15 Different Types of Blouse Back Neck Designs In 2024

A saree is incomplete without a blouse. To complete the attire, the blouse too must be equally ravishing. The trends in the fashion industry keep on changing and it is best to stay updated. Now, the low cut back new blouses are not your only option while getting a blouse stitched. There is many more variations and options to pick from. Here is a list of the best back neck styles out there. Also have a look at some of the top blouse designs.

Backless Blouse With String and Tassels

This design is the latest invention in the designer blouse designs segment. It is backless but has a beautifully embroidered and traditional patch of the border. This one represents one of the best blouses back neck designs with borders. The attached tassels make it appear more attractive. The lower end of the blouse has a delicate string.  All these details make this blouse very beautiful and sensuous.

Peter Pan Collar Back Neck Design

A very sophisticated design for wearing to an official event. It has an embellished mesh in the front. But the bedazzled Peter Pan Collar detail in the back gives the blouse a very trendy yet sophisticated look. Wear a blouse like this with a lace chiffon saree and revive the vintage vibe.

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Embellished Backless Bib Blouse Neck Design

This is one of the latest blouses back neck designs, which Sonam Kapoor rocked at an event recently. It had an embellished bib attached to it, falling perfectly on the back. The lower end had a single hook to fasten the blouse on the back end.

Jharokha Cut Blouse Back Neck Style With Tassels

This new blouse back neck design has a very different and traditional look. It has a jharokha shape cut on its back. The cut is embellished with beautiful beads and tassels for further beautification. This design can be seen as a mixture of traditional and modern styles.

Deep Neck With A Faux Knot Tying Back

Give your simple and traditional looking blouse a slightly different look just by adding a faux knot with the deep neck. This keeps the look simple, but at the same time makes you appear different. This works best as one of the back neck silk saree blouse designs.

Broad Check Weave Back Neck Design

This beautiful design is a rare piece to come across. This style of blouse back neck design goes well with silk sarees. The broad check weave pattern lends you an elegant chicness and highlights the beauty of your back in a unique way.

Crossed Blouse Back Neck Design

Crossed blouse back neck can go with a casual saree, especially in floral and animal prints. It can also work as a blouse back neck designs for silk sarees. Use the sleeve borders to make a cross pattern at the back.

Open Back Blouse Fastened With Fabric Loops

This back design can make your simple cotton sarees stylish with very little effort. The two ends of the blouse are connected by fabric loops for a smart appearance. The fabric loops are held by medium-sized buttons.

Backless Blouse With A Decorative Strip In The Middle

This look is unique, formal and very easy to create.  All you need is a solid colour material and a beautiful border to go with it. You can carry this look at any occasion, as it reflects style and grace.

Sheer Back Neck With A Row Of Buttons

This floral print blouse has a sheer back and a row of buttons on the centre back. This style can turn your simple saree into a designer one, as the combination adds to your elegance and poise. This can be the new school farewell look you were looking for. You can also use the blouse back neck designs with patchwork for variation.

Racer Back Neck Blouse

This design will get you all the attention you wanted. The back has a net material with a row of buttons. A racer-cut blouse is a very creative way of flaunting your beautiful back.

Off Shoulder Front and Back Neck Design

A very simple look, which is quite common these days in the category of boat neck designs front and back. Pull this off-shoulder blouse with a  simple saree and you have all the glamour you need for the day. The off-shoulder adds a spice of the trend to the stereotypes.

Round Cut Back Neck Design

This is an evergreen style in the catalogues of back neck designs. This style has a string attached at the upper end and a few hooks in the lower end to fasten the blouse. Attaching some beautiful tassels with the upper string can give you a very beautiful back look.

Eye Cut Back Neck Design

This is a very elegant look without much skin show. The slight eye shaped cut gives just a glimpse of your back. You can use this style to get your blouse stitched for a professional occasion.

Bejewelled Back Neck Design

Bejewelled back is a very famous look now. Get a beautifully embellished piece of jewellery attached to the back of the blouse for a regal look. This gives a very royal touch to the whole attire.

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