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Comfort After Wash Morning Fresh Fabric Conditioner (Fabric Softener)

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About Comfort After Wash Morning Fresh Fabric Conditioner

A fabric conditioner is a magical product that protects your clothes from the harmful beating of harsh detergents and gives them a soothing aroma along with a new-like shine. India's no. 1 fabric conditioner, Comfort Fabric Conditioner adds fragrance and softness to the clothes and gives a feeling of clothes being rejuvenated again. This feeling of rejuvenation is mastered by Comfort, an After-Wash Fabric Conditioner that adds a new life to the clothes that are directly linked to our sense of well-being. Its amazing fragrance can certainly boost confidence as reported by many studies and reports. Comfort says goodbye to wonky t-shirts or coarse jumpers and welcomes a new way of expressing yourself because how one dresses, looks, and smells are directed to their emotional state. Comfort Fabric Conditioner outweighs the adverse effects of detergents and guards the clothes by coating each cloth fiber with a protective layer that prevents damage caused by repetitive washing.

Comfort After Wash Fresh Fabric Conditioner Features

Promises Long Life of Clothes

Comfort After Wash Morning Fresh Fabric Conditioner gives back what detergent takes away from the clothes. The clothes need to be neat and clean but caring for them is a whole nother world of trivialities. Everything about Comfort, be it the rich, soft creamy liquids, or the fresh delightful fragrances, is designed to deliver top-quality conditioning to the clothes. It nourishes the cloth fibers that are damaged by the detergents and gives them a new shiny exterior even over repeated washing. The smooth cloth fibers entail less friction in the wash and therefore result in long-lasting clothes and visible softness.

A Dermatologically Tested Product with a Visible Softness on Clothes

Comfort nourishes and untangles the cloth fibers damaged by washing and gives them a more shiny outlook entailed by smoothening the fibers and enriching them with softness, making them a delight to wear. It ensures the softness and safety to wear comfort-washed clothes on sensitive skin by being dermatologically tested.

Prevents Colour Fading

With each wash by the detergents, the color of the clothes starts to fade and the clothes become dull and lifeless. Comfort Fabric Conditioner retains their color and shine in no time. It helps to keep your clothes just like before when you fell in love with them. It annihilates the possibility of bobbling on clothes. It won't let the bits of bobbles sit on the jumpers or any other cloth and keep them brand new.

Long-Lasting Fresh Fragrance

Comfort After Wash Fabric Conditioner protects the clothes and enhances their fragrance after washing. The clothes remain fragrant for up to a period of 14 days after one wash.

The variants of Comfort Fabric Conditioner have diverse fragrances depending upon the structuring of the compounds. With a variety of sweet, floral, and fruity fragrances, Comfort has now become a part of almost every household. Its fresh fragrance uplifts the dull moods of the clothes as well as the people. The softness of floral essence dissipates a fresh feel after the wash and keeps the clothes breathing with floral fragrance.


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