11 Best Cargo Pant Brands in India for 2022

By the look of cargo pants aka combat trousers, you can probably tell of their military inspiration. Cargo pants were first worn by the British Armed Forces in 1938 and the US Army during WWII. With large pockets on the sides, these pants were an easy option to carry bandages, rations, ammunition, and other battlefield essentials.

Moving forward, this utilitarian fashion trend has come back again and they look a lot better. Here are the 8 best brands for cargo pants that can help you make the most out of this style. Their fit and style vary, so whether you want to head out on a trek or try some hip-hop moves, they’ll be your first pick.  We’ll also give you some tips on how to wear them and not look like a walking beanbag.

List Of 11 Best Cargo Pant Brands in India

1. Wrogn Cargo Pants

Co-created in association with Indian cricket heartthrob, Virat Kohli, Wrogn is a brand with razor-sharp attitude. Making its way as the first choice for Indian men, Wrogn clothing and accessories come in a fairly affordable range. Wrogn is one of the best brands of cargo pants that you simply cannot ignore. This pair of slim fit cargo pants gives a rugged yet tailored appeal. With a solid black T-shirt, a pair of aviators and black sneakers, this attire will not only be functional and comfortable but will act as a modern street style outfit.


Starts from Rs 1399 Only

2. Wildcraft Cargo Pants

If you’re in the mood to get out in the wilderness, Wildcraft is the brand for you. It was inspired by the need of apparel and gear for outdoor and adventurous activities. The brand brings you an exceptinal range of rucksacks, backpacks, campus gear, travel accessories, camera packs, apparel and footwear for men and women. This solid Wildcraft cargo pant is breathable and durable for enduring the great outdoors. Team it up with a T-shirt and sport shoes. here you can also check the latest Track Pant for mens.


Starts from Rs 1262 Only

3. Roadster Cargo Pants

Roadster is an online fashion retailer – Myntra’s exclusive label. The brand brings affordable clothing and accessories for men and women both. High on quality and fashion quotient, the brand has positioned itself in the league of many well-known brands like Wrogn. This camouflage cargo can be a uniform for a different kind of army entirely. This pair is fitted but still gives you enough space for free, easy movements. You can team it up with sneakers or combat boots and a T-shirt. Don’t forget your Ray-Ban!


Starts from Rs 1199 Only

4. Flying machine Cargo Pants

Born in the year 1980, Flying Machine came into being as India’s first home bred jeans brand. The brand connects with the youth and brings them trendsetting styles. You might as well remember of the brands associated with the movie I Hate Luv Stories. This Khaki cargo pant is a classic on its own, perfect for daytime activities. With a pair of sneakers and a polo T-shirt, it perfects the summer casual laid-back vibe. Moreover for those of you looking to buy yoga pants but don’t know which one to go for, check this list of our handpicked Yoga Pants Brands that you can always relay on.


Starts from Rs 1679 Only

5. Beevee Cargo Pants

Designed for the new-age man, Beevee brings a revolutionary range of cargo pants and casual wear. The variety and price range of this brand are two factors that make it a great choice. This navy cargo pant ensures perfect fit and comfort while charging your inner roadie spirit. Tan boots or sneakers and a T-shirt is all you need to get going.


Starts from Rs 1469 Only

6. John Players Cargo Pants

ITC’s John Players offers fashion essentials for male youth spanning across formal wear, casuals, party wear, jeans and accessories. The brand re-energizes the youth with its range and reflects the attitude – Play It Up! This olive-green cargo checks all the boxes you have in mind while selecting one for yourself. It has a low-rise waist with 7 pockets! For your next hangout session, you might just pick this one and pair it with either boots or sneakers with a vintage tee. You can check out various online retailers to get more cargo pants brand names and cargo pants brands review.


Starts from Rs 1034 Only

7. Jack and Jones Cargo Pants

Jack and Jones is a top men’s cargo pants brand. More than just being a name, the brand is a community that believes in being there for its guys. Their universe is a drama free zone with good vibes driving their philosophy as a brand. They have a major online and offline presence with a variety that is hard to ignore. This cargo pant in military green provides an added stretch for comfort and flexibility, with sturdy boots, you can gear up for any combat.


Starts from Rs 3499 Only

8. Basics Cargo Pants

Basics is an ultimate fashion destination for men as it brings a wide range of formals, casuals and everything in between. The fabrics, styles and silhouettes are at par with global trends and in line with seasons. This cargo pant has a camouflage print but looks highly unusual because of its color. The natural tones blend in if you’re on a desert trail. Team it up with a plain T-shirt, comfortable sneakers or boots and a pair of sunglasses.


Starts from Rs 2699 Only

9. Red Tape Cargo Pants

Red Tape Cargo Pants

Red Tape started as a footwear brand and later ventured into the apparel industry in 2006. Their cargo pants are a product of outstanding craftsmanship blended with high quality, superior style and ultimate comfort. They produce cargo pants in varied styles and closures with multiple pockets. You can pair these casual wear pants with a polo shirt and sneakers to effortlessly amp up your fashion game.


Starts at Rs 950 onwards

10. Sapper Solid Cargo Pants

Sapper Solid Cargo Pants

Cargo pants by Sapper are a worthy addition to your wardrobe. Their cargo pants are made of cotton to keep you comfortable while you rock that casual look. Stretchable with multiple pockets and elasticated closure, Sapper cargo pants come in solid colours to keep your look subtle yet fashionable.


Starts at Rs 1299 onwards

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10. Amazon Brand Symbol Cargo Pants

Amazon Brand Symbol Cargo Pants

Spruce up your loungewear collection with the seven pocketed cargo pants by Amazon’s in-house brand Symbol. Stitched to perfection, their versatile pants are made of cotton and are a bang for your buck in their affordable price range. Featuring button closures, Symbol cargo pants are available in eight different colours and are an excellent choice for your weekend getaways. In addition to this you might also like to check the best underwear brands for premium underwear’s, explore and do let us know which one do you choose.


Starts at Rs 749 onwards

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