Barkha Singh Reveals Her Journey To Unplanned Success

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She is a vivacious face of Indian television and has aced big brand commercials such as Coca-Cola and Cadbury.  With eyes that brim with innocence and that chirpy and cheerful persona, it is no wonder that Barkha is one of the leading ladies on the silver screen. She is also a rage on the internet with a huge fan following.

Barkha Singh

This doe-eyed beauty is a graduate in Sociology from St. Xavier’s, Mumbai and holds a Master’s degree in Sociology. But apart from her educational excellence, she’s got more feathers in her cap. A famed VJ for MTV India, her television stint for the channel also includes her role as Gia Sen for the show Girls on Top. Also, have a look at some of the best sana khan & stefy gupta Looks.

But honestly, Mujhse Dosti Karoge! has been our ‘guilty pleasure’. Her style and carefree attitude as the young Kareena Kapoor in the movie reflects in a lot of her Instagram posts.

We, at The Good Look Book, did a fashion tête-à-tête with her where she bares all about her success as one of the biggest influencers in the fashion industry. If you are an ardent Barkha Singh follower, then read on and be a part of this wonderful conversation with the dame herself. Here you can also check everything you wanted to know about sana sultan khan & megha bajaj.

Barkha Singh
Her Impromptu Journey To Success:

“I am on a permanent ‘let’s wing it!’ frame of mind, so I have never had a plan. I have always trusted my instinct and put all my energy into something that I’ve wanted. I trusted the universe and my journey started just like that, totally unplanned. I intend to keep discovering and learning, life’s a lot more exciting that way” confesses Barkha.

“I am on a permanent ‘Let’s wing it!’ frame of mind so I have never had a plan.”

For most of her work, she has been a one-man army. Her content is mostly conceptualized by herself and then executed by a few very carefully selected, like-minded individuals. “I strongly believe that too many heads ruin the simplicity and integrity of the project. When I’m acting, of course, there is a whole unit of at least a 100 people on set.”

On Her Personal Style:

We couldn’t help but be in awe of her lively Instagram handle, so we asked, what fashion and beauty mean to her. A devout believer of the notion YOLO (You Only Live Once!), she believes that the terms fashion and beauty can be subjective and that is what makes everyone unique.

“You always have to stay updated. There’s a big price to pay for faux pas!”

“Although there’s no need to bound oneself in trends and terms, these spaces are also very “fast-paced”, she says, “you always have to stay updated. There’s a big price to pay for faux pas!”

She draws style inspiration from her sister and also her mum who she says has some amazing ideas up her sleeve. “I’ve got a brutally honest dream team right in my house. But if I were to pick a celebrity, it has to be Sonam Kapoor or Olivia Palermo.”

Her personal sense of style is defined entirely by her mood. “I range from PJs and flip-flops to heels and a dress in a single day! But you’d mostly see me in an elegant, chic outfit with bright heels and a bag with a personal touch of a daring lipstick!”

Barkha Singh
On Fashion:

Every year, the fashion world brings its own set of ‘Hots’ and ‘Nots’ and 2018 was no different. When asked about the Bollywood celebrities she loved for their fashion sense, she names Sonam Kapoor and Alia Bhatt. Well, that’s an answer we’ll all concur.

“I know fashion is cyclical, so probably something from the ’70s or ’60s. I’d personally love that!”

Her most loved trends for 2018 were checks, prints and clear block heels. She’d also love something from the ’60s or ’70s to make a come-back in 2019.

On Her Favourite Social Media Platform:

As we expected, her favourite social media platform is Instagram. And here’s why “It’s a great medium to put yourself out there and make a statement! I believe it gives a personal touch and is a great way to connect with fans minus the invasion of privacy!”

Check out her Instagram handle for fashion, lifestyle and travel updates. Get bowled over by her beautiful eyes popping up occasionally.

“I believe that Instagram gives a personal touch and is a great way to connect with fans minus the invasion of privacy!”

With a tad bit more insight into her personality, we wrapped up our session with Barkha. We can’t help but say that we’ll be eagerly waiting to see her in new projects. Until then, we’ll scroll through her feed.

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