining saree and tuck it inside on the front, securing it with a pin.
  • Loosen the pallu a bit to give the right side cowl effect and pin it up.

Plain Saree Pallu Gathered On The Shoulder

Plain Saree Pallu Gathered On The Shoulder

Last but not least, the trick to look slim is wearing a solid coloured saree with an embroidered turtle-neck blouse. A gathered pallu detail on the shoulder adds on to your slim figure.

Requirements: A solid coloured saree, embroidered blouse, a matching petticoat.

How To Wear A Saree Draped On The Shoulder?

  • Tie your petticoat slightly below your navel.
  • Begin tucking in your solid coloured saree from the front right and bring it to the front from around your waist.
  • Place the pallu loosely on your left shoulder.
  • Take the remaining part of your saree and pleat it in medium wide pleats.
  • Tuck them in and secure with a saree pin.
  • Take the pallu and tighten it on the side. Pleat it in small pleats and secure it with a pin on your left shoulder flaunting your perfectly toned figure.
Here are Some More Tips On Buying a Saree and How To Wear Saree to Look Slim?
  • Look for light fabrics and dark colours when buying a saree
  • Elongated prints make you look taller
  • Thin borders give a well-toned appearance to the silhouette
  • Pair your saree up with a long-sleeved blouse or an embroidered one.

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