75 Most Popular Bridal Mehendi Designs For Hands & Feet

The auspicious art of Mehendi makes a bride look alluring and vibrant. This fun-filled ritual has become far more creative than we could have ever dreamt of. We see brides being more experimental today. While some opt to depict their love stories through this henna art, others take the embellished route. It’s time for you to step on this visual guide to find some intricate yet cool bridal Mehendi designs. Check out the various Bridal Mehendi Designs for hands and feet in this story.

1. Mirror Image Bridal Mehendi Design

There’s nothing more picture-perfect than a mirror image Mehendi. It is designed with a replication of the same patterns on both hands. Traditional or modern, you’re bound to look enchanting in any ensemble you pick with this one.


2. Paisley Bridal Mehendi Design

Paisley is one of the oldest leaf-like designs that is imbibed into bridal Mehendi forever. Paisley-inspired Mehendi is one of the most beautiful Mehendi designs for hands. These are not just simplistic but also equally alluring. You can combine it with teardrops, vines and swirls to make it look more decorative.


3. Arabic Fusion Bridal Mehendi Design

This wedding season is all about catching up with the latest trends. And what better than a fusion of simple Arabic mehndi design to look contemporary and on-trend, right? You can club it peacock motifs and delicate flowers for an even more flattering look.

4. Floral Bridal Mehendi Design

Dainty floral motifs of roses, lotus and leaves make your Mehendi look elegant and feminine. This style is by far the most popular amongst young brides who are fresh and vibrant.

5. Storyteller Bridal Mehendi Design

Personalization never fails to impress! You can enhance your design by depicting your love story through a bridal mehndi image. This latest mehndi design 2023 is a complex one and requires immense visualization to pull off.

6. Peacock Bridal Mehendi Design

Peacock is a popular Dulhan Mehndi Design and one of the latest Bridal Mehendi designs that symbolise prosperity and good luck. If you want something cultural, then you must pick an exquisite peacock pattern to serve the purpose right. This works great as one of the bridal mehndi designs for full hands.


7. Radha-Krishna Bridal Mehendi Design

Mesmerise your love by carving a pleasing picture of Lord Krishna with the goddess Radha to signify your eternal love for him. When combined with blooming flowers and leaves, this image illustrates nature and the start of a new life.

















8. Ganesha Bridal Mehendi Design

Ganesha is the lord of peace and is often worshipped to prosper in new endeavors of life. Exhibiting an image of the same can help signify this essence during the time of celebrations.


9. Creepers Bridal Mehendi Design

Grown for ornamental use, creepers are climbing plants that look stunning when paired with tiny leaves and checks. This style is ideal to execute easy motifs crafted with complexity.


10. Rose Bridal Mehendi Design

Opt for an extravagant display of affection with a medley of romantic roses imbibed into your Mehendi design. This bridal Mehendi design is surely a reflection of pure grace.















11. Check Bridal Mehendi Design

Twist up a classic Mehendi design by pairing it with a checked detail. This modern bridal Mehendi gives an impression of an artsy lace cover-up and looks absolutely endearing.


12. Bangle Bridal Mehendi Design

Bracelet style Mehendi designs are seemingly becoming the talk of the town. These are designed in a layered manner and mostly finished off with a curvier pattern towards the elbow.

13. Mango Bridal Mehendi Design

Mango leaves symbolise high spirits during auspicious ceremonies. A typical mango design comprises of leaves drawn in repetition to create a magnificent look.

14. Half And Half Bridal Mehendi Design

Half and half Mehendi design is the one which creates a full picture when both the hands are joined together. This style is a hit amongst women who want to symbolise their love story by opting for the bride’s figure on one hand and the groom’s figure on the other.


15. Pakistani Bridal Mehendi Design

Pakistani Mehendi designs are famous for their intricacy and uniqueness. This style is not just fashionable but also looks extremely fancy.


