15 Latest Blouse Neck Designs For Sarees

The neck design of a blouse can make it look good and even extraordinary. From unusual cuts to loaded embellishments, the right neck pattern can make you the star of the night. Increasing diversity in the ethnic industry often leaves you spoilt for choice. Worry not because you will find the latest blouse neck design images right here.

15 New Blouse Neck Designs 

1. Round Neck Blouse

The list of simple blouse neck designs is incomplete without a round one. It is the most versatile cut and can be picked for almost any occasion. You can opt a solid one for a low-key get together or a sequined one for a more grandeur affair. This blouse back neck is round in a symmetrical manner which lends it a well-defined look.

Round Neck Blouse

2. Square Neck Blouse

Square neck blouse is another simple yet eye-catching silhouette. This style is not just comfortable but also comes with different back designs to suit every mood. The right square blouse is typically one whose sides are clasped together in a way that it forms the shape of a neat square.

Square Neck Blouse

3. Shirt Collar Neck Blouse

Shirt collar neck is a popular pick with cotton sarees to look laid back yet chic. You can enhance these by picking embellished sarees for an even more contemporary appeal.

Shirt Collar Neck Blouse

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4. V-Neck Blouse

V-neck blouses are designed to glamorize your sex appeal with its sharp cuts. You can even try it with a heavier saree for a regal affair around the corner.

V-Neck Blouse

5. Deep Neck Blouse

Low bust line is a sultry take on traditional blouse designs. This style is for all women who do not shy away from showing some skin in a tasteful fashion. You can pick a slick saree to go with it for an upcoming engagement function.

Deep Neck Blouse

6. High Neck Blouse

High neck blouses are an epitome of elegance and class. These help define your face cut and neckline better for a more poised look. You can opt for an intricate one paired with an ombre saree to look unique.

High Neck Blouse

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7. Keyhole Neck Blouse

If you like a playful skin show, then you must opt for a keyhole detail imbibed into your blouse design. These teardrop cuts can add that extra oomph into your much-loved embroidered blouses.

Keyhole Neck Blouse

8. Peter Pan Neck Blouse

Inspired from the west, a flat Peter Pan collar design adds a touch of elegance into your ethnic ensemble. These look the most royal when worn with silk sarees.

Peter Pan Neck Blouse

9. Boat Neck Blouse

A typical boat neckline starts from the shoulder ends and does not go too deep towards the chest line. This style is a sober take on charming silhouettes and is a subtle way to break a classic saree’s monotony with poise.

Boat Neck Blouse

10. Sweetheart Neck Blouse

Accentuate your femininity with a flattering sweetheart neck blouse. This style is for all the girly girls out there who like to enhance their curves.

Sweetheart Neck Blouse

11. Ruffle Neck Blouse

Frills and ruffles have become a significant feature amongst designer blouses in the ethnic fashion world. Ruffle details are the right way to contemporize your traditional sarees for a function like a cocktail affair.

Ruffle Neck Blouse

12. Jeweled Neck Blouse

Blouse neck designs with patch work are often referred to as jeweled or embellished blouses. These look exquisite and work exceptionally well for grand affairs like a wedding function.

Jeweled Neck Blouse

13. Sheer Neck Blouse

Sheer blouses have become a major trend of this season with its soft and fresh vibes. You can amplify this style with more charm by adding embellishments to the neckline.

Sheer Neck Blouse

14. Halter Neck Blouse

Halter neck design is one which is stitched with a high neck extending into a backless silhouette. This style is apt to standout at a high-end dinner.

Halter Neck Blouse

15. Buttoned Neck Blouse

Exhibiting dainty buttons on your blouse can add a dash of sass into your ethnicity. You must pick the buttons in contrasting colors to make them stand out.

Buttoned Neck Blouse

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