9 Best Blue Eyeliners In India

Cosmetics have the ability to improve your features to make you stand out in the crowd. Out of all the cosmetic items out there, eyeliner is the one pick that each woman can use to characterize her eyes. But if the classic black feels too old school now, why not try a pop of color? Blue eyeliner makeup can give you a new look no matter what size or shape of your eye. Explore our list of the top 10 best blue color eyeliners for the same.

List Of 9 Best Blue Eyeliners In India

1. Lakme Blue Eyeliner

Lakme Blue Eyeliner

Lakme is an Indian cosmetics brand founded in 1952. They have a wide range of products that are within the reach of an average Indian woman. Famous for quality and affordability, Lakme eyeliners are smooth with rich pigments. Lakme’s blue eyeliner pencil is dramatic and intense, perfect for creating smoky eyes with a smudge applicator. you may also like to know about Best Waterproof Eyeliners.

2. Maybelline Blue Eyeliner

Maybelline Blue Eyeliner

Maybelline is among the most notable brands globally. Known for its quality and scientifically advanced techniques, Maybelline stocks the most well-known products in the market. Its blue liquid eyeliner is high fashion glam with a glittery twist. The eyeliner leaves a dark luminous shine and an intense metallic color with its flexible cushion tip. Blue Moon is their famous navy blue eyeliner, which is both waterproof and smudge-proof.

3. Elle 18 Blue Eyeliner

Elle 18 Blue Eyeliner

Young and vibrant, Elle 18 is a cosmetics brand founded in 1997. Elle 18 is every girl’s first choice because of its affordability and quality. Elle 18 Color Pop eyeliner has a soft and silky texture that gives a glittery finish in a single swipe. Long lasting and smudge-proof, the eyeliner comes in 3 exciting shades, blue being our favorite. Elle 18’s blue eyeliner online availability is massive for the price charged.

4. Colorbar Blue Eyeliner

Colorbar Blue Eyeliner

Commenced in 2005, Colorbar is now a worldwide name. They have beauty products ranging from lipsticks to eye cosmetics to skin care. Colorbar’s All-Matte dark blue eyeliner is quick drying with a smooth glide. Its flocked applicator gives ultimate control making the eyeliner easier to hold. Its formula is waterproof, smudge-proof, and easy to clean. There is no end to the number of blue eyeliner looks you can create from this pick.

5. Oriflame Blue Eyeliner

Oriflame Blue Eyeliner

Established in 1967, Oriflame is a Swedish beauty brand. It offers individual care and nourishing products. Let your eyes do the talking with Oriflame’s navy blue eyeliner pencil. It has an intense color pigmentation that lasts for hours without fading or smudging. Its retractable packaging will make the application effortless and smooth.

6. Nykaa Blue Eyeliner

Nykaa is a Mumbai-based multi-brand beauty retailer founded recently in 2014. The royal blue eyeliner from Nykaa adds a punk of color in a single swipe. Its water resistant and smudge-proof properties let this refined liner glide perfectly. It is dermatologically tested and lasts for up to 10 hours. Nykaa’s blue eyeliner price makes it a stunning pick for regular use.

Nykaa Blue Eyeliner

7. L’Oreal Blue Eyeliner

L’Oreal Blue Eyeliner

L’Oreal is notable among top-rated brands. The French beauty organization was founded in 1909. The applicator pencil has intense pigments which make this blue gel eyeliner perfect for special occasions. This supersaturated ultra gliding crayon can last for 24 hours without smudging.

8. Nyx Blue Eyeliner

Based in the US and loved globally, NYX Professional Makeup offers quality products. Line your lids in vibrant blue color from its range of well-pigmented and striking eyeliners. You can also try using the new NYX Professional Makeup Vivid Bright Liners and other pencil liners including Makeup Slide, Jumbo Eye, and Makeup Faux. These liners have an intense color payoff and an easy applicator brush to create pro-level styles.

9. Blue Heaven Blue Eyeliner

Blue Heaven Blue Eyeliner

Blue Heaven has cut a specialty for itself making it one of the most tried and dependable brands over time. Blue Heaven eyeliner comes in a retractable pencil. Intense strokes of color can also be achieved from Blue Heaven sketch eyeliner, Blue Heaven pencil eyeliner, and Blue Heaven kajal eyeliner. It is easy to carry around and is long lasting. Blue Heaven eyeliner price in India is one of the cheapest in the market.

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