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Aashirvaad Select Sharbati Atta

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About Aashirvaad Select Premium Sharbati Atta

Aashirvaad Select Premium Sharbati Atta is prepared with 100% MP Sharbati Golden Grains handpicked from Sehore. This is a premium quality sharbat atta made from the King of Wheat i.e. Sharbati wheat. The grains of Sharbati wheat are bigger, include a golden sheen on them, and are truly premium. Every atta pack is carefully made by Aashirvaad experts, which makes it a top quality product. These grains are grown in the best quality farms, sun-kissed to perfection, and showered by the right amount of rain, delivering the perfect, consistent-sized, shiny Sharbati wheat grains. Sharbati wheat helps in preparing premium-quality rotis that are sweet in taste and soft in texture. Moreover, it contains delightful aroma, allowing you to cherish every roti. It retains more water that helps in giving out an excellent dough. Sharbati atta is made keeping in mind a family's health requirements and promotes a balanced, nutritious diet. It helps in ensuring the fitness goals of a healthy family.

Aashirvaad atta is manufactured by the brand ITC, which is one of the most reliable brands in the country. The product is affordable and provides value for money without compromising on quality. This atta makes sure that the rotis stay softer and fluffier for a longer time, making it a wholesome option for purchase.

Aashirvaad Select Premium Sharbati Atta Features

Premium Quality

It is prepared with the best quality of handpicked grains, harvested from the fields of Sehore in Madhya Pradesh. The grains are considerably bigger than the average grain and have a characteristic golden shine to them. These grains are one of a kind and easy to recognize.

Carefully Handpicked Grains

The Aashirvaad experts prepare the Sharbati atta by the traditional hand picking technique. They ensure that the grains are consistent in size and have the signature golden sheen to ensure quality control.

Delivers the Best Dough to Make Perfect Rotis

The atta is prepared with proper care and precautions in place. The doughs made using Aashirvaad Select Premium Sharbati Atta turn out with more retention or water-absorbing properties. This leads to the rotis being deliciously sweet in taste and soft and fluffy in texture.

Benefits of Locking Nutrients

This Sharbati Atta has an exceptional quality of locking the nutrients in the flour. This helps ensure that your family receives all the nutrients present in Sharbati wheat and maintains a regular balanced diet without compromising taste.

Meticulous Packaging

The Sharbati atta uses world-class packaging, ensuring zero human contact with the atta, making it 100% tamper-proof and safe to consume.


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