Himanshi Sharma: 10 Dazzling Looks That’ll Reflect A Confident You

Himanshi started her blog ‘Fresh Face Beauty’ inspired by the thought that fashion is about dreaming and making other people dream. She mixes fashion with a splash of beauty into her everyday wardrobe. Gear up to transform yours with 10 looks by Himanshi Sharma.  

1. Let’s Talk Business

Add a zest into your office-appropriate clothing by picking a striped green blazer with matching wide-leg pants. Opt for a briefcase bag to go with it and your look is sure to leave a lasting impression.

Let’s Talk Business

2. Endless Denim

Denim’s so lustrous that you just cannot stop at a single piece. And when it comes to denim on denim, Himanshi knows how to ace this trend just right. She wears a pair of jeans with an oversized jacket and silver boots. This look’s for a casual day of shopping.

Endless Denim

3. Breezy Bottoms

Stride into a meeting looking poised in the comfort of wide leg pants. Himanshi opts for a grey pair matched with a white shirt and nude heels. You can even layer it with a blazer to elevate this ensemble.

Breezy Bottoms

4. Chillin’ Like A Villain

Get your swag in place with a pair of military green joggers combined with a black tee and ankle boots. Grab a jacket to layer and you’re all set to head to the airport with a cool-girl attitude. Moreover do checkout these amazing Nagma Mirajkar looks.

Chillin’ Like A Villain

5. Fashion In 5

Your 5-minute prep before heading out of the house is incomplete without a solid pencil dress. Himanshi wears an orange one with white shoes and a jacket around her waist.

Fashion In 5

6. It’s Raining Red

Red is raging high in Himanshi’s wardrobe. She wears a red maxi paired with white heels and a striking lip colour. Don’t forget to dress in something similar to look flawless for your next date night.

It’s Raining Red

7. Always Striped

Himanshi is exhibiting the age-old stripes embedded into a crop top and paired with blue jeans and a belt. This one is ideal for a low-key afternoon of strolling at a market or in the mall. Check out latest Megha Bajaj Looks & Styles that are must try.

Always Striped

8. Bring On Black

Himanshi is putting her A-game on in a solid black maxi dress combined with a neckpiece and matching heels. You can even add a waist belt to this one for a night at the bar.

Bring On Black

9. Winter Wonderland

Himanshi is warming up to take on the colder months looking like a star. She wears a navy blue sweater and black jeggings with a pink muffler and plum coloured boots. This one’s for you to take on the streets during a winter afternoon.

Winter Wonderland

10. Skirts That Slay

Take your street style to a whole new level with this maroon long skirt. Himanshi wears it with a slick belt and a denim shirt. Opt this one with a backpack to head to your college lectures.

Skirts That Slay

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