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Quaker Oats Rolled Oats 100% Natural Wholegrain

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About Quaker Oats

Quaker is a company that has been committed to quality and nutrition for over 140 years now. Its main aim is to keep its customers healthy by providing them with top-quality, 100% natural oats. Quaker Oats is a top-quality product of Quaker that is rolled from pure whole grains. These whole grain oats contain natural protein that gives you energy and builds your muscle strength. Quaker oats also contain a fair amount of good carbohydrates that are complex and take greater time to break, thus keeping your blood sugar levels in check. The dietary fiber present in these oats keeps your bowel healthy and your bowel movements regular. If your mornings are busy and you want to have a healthy and wholesome breakfast, Quaker Oats are the right choice for you as they cook completely in 3-minutes.

When the goodness of Quaker Oats is consumed in combination with an active lifestyle and a diet low in cholesterol, sodium, and saturated fats, they can help you maintain healthy body weight, and stay strong and energetic.

Quaker Oats Features

100% Wholesome Grains

Quaker Oats are made using 100% whole grains without any adulteration with other grains or material. Wholegrain Oats are a natural source of complex carbohydrates, protein, and dietary fiber. Routine consumption of these oats can keep you away from heart diseases, weight gain, and lower energy levels.

A 3-minute Quick and Convenient Breakfast

Quaker Oats take only 3 minutes to cook so that you can have a quick, healthy, wholesome, and convenient breakfast without having to cook for hours. Quaker Oats is the one-stop destination for a perfect breakfast on a busy morning. Customize your favorite oats recipe in your unique way-you can add nuts, fruits, veggies, chocolate, honey, or anything else of your choosing.

Full of Protein and Healthy Carbs

This wholesome breakfast is full of protein that your body needs to build muscle, increase energy levels, and boost metabolism. The complex carbohydrates present in Quaker Oats take a greater time to burn which helps to maintain your blood sugar levels. Start your day with Quaker Oats and stay energetic all day long.

2x Dietary Fiber

The dietary fiber present in Quaker Oats will help you keep your bowel movements regular, prevent bowel diseases, lose weight, and live a longer life. Get your daily dose of natural dietary fiber by eating a wholesome and quick meal prepared by using Quaker Oats.

Helps Reduce Cholesterol

Quaker Oats contains Beta Glucan Fibre that helps reduce cholesterol. A high cholesterol level increases your chances of getting heart disease. Quaker Oats will help you to reduce cholesterol in your body and live a happy life with a healthy heart.


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