16. Diamond Bridal Mehendi Design

‘Diamonds are forever’ and so is the Mehendi that exhibits this evergreen beauty. A diamond motif is an epitome of richness and class. This also classifies as an ethnic modern bridal Mehendi for the ones who prefer a hint of vintage.


17. Mughal Bridal Mehendi Design

Intricate motifs and detailed layouts make even a simple Mehendi design look aesthetically appealing. Most of the Mughal inspired patterns include portraits of kings and queens to give it a more regal look.



18. Geometric Bridal Mehendi Design

From easy Mehendi designs to detailed ones, no Mehendi is complete without the use of geometric shapes. The versatility of this helps create ‘n’ number of styles to suit every taste.











19. Elephant Bridal Mehendi Design

Reflect a sense of wisdom and loyalty by picking an elephant motif to be carved into your Mehendi design. This style looks majestic, grand and oh-so royal.


















20. Lotus Bridal Mehendi Design

Blooming Lotus signifies purity and grace. This extraordinary motif looks even more exceptional when crafted within a dome or a chakra (wheel).

















21. Mandala Bridal Mehendi Design

Mandala is a circular motif placed usually in the centre of the hand as a base to the entire Mehendi. It can be combined with almost any other pattern for an intricate look.

















22. Coloured Bridal Mehendi Design

Pick from an enormous array of colours to make your Mehendi design look dazzling and vibrant. The rainbow-like effect of different colours makes this style a desirable pick for trendy brides.


23. Glitter Bridal Mehendi Design

Gleaming glitter can make your Mehendi look sparkly and surreal. This style usually lasts up to 6-8 hours making it perfect for conventional rituals and ceremonies.


24. Split Mandala Bridal Mehendi Design

A mandala is at the centre of your Mehendi design and comes in diverse patterns. The most uncommon and intriguing one is a split mandala which is carved using a half and half design on both the hands.


25. Cuff Bridal Mehendi Design

Jaali, dotted or floral, cuff Mehendis can be curated in multiple designs. You can pick one with a checked band impression on the wrist clubbed with a chakra, peacock, dots, and vines. Also, check out our awesome list of the best ways to darken your Mehendi that will help you shortlist your choices.


26. Stone Studded Bridal Mehendi Design

Step up your ethnicity by picking a stone-studded Mehendi that imbibes embellishments into your designs. This style is creative and makes your Mehendi look fashionably unreal.


27. Initials Bridal Mehendi Design

It is believed that getting your partner’s initials written in your Mehendi design signifies love and good luck. It is also adorned as a gesture to flatter your special someone.


28. Minimal Bridal Mehendi Design

Simplistic designs and minimal patterns are new things in town. From outfits to Mehendis, today’s brides are opting for low-key trends to look subtle yet sophisticated.


29. Buttis Bridal Mehendi Design

Butti is a minimalistic pattern that looks dainty and elegant. You can combine it with a jewelled detail to make it look more decorative.


30. Parrot Bridal Mehendi Design

Parrots are often associated with being the messengers of love. Imbibing a parrot clubbed with leafy and floral motifs into your Mehendi design can exhibit a soothing picture of the pretty nature.


31. Hashtag Bridal Mehendi Design

We live in the Instagram generation and approve of nothing other than everything cool. And when it comes to being cool, what better than getting your wedding hashtag carved in the Mehendi design, right!


32. Victorian Bridal Mehendi Design

Ancient yet charming, Victorian Mehendi is one that incorporates a delicate jaal design. These look classy and poised while being absolutely vintage.


33. Wedding Vows Bridal Mehendi Design

Shower the promise of commitment and love by choosing to get some heartfelt vows written in your Mehendi design. These are sure to make your Mehendi more personal, emotional and a tad bit inspirational.


34. Jhumka Bridal Mehendi Design

A jhumka earring is an essential accessory to enhance a woman’s femininity. Adding jhumka motifs into your Mehendi design gives it a more flattering appeal. You can even combine it with leaves, swirls and paisley patterns for a fuller look.


