6 Incredible Ways To Darken Your Mehendi

One of the most auspicious and popular traditions in Indic and Persian culture is the application of Henna or Mehendi on special occasions. Whether you are a bridesmaid or the bride, you must wear a dark mehndi design for a customary picture-perfect look.

The colour of the Mehendi has a deep-rooted cultural significance attached to it. It is considered a symbol of love and unity. A darker mehndi signifies a stronger bond between two lovers. So, if you are thinking about how to make mehndi darker, then we present to you the 6 best ways to do it.

6 Simple Ways To Darken Your Mehendi

Henna looks good not only due to its intricate design but also because of the colour. To bring that captivating look, here are the most-trusted age-old natural remedies to darken your Mehendi colour.

Put A Mixture Of Lemon And Sugar

Lemon-Sugar Mixture For Mehendi

This is one of the most employed natural remedies used to darken mehndi design. Simply make a lemon-sugar mixture and dab it over your hands or legs to enhance the colour of the mehndi. Moreover, we have curated a list of the best ways to remove Mehendi to get you some much-needed help.

How To Apply Lemon-Sugar Mixture?

1. Warm ¼th cup of lemon juice.
2. Add 3-4 tablespoons of sugar to the solution.
3. Stir the mixture and apply it using cotton once the henna dries off.

Run Your Hands Over The Fumes Of Cloves

Mehendi Over The Fumes Of Clove

In order to allow the Mehendi colour to penetrate deep into your skin, cloves being aromatic spices, do wonders. Use this remedy over dried henna to darken its colour.

How To Use?

1. Heat 4-5 cloves on a Tawa.
2. Run your hands over the fumes.

3. Let the smoke come in contact with your Mehendi.

You must be extremely careful while employing this technique. After this, you can either scrape off the henna or leave it untouched for a few hours. Looking for the best kinds of Bridal Mehendi Designs? Here is our ultimate guide for you.

Wrap Your Mehendi

Wrap Your Mehendi

There is no better way to protect your Mehendi and let it last longer than covering it up. You can use medical paper tape to wrap your skin. A cling film or even gloves and socks can be used to retain the colour of mehndi. However, you must take the help of an artist to do that in order to avoid spoiling the design.

Apply Balm Or Eucalyptus Oil After Removing

Apply Balm Or Eucalyptus Oil After Removing Mehendi

After you scrape off the heena, use a warming balm such as Vicks, Tiger Balm or Eucalyptus oil to make the Mehendi. These tend to heat up the skin and induce a rich colour in mehndi. We have also compiled a list of the latest Mehendi designs so you can shortlist the ones for you.

Apply Ghee Over Your Hands

Ghee On Mehendi

After you remove the Mehendi from your skin, apply ‘Desi Ghee’ to develop a splendid colour. Avoid contact with water and use ghee immediately after you skim the Mehendi.

Leave Henna On For 10-12 Hours At least

Wrap Your Mehendi

One of the easiest ways to make mehndi darker is to let the henna stay for a long. Leave it untouched for about 12 hours. For a rich colour, you must avoid contact with water as much as possible. This will allow the Mehendi to set in deep and result in glorious colour. Wondering where to get the best easy Mehendi designs? Read our list to find out.

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