How To Tie A Turban: Step-By-Step Tutorial

Indian men standout globally with different turbans tied around their heads. Turban is a headdress made from a long unstitched cloth wrapped around the head. In India, it is commonly known as a pagri that originated to keep the head cool during the blazing heat. It is tied in layers and the styles differ across the county. Turbans are also worn in Middle Eastern, Asian and Western countries in different ways.

How To Tie Turban In Different Styles: Step-By-Step Tutorial

Turban tying is a complex process that becomes even more tedious when being draped in Indian styles. We are here with a step-by-step guide to help you become a pro at tying a turban in different styles.

Style 1: Sikh Turban

Sikh Turban

The Sikh community wears a turban out of respect for their religion. People joining or born in this community are forbidden from cutting their hair so a turban also helps to manage their long uncut hair.

How To Tie A Sikh Turban?

  • Prep your hair by pulling them all together and tying them in a ponytail at the top of your head
  • Twist your hair till the end to resemble a rope and wrap it around itself to form a bun
  • Secure the twisted bun with an elastic holder or a hair tie
  • Take a patka cloth and place it over your forehead and tie the corner at the back of your head
  • Pull the corner string from the back and cross one over and around the knot on your head
  • Take the ends to the back again and tie them into a knot
  • Take 5-6 meter long cloth and hold one of its corners in your mouth to free your hands
  • Wrap it around the back of your head and then around the hair knot
  • Keep looping it around your head again and again to create a stair-step effect
  • Once the wrapping is done, tuck the end into the folds of your turban tightly
  • Take the corner that was initially in your mouth and tuck it under the back folds of your turban tightly

Style 2: Patiala Shahi Turban

Patiala Shahi Turban

Originated as a symbol of power by Maharaja Patiala, the Patiala Shahi turban is a predominant style across the city of Patiala and its adjoining neighbors. Mastering the technique of tying a Patiala Shahi turban will take tons of patience and practice.

How To Tie A Patiala Shahi Turban?

  • Take a turban cloth and start tying it from one ear, taking it across your head and down to the other side
  • Once the cloth reaches the lower end of your head, take it from the other ear back to the side you started
  • Keep repeating the same to form pleats
  • Once the wrapping is complete, tightly tuck the end into the folds

Style 3: Rajasthani Turban

Rajasthani Turban

Rajput rulers embraced the tradition of wearing turbans in Rajasthan. Regal in appearance, Rajasthani turbans are often worn during the time celebration across India.

How To Tie A Rajasthani Turban?

  • Take a turban cloth and hold it over one ear
  • Start wrapping it around your head while twisting the cloth
  • Keep doing so until you reach the end of the cloth
  • Tightly tuck the end into the twisted folds to finish off

Style 4: Maharashtrian Turban

Maharashtrian Turban

Also known as the Marathi Petha, a Maharashtrian turban is one that is regarded as a wedding headgear for Indian grooms. It is probably the only turban that is constantly the same across pan India and incorporates no variations.

How To Tie A Maharashtrian Turban?

  • Take a turban cloth and divide it into two equal sections
  • Take one section and keep it in the center of your head starting from the neck till the forehead
  • Once you reach the forehead, twist the cloth and wrap it around your head to reach back the forehead and then twist again
  • Keep doing so until only a little part of the cloth is left
  • Now tuck the leftover part of the cloth into the folds in a way that the ends of the cloth are visible as a pleated stand

Tips To Remember When Tying A Turban

  • It is important to wrap and tuck the cloth tightly otherwise it tends to sag and won’t set
  • Stock up on U-pins, bobby pins and hair ties
  • Use a metal hair stick to push back loose hair strands
  • You can also moist the turban at night and wear it in the morning to stay cool during the heat
  • Do not take a small sized cloth to tie a turban
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