35. Cartoon Bridal Mehendi Design

Bring out your inner child by opting for a playful cartoon character to be designed on your palms. This idea is as fascinating as it is fun.


36. Verse Bridal Mehendi Design

Indian culture is a pool of preaching with specific meanings for each. These are usually referred to as shlokas. You can pick some of these engaging words and add them into your Mehendi design to make it look more distinctive and personal.


37. Dotted Bridal Mehendi Design

Dots may seem like the most basic Mehendi pattern but can sum up to form some of the most intricate designs. You can opt for a dotted jaal or something more open- spaced like a dotted buti.


38. Spiral Bel Bridal Mehendi Design

Easy to apply yet enchanting, spiral bel Mehendi designs are for those who want something minimal and clean. You can even intertwine the bel to make it look more flowy and glamorous.



39. Anklet Style Bridal Mehendi Design

Mimic the evergreen old woman charm by picking an anklet Mehendi design. This style gives the illusion of wearing a traditional anklet.


40. Alphanumeric Bridal Mehendi Design

Make your Mehendi look more edgy and fun by opting to add dates and messages to it. ‘Save the date’ is the most common idea under this category.


41. Loved Ones/Things Bridal Mehendi Design

The trendiest bridal Mehendi design is by far the one that infuses images and motifs of things or beings that are close to the bride’s heart. A picture of the dog, favourite food are popular examples of the same.


42. Dome Bridal Mehendi Design

Originating from the Arab culture, domes are ancient architectural designs. These motifs start from the wrist and go up in a spire-like formation.


43. Swirls And Twirls Bridal Mehendi Design

Look exquisite in this one-of-a-kind Mehendi design that incorporates curvy swirls with dotted edges. This one’s bound to make you fall in love with its effortless and chic vibes.


44. Chadar Heart Bridal Mehendi Design

From mirror effects and chadar design to floral motifs and a jaal pattern, this Mehendi design is all that you could be looking for. You can even replace that jaal effect within the heart with your partner’s name.


45. Portrait Bridal Mehendi Design

A heartwarming touch to elevate your Mehendi design is to get portraits of you and your partner on each palm. The images are surely difficult to pull off but also so worth it.


46. Curvy Bridal Mehendi Design

Polish up your Mehendi rituals by picking a curvy Mehendi design. Make this style look absolutely stunning with a consistent thickness of border throughout.


47. Layered Bridal Mehendi Design

Highlight each part of your Mehendi by opting for a layered design. Each tier of this style is segregated by an empty space making the design look clean and crisp.


48. Alta Bridal Mehendi Design

Alta is a red dye that is applied by Bengali brides to signify the times of celebration and joy. Combined with a regular Mehendi design, these look unique yet pleasing.


49. Mylanchi Bridal Mehendi Design

Most of the South Indian brides opt for a Mylanchi Mehendi design which originated from Kerala. Mylanchi motifs are curvy and highly decorative.


50. Marathi Bridal Mehendi Design

Marathi Mehendi is a design that is applied using sticks rather than a cone to give it a darker colour. This style is a bundle of cultural charm.


51. Khafif Bridal Mehendi Design

Khafif Mehendi is a modern take on traditional Arabic designs. It blends unconventional and on-trend patterns with a classic vibe to make you look utterly glamorous.


52. African Bridal Mehendi Design

African Mehendi designs are a reflection of power. These combine abstract and leafy motifs combined with dainty dots to make you look bold.


53. Turkish Bridal Mehendi Design

Detail is what defines an ideal Turkish Mehendi design. This style pays special attention to intricate motifs and clubs them with floral, linear and curvy patterns in a spaced-out manner.


54. Pakistani Bridal Mehendi Design

Pakistani Mehendi design is one that infuses Indian motifs with Arabic designs. This style is rich and bold while being dipped in complexity to make you look regal.


55. Punjabi Bridal Mehendi Design

Punjab is the region of joy and excitement. Thus, Mehendi designs originating from Punjab exhibit a vibe of celebration and fun.


