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Magzter coupons: Bundle of discounts on Magazine subscriptions

If you are a magazine lover, you know that carrying magazines everywhere can be quite a task! There are some apps and websites which helps one read magazine online but either the quality is bad or the prices are too high. Need a solution to this problem?

Say hello to Magzter coupons which will let you have access to free magazines as well as let you read your purchased magazines without costing you a bomb.

Why is the No.1 coupon website of India is no ordinary coupon website in India. It will change the way you shop on online shopping websites.

Here’s how: When you shop via other coupon websites or, those coupon websites receive a commission upon a purchase made by you on the retailer’s website. While most of the other coupon sites choose to keep this commission to them, CashKaro believes that sharing is caring. They share a part of that commission with their users in the form of cashback! Once you have Rs.250 confirmed cashback in your account, you can get it transferred to your bank account!

Not just this! They also have the most attractive referral program. When your referred person shops via CashKaro, you get to earn 10% referral earnings too! This happens for a lifetime!

How to avail Magzter coupon codes on

This easy process happens in just three steps:
1) Make a free account on CashKaro manually or through your Facebook account.
2) Browse through the Magzter discount coupons and click on your selected link.
3) You will be directed to the site and when you make payment, your cash back will get tracked automatically!

That was simple, right? Initially, your cash back gets added to your CashKaro account in pending stage. Once the retailer pays to CashKaro which usually happens in 3-12 weeks, it confirmed. When you have Rs.250 in your CashKaro account, you can request us to transfer it to your bank account. This is done for free!

Magzter: Making it easy for you to read your favourite magazine only!

It won’t be an exaggeration to say that Magzter has grown on to become India’s leading online magazine purchasing and downloading website. And thanks to awesome Magzter deals on CashKaro, you can make savings while making a purchase here. Magzter offers a diverse range of digital magazines under various categories like fashion, beauty, animals, travel, lifestyle, home, education, business, women, gadgets, fiction and many more.

It is the world's largest and quickest growing cross platform global digital magazine newsstand. Headquartered in New York, Magzter is registered as a Delaware C Corp. The Magzter app was launched in may 2011 and is available across multiple devices.

You can go through tons of magazines here and even have a preview of them before making a final purchase. Also, don’t forget using Magzter promo codes available on to bring down your billing amount.

Your experience will be just like you are holding a magazine in your hands and reading it. You can flip the pages, click on links listed in articles and even view the HD videos uploaded in there offered by brands. You can read content on your smartphone and tablet, be it any brand. So start buying magazines from here to make all this process easy for you. Availing Magzter vouchers is also very easy on Just follow the instructions listed above and you will be accessing the best deals in no time.

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There’s one thing which happens every time you go through a magazine: the sudden urge of shopping! Thanks to the newest trends you come to know about and also how to carry them, you are tempted to don them. And with Fashionandyou coupons available on, you do not even have to break your bank to sport the hottest fashion trends! keeps introducing tempting deals every now and then so that you can give in to your temptation without disturbing your budget.

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