10 Best Luxury Watch Brands In India

Watches make for classy style statements. It is time to revamp your accessories collection. Shop for a trendy iconic luxury watch and be your classiest self.

While there are many other fashion accessories that you can don on a date night or a formal event, a luxury wristwatch is truly all one needs. Set yourself a class apart by choosing an iconic watch from the below-recommended list of best luxury watch brands.

List Of Top 10 Luxury Watch Brands In India

1. Daniel Wellington

Inspired by the unpretentious style of British fashion, Daniel Wellington watches are purely alluring. Made from the finest detail and design, the timepieces by Daniel Wellington are symbols of the elite. A company based in Sweden, Daniel Wellington markets iconic timepieces for both men and women. Exhibiting simplicity through its minimalistic design and finishing, watches by DW are chased by many but possessed only by few.

Daniel Wellington

Rs.7999 onwards

2. Tommy Hilfiger

An American brand of premium clothing and fashion accessories, Tommy Hilfiger is one of the top watch brands of the 1900s. Offering the finest timepieces in timeless designs, Tommy Hilfiger watches symbolize elegance at its best. Manufacturing iconic timepieces for both men and women, Tommy Hilfiger watches come in different shapes and sizes that are sure to go well with all modern and ethnic outfits. A brand that manufactures extraordinaire watches that come in solid and designer detail, Tommy Hilfiger symbolizes pure class and style.

Tommy Hilfiger

Rs. 3262 onwards

3. Rolex

Swiss brands are known for their best-in-quality products. Rolex SA, a premium luxury watch brand that has its base in Geneva, Sweden, stays straight on this fact. A marketer of the most expensive watches in the world, Rolex sells iconic timepieces that are crafted from the finest material to suit the contemporary fashion scenario. With a classical touch to its design, this brand offers an extensive range of finely crafted wristwatches that are sure to make you feel suave.


Rs. 5224 onwards

4. Omega

A Swiss luxury watchmaker, Omega SA finds its position as the official timekeeping device of the Olympic Games. A choice of much famous television and royal personalities, Omega offers some unique timepieces that are a symbol of style and class. One of the best brands of watches in the world, Omega markets an extensive range of timeless pieces that are an elegant add-on for the wearer. Made from superior quality material and finest craftsmanship, Omega watches have quite an alluring appeal.


Rs. 95,973 onwards

5.  Titan

One of the leading brands of best watches in India, Titan manufactures some of the best designs of iconic timepieces for men and women. The brand has five divisions under watches namely, Fastrack, Sonata, Raga, Nebula, RAGA, Regalia, Octane & Xylys. Titan exports its world-class watches in 32 countries across the globe. Offering some amazing designs of iconic timepieces, Titan manufactures watches for men and women that suit their personalities. A popular choice of masses, Titan brings to the front its superior craftsmanship and trusted product quality blended and infused in its marvelous creations.


Rs.1495 onwards

6. Citizen

A pioneer in luxury d’horlogerie (watchmaking), Citizen offers many innovative and creative designs of wristwatches for men and women both. One of the top expensive watch brands, Citizen offers timeless classics. With constant innovations in its designs, Citizen blends in the perfect amount of beauty along with new and improved styles to make the watches even more alluring. Parent to Bulova founded in 1875, citizen watches have a quintessential charm of their own.


Rs. 9600 onwards

7. Casio

A brand that celebrates, toughness, speed, elegance and intelligence, Casio is a Japanese multinational manufacturer of electronics and accessories. Offering five entire range of masculine watches and approx. two ranges of feminine ones, Casio keeps style and quality ahead of anything else. While the timepieces are made keeping in mind the wearer’s personality, this brand manufactures robust timepieces that are sure to take your style one level up. A manufacturer of numerous hybrid and high performance watches, Casio offers a range of classy and ingenious products.


Rs. 1075 onwards

8. Timex

Earlier Waterbury Clock Company, Timex Group USA is an American manufacturing company that offers great designs of watches to suit every wrist. A brand that embraces many luxury sub brands like Versace, Salvatore Ferragamo and Versus Versace, Timex has come a long way. With its intricately designed dials and watches, Timex offers some unique designs available in never-seen-before shapes. Aiming to offer an exceptional experience to the wearer, the company aims to blend in the Italian Style with Swiss watchmaking tradition.


Rs. 1100 onwards

9. Guess

An international marketer of clothing and fashion accessories for both men and women, Guess brings to the fore some of the most amazing designs of luxury watches. An American brand and retailer of fashion merchandise, this brand offers a variety of dynamic digital analog and smartwatches that are sure to support your personality. From studded beauties to solid suave, you’ll get them all here!


Rs. 3685 onwards

10. Sonata

A brand by Titan, Sonata is known for its contemporary designs. Offering exquisite variants of amazing and iconic wristwatch designs, Sonata is a brand for those who are young at heart. A strong believer of the fact that there is a ‘Watch for Every Mood’, Sonata brings to the market some classy designs of watches at affordable prices that can be worn with formal and semi-formal outfits. The company further offers 600 suave wristwatch designs that are available in 11000+ outlets across the country.


Rs. 435 onwards

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