56. Rajasthani Bridal Mehendi Design

Rajasthani Mehendi depicts its rich folk culture. This style replicates intricate and thoughtful jewellery-like designs on both hands, much like the mirror image.


57. Gujarati Bridal Mehendi Design

Extravagance is the second name for a Gujarati Mehendi design. These are unique and innovative while being elaborate and grand.


58. Moroccan Bridal Mehendi Design

If you like things exotic and unique, then you must opt for a Moroccan Mehendi design. This style is a contemporary take on ancient motifs.


59. Tribal Bridal Mehendi Design

Tribal Mehendi originated from the times when warriors used to carve them on their hands to denote power and pride. This style uses an amalgamation of linear and circular patterns for a strong look.


60. Leafy Bridal Mehendi Design

Go for something hassle-free with an easy Mehendi design that incorporates leafy motifs. These look even more gorgeous when combined with florals, Jaal, or paisley.


61. White Bridal Mehendi Design

If you’re feisty, then you must experiment with a white Mehendi design. This one is sure to make you stand out with its uniqueness.


62. Shaded Bridal Mehendi Design

Add more structure and illusion to your Mehendi by picking a shaded design. This style is also known for its 3D-Effect and design enhancing abilities.


63. Baraat Bridal Mehendi Design

Elevate your Mehendi with a magnificent Full-Baraat design. This style is seemingly becoming a popular choice for brides who like intricacy and detail.


64. Indo-Arabic Bridal Mehendi Design

The fusion of Arabic art’s modernity and Indian art’s ethnicity gave birth to the Indo-Arabic Mehendi design. This style is a hit amongst younger brides who like to keep things contemporary and trendy.


65. Three-Tier Bridal Mehendi Design

A three-tier Mehendi design is one which is crafted in different sections segregated through empty space between each. All three parts are filled with intricate details and finished off with clean borders.


66. Abstract Bridal Mehendi Design

Modern brides are always on a lookout for something fresh and trendy. Abstract Mehendi designs are here to serve the purpose. The style encloses distinctive patterns to give away a sharp look.


67. Border Bridal Mehendi Design

Add a dash of ethnicity to your bold persona by opting for a border Mehendi design. This style is symmetrically appealing and visually clean.


68. Name Engraved Bridal Mehendi Design

Make your loved ones feel even more special by opting to get their names engraved into your Mehendi design. This style is a great way to make that ‘extra’ gesture.


69. Half-Cover Bridal Mehendi Design

If you work on the philosophy of ‘less is more’, then you must opt for a half cover Mehendi design for your feet. This style covers only one side of your foot and goes up till the ankle.


70. Outlined Bridal Mehendi Design

Avoid the cluster and opt for something cleaner with an outlined Mehendi design. This style is crafted with thick borders while the inside of the motif is kept empty.


71. Butterfly Bridal Mehendi Design

Denote delicacy and exquisiteness with a butterfly Mehendi design. People view butterflies as a symbol of growth and hope. These motifs are often associated with our soul as well.


72. Star-Like Bridal Mehendi Design

It’s time to dazzle in celebration with a starry Mehendi design. These can be made in the form of Chakra to look more ethnic.

73. Two Motif Bridal Mehendi Design

Who knew that two distinctive patterns could form ‘n’ number of charismatic designs? All you need to do is pick two standout patterns and combine them together in repetition. You just cannot go wrong with this one!


74. Rangoli Bridal Mehendi Design

Rangoli is an essential part of Indian culture. It is a form of art that is expressed for joy and festivities. You can start with a circular centre infused with intricate patterns and decorate the rest with floral, leafy, and curvy motifs.

75. Multiple Chakra Bridal Mehendi Design

Another stunning Mehendi design is multiple chakras. It is crafted with circular patterns in repetition to form a crown-like design. Combine it with teardrops and jaal to give yourself a pleasing picture.

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