How To Use AcneStar Gel On Face For Spotless Skin

A girl’s nightmare is a prominent pimple. Pimples are not just disconcerting but can also be very painful. Most of them even leave behind dark spots and scars. Hormonal or pubertal, acne is never a pleasing sight. Most of us struggle to find the right product to tackle the skin’s worst enemy: acne. When in doubt, opt for AcneStar.
A star in its true sense, AcneStar gel is an antibiotic used to treat acne prone skin to fight bacterial infections. Its anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties clear out pimples to achieve flawless skin. It also works on minimizing whiteheads, blackheads, marks and blemishes.

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Composition of AcneStar Gel:

  • Clindamycin Topical(1%): Used to treat bacterial infections
  • Nicotinamide(4%): Used to treat vitamin B3 deficiency and inflammatory skin diseases like acne and pellagra

Pros of AcneStar Gel:

  • Effectively attacks bacteria causing acne
  • Prevents the reoccurrence of further breakouts
  • Diligent usage can fade off marks as well
  • Suitable for all skin types and genders
  • Easy availability
  • Budget-friendly


Rs.199 for 45gm

How To Apply AcneStar Gel In 3 Simple Steps?

Use of AcneStar gel can reflect immediate results when combined with an AcneStar soap. Let’s scroll through a list of 3 simple steps to apply this product to achieve effective and quicker results.

Step 1: Apply AcneStar Soap On Face

Apply AcneStar Soap On Face

Exfoliate your skin to shed off all the dirt and impurities by religiously washing your face with an AcneStar cleansing soap. This can result in a clear and glowing effect on your skin.

  • Use a wet wipe or makeup remover to take off your makeup
  • Rub the soap in moist hands and apply on your face
  • Massage the soap in a circular motion concentrating on oily areas

Step 2: Rinse With Water

Rinse With Water

Step one focuses on attacking the bacteria while rinsing your face with water concentrates on the removal of this bacteria.

  • Rise with lukewarm water
  • Pat dry your skin

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Step 3: Apply AcneStar Gel

Apply AcneStar Gel

Fight the bacteria even further with the usage of AcneStar gel. Treat your acne from within by applying this gel at least once a day regularly.

  • Take a pea-sized amount of AcneStar gel in your hands
  • Apply it on affected spots
  • Leave it on your skin for the night
  • Rise your face with cold water the next morning

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Tips To Prevent Acne

  • Avoid touching your skin
  • Exfoliate your skin regularly
  • Avoid sun exposure or use sunscreen while heading out of the house
  • Do not pop pimples
  • Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated
  • Keep your diet healthy and avoid dairy products

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