Sassy Shifa On What Makes Her The Boss!

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A blogger, youtuber and influencer, Shifa describes herself as a true leonine. Born on 16th August, and going by the name Sassyshifsays for all her handles, she has a fierce element about her personality that you simply cannot ignore.

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An ex-marketeer for Bollywood films, Shifa’s blogging career was born out of her desire to bring the audience sassy reviews that ranged from fashion and beauty to travel and films. If you know her, you can surely tell that her style is comfortable but undeniably unique. We got in touch with her to understand what makes her the way she is and her stance on fashion and beauty.

Shifa Merchant
On New Beginnings:

It was in the spring of 2015 when Shifa decided to give her life a new turn. There was certainly more to life than the monotony she was stuck in. Though she had a job that many people aspire for, she decided to take another road. She wanted to challenge herself, needed a platform where she could unabashedly express her creativity and voice her opinion to help those who had the same creative vein in them.

She says “working in the glamorous world of Bollywood is a dream for most people. Working beside some of the biggest names like Amitabh Bachchan, Salman Khan, Sanjay Leela Bhansali, R. Balki had become a daily routine. Still, I felt that I was meant to do more with my life and was tired of the mundane and repetitive work.”

“Once I had written a copy for a film song and the director complimented saying you should think of doing this professionally & that’s where it all began. From there on, there’s been no looking back for me.”

On Her Driving Forces:

Call it a personal touch or being the soul of her blog, Shifa herself writes the entire content for her blog. She’s also been blessed with her life partner, Salman, who is her partner in business too. Salman also happens to be the main man behind the camera who takes brilliant pictures and videos of his leading lady. This power-duo started the blog together. Today, they have a small team that helps them with shoots, planning, marketing and other core activities.

“I have been super lucky to have the complete support of my partner in business and in life, Salman , who is a major driving force in my life. We are indeed a dream team & I have been blessed to live and love my dream life!”

Shifa and Salman 

On Her Personal Style:

“Being stylishly comfy is my fashion mantra!”

You can’t minus comfort from Shifa’s chic style. She admits that comfort is of utmost importance to her and that is why she chooses stylish outfits that reflect the same vibe. “You will always spot me in bombers, wide-legged jumpsuits, harems, flowy dresses as they speak to my heart. Being stylishly comfy is my fashion mantra!”

Her mother has been her style inspiration from a very young age. Shifa says, “I have seen her run her own designer boutique independently and it’s her creative streak that runs in my blood. I remember she let me stitch my own barbie outfit when I was 4 years old. She has had a huge influence in my life and definitely on my personal style.”

Shifa merchant

When it comes to Bollywood, she admires Anushka Sharma for her style. Whether it is her girl-next-door simplicity or those smashing airport looks, Shifa loves the fact that her outfits compliment her personality. Shifa says, “I cannot ever wrap my head around some of the wacky and neon coloured flashy outfits donned by Ranveer Singh in the past year!”


On Fashion And Beauty: 

“Beauty isn’t about hiding the inner you under a ton of makeup but instead letting your light shine through that highlighter. It is being able to do ‘what you want’, the way you want, without worrying ‘log kya kahenge!’”

Fashion and beauty are both an extension of her as a person and as a human. It doesn’t mean to look or dress up in a certain way. It is in fact just the opposite, Shifa claims. “Beauty isn’t about hiding the inner you under a ton of makeup but instead letting your light shine through that highlighter. It is being able to do ‘what you want’, the way you want, without worrying ‘log kya kahenge’.”

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She emphasizes some more addressing one of the most important issues of today’s world – ‘Log kya kahenge’ (what will people say). One very significant lesson that she has learnt being in this space is that one should believe in the self, more so when no one else does. Your voice as an individual needs to be expressed. “I know it may seem difficult or even impossible to even think of swimming against the tide, but if your heart tells you something, just put your trust in it and take that leap of faith. Even if it means you stepping out of your comfort zone. It’s okay, good things that are crafted with your passion and are the labour of love, take time and your calling happens for a reason.”

“Believe that magic is  right around the corner!”

On Trends:

Shifa caught a glimpse of some of the finest styles trending this season up close at the New York Fashion Week. “This year I was lucky to witness all the latest fashion trends from the front row at New York Fashion Week. Such a creatively inspiring platform it was for me!” PVC jackets, the cool and colourful 90’s looks, crochet and patchwork outfits, she just loved these in 2018 and tried to include them in her daily looks.

For the next decade, she believes that social media will bring about massive changes. International brands will recognize the Indian market and the industry will be accessible to every single individual.

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On Her Favourite Social Media Platform:

When creativity is unlimited, and ideas are crazy, all you need is the right platform to execute them to perfection. She loves Instagram because of the interactive audience but also gives weightage to YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. All these platforms have helped her connect with people from around the world, from different backgrounds and age groups.

On the end note, we give you a few words of wisdom from the strong-willed lady herself,

“No idea is small or too big, just tweak it, follow your heart, believe in yourself and most importantly keep at it!”




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