How To Wear Saree To Look Slim?

Saree is a garment with its origin from the Southeast Asian countries. A traditional style, this piece of clothing is mostly worn in the Indian Subcontinent. Often worn on a daily basis, it is also a popular choice of clothing for festivities and occasions. The style holds a special significance for married women. Available in many prints and designer motifs, the Saree is especially suggested for the curvy body types owing to the flattering effects it exhibits on a curvy body frame. So, if you’re a proud curvy woman, then check out the below-listed styles of wearing a saree to look slim and tall.


How To Wear A Saree To Look Slim? Step-by-Step Tutorial

Style #1: Open Pallu Style

Open Pallu

















One of the most popular styles of draping a saree, the open pallu style offers your body a full coverage making your body look slim overall. Sarees with thick fabric often go well with this style.

Requirements: Dark coloured silk saree, petticoat and a matching blouse.

How To Wear A Saree In Open Pallu Style?

  • Begin tucking the saree in your petticoat from the right leg around the back and come back to the same point.
  • Take the other end of your saree and measure its length from the floor.
  • Place the pallu over your shoulder and pin it loosely on your left shoulder. Carry the loose pallu over your left arm.
  • Now take the center portion of the saree to make wide pleats and tuck them in as usual. Secure with a pin


Style #2: Double Pallu Style

Double Pallu

















A unique new style to drape a saree, double pallu is something that is trending in the Bolly Industry. While this saree style is quite easy to carry, it offers your body a slimming effect.

Requirements: 1 saree, 1 dupatta, petticoat and a matching blouse

How To Wear A Saree In Double Pallu Style?

  • Begin by tucking in one end of the saree from the right leg and complete one round.
  • Hold the other edge of the saree and pleat the pallu in narrow pleats.
  • Once pleated, bring the pallu from the back and place it on the right shoulder from behind.
  • Grab the dupatta and start tucking it from the center and complete a full round from below the saree pallu.
  • Place it on the left shoulder and secure with a pin.
  • Take the remaining saree and begin with the front pleats.
  • Tuck the pleats below the belly button and cover with the dupatta.
  • You’ve got the look.


Style #3: Mermaid Style

Mermaid Style

To achieve a cute and sassy look, mermaid style saree can be worn in two methods — with the help of a dupatta and without a dupatta. While the one without dupatta features an end of a back-draped pallu tied around the waist, the one with a dupatta can be draped in the following way.

Requirements: A lehenga saree, petticoat and matching dupatta and a blouse.

How To Wear Saree In Mermaid Style?

If you want to experiment with your overall appearance to attain a slim look, try getting one of your best sarees into a flouncy lehenga saree. And follow the below-mentioned steps.

  • Begin with wearing a blouse and a petticoat to give your lehenga saree a neater look.
  • Pull up your lehenga skirt and secure it tightly on your waist.
  • Take the dupatta and grab one of its ends. Tuck the end on the left side of the belly button.
  • Bring it around the waist from the back and tuck it on your shoulder, giving it either a flouncy or pleated look.


Style #4: Cowl Style Saree

Cowl Style Saree

















Owing to its similarities with the Rajrani Style of draping a saree, this style is a modern twist to the traditional way of wearing a saree. Featuring front cowls, the draped saree looks more like a flamboyant dupatta drape rather than a saree’s pallu.

Requirements: A chanderi or tissue saree, matching blouse.

How To Wear A Saree In Front Cowl Style?

  • Wear a petticoat and a blouse that goes well with your saree to give your outfit a neat look.
  • Begin tucking in your saree from the right leg and bring it around from the back.
  • Take it around your waist once more and place the other end of your saree on your left shoulder.
  • Measure the length of your pallu and pleat the remaining saree.
  • Secure at the front with a saree pin.
  • Now begin pleating the pallu. Once done, secure it with a pin on your left shoulder.
  • Now take one end of the pallu and pin it over your right shoulder to get the look.

Style #5: Short Patli Style

Short Patli Style

















Patli style pallu essentially means a half and half design. While the pallu and front pleats both feature a different design or colour, this saree style is quite a popular choice for any celebratory occasion. Add on to your Patli Style by teaming it with a short pleated pallu to get the look.

Requirements: A saree, petticoat and matching blouse

How To Wear A Saree In Short Patli Style?

  • Begin tucking your saree in your petticoat once you’ve worn a matching saree skirt and blouse.
  • Start from the right leg and tuck it all the way from your back to front.
  • Grab the other end of the saree and measure the length of your pallu.
  • Begin pleating it with small pleats and place it on your right shoulder once done.
  • Grab the remaining saree and pleat it in the normal way.
  • Tuck the pleats on the front and pin it up to give your saree a secure look.
  • Additionally, you can also add a shoulder brooch to it.


Style #6: Dual Toned Leheriya Saree

Dual Toned Leheriya Saree

Leheriya saree has gained popularity in the olden times and still continues to dominate the fashion wardrobe of every woman. A beautiful print to wear, leheriya sarees work best if you want to wear a saree and look slim.

Requirements: a leheriya saree, a cutout blouse, and a matching petticoat.

How To Wear Leheriya Saree To Look Slim?

  • Wear your cutout blouse and a matching petticoat.
  • Begin tucking your leheriya saree in the petticoat from the right leg.
  • Bring it to the front from around the back and place your pallu loosely on your shoulder.
  • Pleat the remaining saree on the front in medium wide pleats and tuck it in.
  • Tighten the pallu from the right side and secure it with a pin a bit away from your neck on the shoulder.


Style #7: Loose Pallu With Side Cowl Style

Loose Pallu With Side Cowl Saree

















Studded cut sleeve blouses paired with a loose side cowl style saree is quite a new trend to be seen these days. While this look is very easy and cheezy to achieve, it can surely make your body look much slimmer.

Requirements: A beautiful saree, studded blouse, and a matching petticoat.

How To Wear A Saree With Loose Pallu and Side Cowls?

  • Wear the studded blouse and a matching petticoat to provide the base to your look.
  • Begin tying your saree in the normal manner from the right leg.
  • Bring it to the front from around your back and pull your pallu up on the left shoulder.
  • Pleat the remaining saree and tuck it inside on the front, securing it with a pin.
  • Loosen the pallu a bit to give the right side cowl effect and pin it up.


Style #8: Plain Saree Pallu Gathered On The Shoulder

Plain Saree Pallu Gathered On The Shoulder

















Last but not least, the trick to look slim is wearing a solid coloured saree with an embroidered turtle-neck blouse. A gathered pallu detail on the shoulder adds on to your slim figure.

Requirements: A solid coloured saree, embroidered blouse, a matching petticoat.

How To Wear A Saree Draped On The Shoulder?

  • Tie your petticoat slightly below your navel.
  • Begin tucking in your solid coloured saree from the front right and bring it to the front from around your waist.
  • Place the pallu loosely on your left shoulder.
  • Take the remaining part of your saree and pleat it in medium wide pleats.
  • Tuck them in and secure with a saree pin.
  • Take the pallu and tighten it on the side. Pleat it in small pleats and secure it with a pin on your left shoulder flaunting your perfectly toned figure.
Here are Some More Tips On Buying a Saree and How To Wear Saree to Look Slim?
  • Look for light fabrics and dark colours when buying a saree
  • Elongated prints make you look taller
  • Thin borders give a well-toned appearance to the silhouette
  • Pair your saree up with a long-sleeved blouse or an embroidered one.
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