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A striking fashion and beauty blogger with oomph blazing across her Instagram channel, that’s Sana for you. She’s also a professional model and actress, famed for many stints including a music video called Ringtone with Baba Honey. We love this bold and unapologetic dame and these might be just a few of the many reasons for her huge fan following.

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She’s made her mark in the ever-growing social media space in a short span of two years and has held her league of followers with utmost pride. We got into a conversation with this magnetic personality to get to know her better and her victorious journey through all the turbulence. Here’s a sneak peek into the heart of this beauty.

From Being A Fashion Disaster to A Fashion Icon

While scrolling through her Instagram feed, there was a striking post which said – “I don’t block ex-friends, co-workers or my exes. You can come see the struggles, the journeys and the victories. I wasn’t perfect when you knew me and I’m not now, but I will go hard. I will manifest. I will overcome. I will love myself. I will stay true to myself, to the process of loving myself and others.” These few words have powerfully summed up her journey. Also have a look at inspiring stories of Megha Bajaj & Sassy Shifa.

“There was a time when I was termed as a ‘fashion disaster’… Your haters are your biggest motivation!”

Sana says, “There was a time when I was termed as a ‘fashion disaster’ by a few people from my junior college! I always knew my taste in fashion is a little different, but definitely, a kind that everyone could not get! I joined social media and started flaunting different, fashionable looks which were well appreciated by everyone. I gained lakhs of followers in a short span of time. People who called me crazy, call me for fashion advice today! Your haters are your biggest motivation!”

Sana S Khan

Being in the fashion and beauty space can be quite a task with a lot of highs and lows, so we asked her about the biggest lessons she has learned being in this genre and what keeps her going. Also know how barkha singh reveals her journey to unplanned success.

“You’ve got to be confident enough to stay strong & not let others’ opinion define you. You know what you are capable of. So, GROW & GLOW!”

Sana admits falling prey to harsh criticism which often led to demotivation. But, she believes in listening to her heart more than people’s opinion.


On Her Personal Style:

 Her love for crop tops and body-hugging dresses is very evident from her Instagram handle. So, when she mentioned these very styles as her personal favourite, it came to us as no surprise. She also likes ‘change’ and loves to experiment every now and then to create her own trend. Her style inspirations are Beyoncé and Katy Perry for their unapologetic fashion sense. Coming over to Bollywood, Anushka Sharma tops her charts because of her classy and comfortable style statements. We certainly second Sana on this!

“I’m not someone who is carried away by trends, I like to create my own trends!”

Sana Khan

On Fashion:

When we asked her what fashion and beauty meant to her, the reply was almost enlightening; confidence and inner beauty maketh a man and these are the very traits that reflect the world outside.

“Fashion is doing whatever you want but with confidence! Just be yourself and have a clean heart! Inner beauty reflects in your outer beauty!”

The trend she adored the most in 2018 was the return of Palazzos. “It’s such a gorgeous looking thing! You can style it in so many different ways, with crop tops, or Kurtis to get an Indo-western look! I just love palazzos! I guess I have it in almost all colours now.” She visualizes people being more brand conscious and also getting bolder in terms of style in the next decade.


On Her Favourite Social Media Platform:

Instagram undoubtedly is her favourite social media platform as it not only helps her showcase her talent but also receive enormous praise and fans from across the globe. For some part, she single-handedly manages her work, but a lot of her ideas come to life with the constant support of her team of photographers, videographers and makeup artists. The idea and execution both need to come together to make an impact.

“Instagram gave me a chance to showcase my talent. I received so much love, fans, followers & appreciation from people all over the globe. So much so, that in 2 years I got around 6.5 lakh followers.”

On that magnificent note, we bade her adieu. As we wish her love, we eagerly wait to see more of her on her Instagram handle and other music videos.

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