How Sonia Broke Societal Norms To Live Her Dream Life

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Hints of polaroid snapshots and a quintessential modern-vintage aesthetic rules her Instagram profile. She writes about everything she venerates and there’s a rare earthy feel to her which might be a trace of her roots in Manipur. Her profile is a beautiful fusion of beauty, fashion and art with an edgy international appeal. A part-time doctor, and a full-time fashion blogger with a meticulous eye who believes in bringing every picture to life, she’s Sonia Thiyam.

Sonia Thiyam

She adopted fashion and makeup out of insecurity, but as she grew confident the words ‘sheer-vanity’ became the cornerstone of her blogging journey. Today she writes under the tag #wearme which signifies self-confidence and being comfortable in your own skin. Her love for sheer as a piece of fabric goes beyond clothing. She believes it is the vision of fashion as a form of expression and art. While the word vanity, has a more positive connotation for her- it illuminates her true self while embracing imperfections. Also do check, Niki Mehra’s latest pics.

Sonia T
On Living Her Dream Life:

“I wanted to do something that liberates one’s creative mind, something that makes one his own boss.”

Sonia started out with her dream of being a blogger much later in life but is content with the fact that she’s living her dream now. She says, “I wanted to do something that liberates one’s creative mind, something that makes one his own boss. And of course, I wanted to be able to enjoy the passion I always had for creating fashion and beauty content!” The tiniest details of her surroundings inspire her to bring out a work of art with which she can create an impact on her audience. Checkout latest Dimpi Sanghvi’s looks.

Sonia Thiyam
On Her Personal Style:

“I don’t overdo anything and am a thorough minimalist in my own way!”

Her minimal and unusual style brought her in the limelight making her the only Indian blogger to be featured in the Converse India Diwali campaign 2017. She has also curated looks and worked with brands like Gigi Hadid and Balmain.


“I wear myself”, she says. “I don’t overdo and am a thorough minimalist in my way. I try to perceive beauty in each and everything my inspiration could be anything I come across that particular day!”

On Fashion and Beauty:

Sonia believes that fashion and beauty are about self-love and wearing oneself. One should be able to express the art and one’s personality and not just merely follow the trend. She’s been a lover of animal prints since forever and was glad that they became a major fashion forecast.

Sonia Thiyam

“Fashion and beauty are about self-love and wearing oneself. To be able to stay content, being secure and positive is very important.”

The biggest lessons she’s learned being in this industry are being positive, authentic and secure. “To be able to stay content, being secure and positive is very important. It’s a supersaturated field and one can get affected by seeing others do better but I learned that any sort of insecurity isn’t worthwhile. We got to do what our journey has to offer and enjoy every bit of what we have!”

Sonia T

A decade from now, Sonia envisages the fashion and beauty industries to be more colourful and diverse. Being a North-Easterner, she also hopes all races are accepted more and given equal opportunities to bloom in any industry.

Sonia Thiyam
On Her Favourite Social Media Platform:

“There is no execution without an idea, but without proper execution, an idea has no purpose. It’s important to use the idea wisely and execute it best!”

Sonia Thiyam

Instagram is surely her favourite social media platform and she has certainly come a long way in her journey. From being clicked by friends to having a whole team, her growth has spoken for itself time and again. Her ideas and execution both work in proportion to each other but what makes any idea stand out is that it is used wisely and executed in the best way possible. In addition to this we have created this amazing blog where we have covered Srishti Chandra’s latest style. Do check it out and let us know what are your thoughts.

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