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A perfect embodiment of intelligence and beauty, Megha is a model and a fashion influencer/ blogger. She endeavours to make an impact by creating the right blend of fashion for style aficionados around the globe. While she professes her brand of style quite effectively through her Instagram handle, her love for life and all things eternal and beautiful is aptly displayed through her ultra-stylish yet classy social media stories. Also, a travel enthusiast, Megha further aspires to gain higher ground and inculcate all her experiences by eventually starting her own International clothing line.

Megha Bajaj

A penchant for all things shimmery and a love for bling is what makes Megha Bajaj, the fashion influencer that she is today. A’ sois belle à ta façon’ aka be beautiful in your own way is Megha’s style mantra. This is depicted beautifully through the many photos and videos on Megha’s Instagram handle. Though we loved her Chic De La Chic style, we needed more. Below are a few snippets based on the life of Megha Bajaj.

Megha Bajaj
The Beginning of Everything

“There’s no force more powerful than a woman determined to rise”.

Megha had a love for theatre and did a multitude of stage shows while growing up. Modelling was a natural culmination of her love for facing the shutterbugs. Having modelled for a good many 7 years while being based in Mumbai, Megha found creative freedom through online space She says, “I had a lot of creative freedom on this side of the road rather than if I would be modelling or acting. I am a one-man team and it’s my own vision put out there”. Megha has a zeal for life and is fond of sharing everything that she likes and enjoys from latest fashion looks, various beauty and skin care products that she tries or endorses, the various places that she visits..London, in particular. These and many such things through which she aspires to kindle all the fires in young minds is aptly showcased through her many lovely social media posts.

Megha Bajaj
On Her Personal Style:

Megha likes to be well-dressed, neat and dapper. Elegance and flamboyance are synonymous with Megha’s sense of style. Her love for sequins and shimmer is well balanced by a subtle makeup. Also, she likes to frame her looks as per the destination that she is visiting while choosing a colour palette for clothing, accessories and makeup accordingly.

The celebrity she adores pertaining to style is Sonam Kapoor and here’s why. Megha says, “Sonam Kapoor is quite elegant with everything she wears and I like the kind of ensemble she puts together”.

Megha Bajaj
Her Take on Fashion & Beauty:

“I guess I just want to give you guys ideas and inspiration all day, every day”.

Megha believes that to be comfortable in your own skin, you should not blindly ape or copy trends. Megha says, “Everyone is beautiful in their own unique way, beauty is about adapting to different areas of fashion and beauty to compliment or enhance your looks”.  She opines that fashion should be used to create the best versions of ourselves.  We should employ various fashion and beauty trends to complement our looks.

Megha believes that you should be confident in your own skin and have faith in your comfort levels. Simply aping fashion trends can sometimes turn out to be a big fashion faux pas!


Over the years, many trends have come and become a passé.  In 2018, the trends Megha loved and picked on the most were use of glitter and shimmer, animal print clothing, especially snake prints and colour-coordinating varied outfits. She believes that the fashion and beauty market is experiencing a paradigm shift. Thanks to social media like Instagram, people are becoming more aware and it is becoming increasingly difficult to influence the masses. As Megha sums it up by saying, “It’s like a mood board out there…people are learning to inculcate their sense of style or choices rather than copying other people. A change that I was looking forward to”.

Megha Bajaj
On Her Favourite Social Media Platform:

Megha opines that Instagram is all about ideas and creating stories in the form of pictures and putting it out there. Also, she feels that Instagram bodes well with her not-so-vocal personality and also the platform does justice to the kind of messages that she wants to convey to her followers.