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Living Room Furniture: Rent starting from Rs 250 Per MonthHide Details

Check out the living room furniture, rents starting from Rs 250 per month. Cook up your lovely looking living room by adding sofas, tables, carpets & more on rent. Hurry, Shop Now!

Expires in 10 days

Bedroom Furniture: Rent starting from Rs 200 Per MonthSee Details

Check out the bedroom furniture, rents starting from Rs 200 per month. Cook up your lovely looking bedroom by adding bed, side tables & more on rent. Hurry, Shop Now!

Expires in 10 days

Appliances: Rent starting from Rs 250 Per MonthSee Details

Check out the Appliances, rents starting from Rs 250 per month. Choose from wide range of TVs, Refrigeratos, Microwave & more. Pick out the one as per your requirement. Shop Now!

Expires in 10 days

About Rentickle

Moving to a new place, all on your own? Rentickle is always there to make you feel at home, even at your rented place. Getting the rented house fully furnished with new stuff is not always feasible, so here you get an online store that gives out brand new quality furnishings and home appliances at pocket-friendly rents starting from rupees 200 per month. Once you use their products, you will certainly not feel like going for second-hand furnishings anymore. They serve all your needs be it your bedroom or living area or kitchen. Starting from basic bedroom furnishings like single and double beds, wardrobe, dressing tables, mattress, to sofas, trendy table, carpets to LED televisions, washing machines, refrigerators, air coolers - you get all the essentials here. Avail the Rentickle coupons from CashKaro to get even more friendly price tags. In order to make a smarter move, go for the packages starting from rupees 1000 per month, and yes, the longer you use it, the more you save.

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Rent furniture at reasonable prices with Rentickle coupons

Today’s fast life, wherein independence is much sought after, comes with several responsibilities. Work and higher studies eventually call for relocation from our natives to some other cities. Though it brings in independence yet, we are left on our own at the end of the day. Moving in with new roomies, settling in a new city, checking for safe and the best-rented residences, etc. - there is a long list of things we need to take care. Rentickle eases out one of your searches i.e. search for furniture. While checking the list of advertisements or spots for rented residences, you will come across two categories, namely, semi-furnished and fully-furnished. Being at the start of your career, fully-furnished homes seem to be evidently expensive while getting new furniture for semi-furnished homes come to the same expenses. Rentickle serves your purpose of quality furniture and that too at a pocket-friendly rent. Make use of Rentickle coupons through CashKaro for various discounts.

Rentickle coupon codes for all your home needs

Get brand new furnishings for your bedrooms, living areas, and kitchens at affordable rents from this online rental store. Their packages on various furniture go easy on your pockets, and the longer you use, the lesser you pay. You can enjoy lucrative discounts by using Rentickle coupon codes from CashKaro and select only the furniture which you need. Meanwhile, there are other competitors in the rental space which similar value to the consumer as Rentickle. Grab the best Rentomojo coupons for rental of furniture, bikes, gadgets, and other household essentials. You get the cheapest price when renting for long durations. Make use of new and existing user coupon codes to save money on your rentals. This online rental store showcases brand new beds, mattresses, wardrobes, side tables, bookshelves, study tables, chairs, and latest floor and table lamps that add a contemporary touch to your living area and bedroom. You can match the colours of lampshades to that of your curtains and make your rented residence feel even more homely. Rentickle sale showers the best deals on home appliances as well. Get the essentials for your daily chores such as washing machines, refrigerators, LED televisions, air coolers, and microwave with both grill and convection at pocket-saver prices from this online rental store. They not only cater to your necessities but also showcase a beautiful collection of ‘Patio furniture’ for your fancy wishes. Be it your lone time, or house party with a handful of friends, get bean bags, egg-swings, and Papasan chairs glittering up your contemporary décor for reasonable pocket-pinch with Rentickle coupon codes from CashKaro.

Myplaybox offers will give rental services for baby products including baby walkers, baby cots, children toys, children books, and more. Baby products are ever so costly and you can get good discounts on them when you make use of these rental deals online. This can be ideal for your home and won't bite into your wallet and monthly spends.

Rentickle Offers for you

In the case, you are sceptical with the essentials and fancy furnishings that will complement your space, then go for Rentickle offers on packages as per your rooms. There are packages for single rooms, 1BHK, and 2BHK of varied ranges. The rent starts with Rs.250 per month for each furniture. Apart from your rooms, you can get the proper furniture for your dining areas as well. They showcase brand new recliners, sofa sets, elegant centre tables, television units, carpets and area rugs that absolutely make it a perfect living area for your rented residence.

So, select the best furnishing and also enjoy Rentickle cashback offers making your rented residence look like your sweet home.

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