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Rin Ala Fabric Whitener

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About Rin Ala Bleach

As white clothes turn a few months old, their brightness fades, leaving them looking dull and dirty. Dull-looking clothes often leave a bad impression on people, which may result in you not feeling confident. With Rin Ala Bleach, your clothes will look as good as new after every wash. This bleach gives your clothes crispness, brightness and makes them look fresh. Clothes made of cotton and terrycot are often tedious to clean and maintain. Furthermore, they can lose their freshness with ease. Other whitening products take time, effort, and money without giving you the desired brightness. With Rin Ala Bleach, you can get the perfect bright clothes without much scrubbing.

The Rin Ala Bleach helps remove tough stains by releasing oxygen in the water and making your clothes crisp, clean, and bright. After washing them with Rin Ala bleach, wearing your whites will leave your clothes looking new and feeling crisp. Use this Ala bleach by Rin to get the confidence and the shine back in little money, time, or effort.

Rin Ala Bleach Features

Gives Brightness to Your White Clothes

Rin Ala Bleach ensures that your whites remain white, crisp, and fresh even after multiple washes. Furthermore, it does so without costing you too much time, energy, or money.

Highly Advanced Bleach

When you add Rin Ala Bleach to water, the highly advanced formula does a great job of releasing oxygen into the water. This process then helps in removing stains and dullness from your white clothes.

Minimal Scrubbing

Rin Ala Bleach is easy to use and requires minimal scrubbing and rinsing to make your clothes look whiter. Just 30 minutes of soaking your white clothes in Rin Ala Bleach will make your clothes crisper, brighter, and fresher.

Suitable Materials

The Rin Ala Bleach is the most suitable to be used on your white cotton clothes and your white terrycot clothes. Use it for obtaining the preferred brightness on your clothes.

Directions of Use

The Rin Ala Bleach gives the best results when used on clothes before they are washed in detergent and water. To provide the desired brightness to your clothes, soak them in water mixed with two caps of the Rin Ala Bleach for about 30 minutes and then wash your clothes like you usually do. The Rin Ala Bleach is also helpful in removing tough stains from your white clothes. To remove stains, pour 2 cups of Rin Ala Bleach in a mug and add water. Soak the stained area of your garment in the mug for about 20 minutes, then wash it normally.


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