Stretchable & Non-Stretchable Type of Jeans – A Complete Denim Guide

The term jeans first appeared in the late 1700’s, by the late 1800’s it was taken up by Jacob Davis and Levi Strauss and Company. Who knew that what was initially a crucial textile for the working class will take the future of fashion by storm. Today, there are countless varieties of denim and the most basic distinction that we can make is between stretchable and non-stretchable jeans.

You may often wonder what type is right for you. If you should go with a regular non-stretchable pair or a comfortable pair of stretchable jeans. In this story, you can look at some major factors that will help you choose the right pair, whether it is stretchable or non-stretchable jeans. This stretchable vs non-stretchable jeans review will help you get all the insight!

A Guide On How To Pick The Right Pair of Denim Jeans

1. Comfort and Fit

Non-stretch or regular jeans are made of cotton twill and are constructed in a way that provides maximum strength. The first wear might seem stiff, but give it a day or two ease off. It’ll feel soft and buttery against your skin while maintaining the right fit. You can get a huge variety of non stretchable jeans online.

Stretchable jeans contain a small amount of elastane, they’re more form-fitting and provide you with more flexibility. If you’re dubious of the fit, just put on your size and try squatting in it. If you can do so without any discomfort; it doesn’t drop down or busts a seam, it should be just fine.

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2. Durability

Non-stretch jeans are strong, durable and damage resistant. The rough and tough factor allows you to wear it regularly without having to worry about getting them dirty.

Stretchable jeans, on the other hand, is made up of stretch fabric and is more susceptible to damage. It might have different washing instructions and need more care. Though it rules in the comfort area, the durability factor might make it take a back-seat. Before buying a stretchable pair, you can probably look at the percentage of stretch material in it.

3. Cost

A few enquiries might conclude that you might have to shell out more money for a pair of stretchable jeans. It is due to the fact that making it is more time-consuming and resource-intensive to produce. However, better materials and technology also influence prices for a non-stretch pair.

The best thing you can do to help you decide is trying on pricey designer jeans. This might help you learn about fabrics, comfort, colour and other differentiating factors between a high-range and low-range men jeans. Once you know what you’re looking for, stretch or no-stretch, you’ll probably have found a pair that’s deserving of going home with you.

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4. Maintenance

Non-stretch jeans are a more rugged and affordable option as they are easy to maintain. Throwing them straight into the wash might make it bleed, so you need to turn it inside out and avoid drying inside the washing machine.

The stretchable kinds have amounts of elastane, also known as Spandex or Lycra which might make it prone to damage. Stretch jeans might also have a certain wash and care instructions and following it will increase its longevity.

5. Fabric, stitch and design elements

A good quality pair is usually made of a stronger, heavier fabric which differentiates it from a cheap weave. It might feel heavier at first will give you a customized fit once it conforms to your shape. Stitching is another aspect when it comes to buying a pair of jeans. It shouldn’t pull or split on stretching and if you see or hear the threads pulling apart at the seams, it’s a big no-no. Design element like copper buttons, rivets and contoured back pockets are other signs of a well-made pair of jeans. Get amazing stretchable, non-stretchable jeans on Amazon. You can find stretchable non-stretchable jeans ladies and stretchable non-stretchable jeans men’s as well.

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