11 Best Leather Shoes Brands for Men in India

Looking for branded leather shoe brands? The kind of shoes you wear can make or break the impression that you create. Imagine wearing a super-classy formal attire for a black-tie affair with polished formal shoes shining brightly as you walk over the red carpet of the venue. Sounds great, doesn’t it?

No matter how much we push the footwear section at the bottom of our priority list, it is hard to ignore that shoes actually contribute a great deal in lifting our overall look. Find your perfect pair of pure leather shoes from the top leather shoe brands in India here.

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How To Choose the Best Leather Shoes for You?

Leather shoes are very versatile and can last for ages if you take proper care of them. In India, you can get good quality leather shoes ranging from Rs 1,299 to Rs 9,999, depending on your budget. If shopping online, here are some basic factors that can help you make the right purchase.


A lot of brands sell shoes made with synthetic leather, so you must double-check that. Some of the best quality leather is full-grain and suede. You can also go for cheaper leather options as they also look and feel premium.


No matter which shoes you buy, comfort should be your utmost priority. Look for comfortable insoles, padded footbeds, cushioned ankles, and a customizable fit. Also, make sure to check your size as per the brand’s size chart to buy the perfect fit for you.

List of Top 11 Leather Shoes Brands for Men in India

1. Hush Puppies

Hush Puppies
Hush Puppies

Headquartered in Michigan, Hush Puppies is a popular division of Wolverine World Wide. With a market in over 120 countries, the brand manufactures the most comfortable yet elegant leather shoes.

Prominent Features of the Hush Puppies Men Enzo Bounce Leather Shoes:

  • Crafted with leather to give these shoes a luxe feel
  • Slip-on shoes with laces on top
  • Square-shaped toe
  • Sole is made with leather as well


  • Lightweight cloud-like comfort
  • Look and feel premium
  • Fit you perfectly


  • Might shrink or crack if exposed to sunlight for a long time

Why We Picked the Hush Puppies Men Enzo Bounce Leather Shoes?

The Hush Puppies Men Enzo Bounce Leather Shoes can be worn with sharp business suits to look effortlessly stylish and professional at business events and formal occasions. The shoes are very light in weight and feature a comfortable footbed so that you can wear them for hours and rock your formal events. Moreover you can buy these Hush Puppies leather shoes at the lowest prices in the market just by using latest Myntra coupons for leather shoes by CashKaro.

2. Louis Phillipe

Louis Phillipe
Louis Phillipe

A division of the Aditya Birla Group, Louis Phillipe is one of the largest apparel and luxury shoe brands in India. The Louis Phillipe range of leather shoes has some outstanding designs to help you take your fashion quotient up a notch.

Prominent Features of the Louis Philippe Men’s Derby Leather Shoes:

  • Crafted with pure leather that adds a touch of class to them
  • Have a lace-up closure
  • Square-shaped toe
  • Offer a good fit


  • Non-skid sole
  • Comfortable footbed
  • Flexible shoes for utmost comfort


  • No cushion at the sides

Why We Picked the Louis Philippe Men’s Derby Leather Shoes?

The Louis Phillipe Men’s Derby Leather Shoes are made from top-quality leather and have sturdy soles that enable you to carry a formal or casual look confidently. The leather feels smooth and premium while the cushioned footbed offers you enhanced comfort while walking. Make sure to order the right size and enjoy luxury without burning a hole in your pockets!

3. Woodland


Established in the year 1992, Woodland is defined by the spirit of adventure. The brand offers an extensive line of boots, formal & casual footwear, performance apparel, and outdoor gear. 

Prominent Features of the Woodland Men’s Leather Casual Shoes:

  • The upper and sole are made with leather
  • Sporty and stylish exterior
  • Pull-on shoes with laces on top
  • Have a low-top design


  • Leather makes durable
  • Comes in multiple colour variants
  • Comfortable snug fit


  • Might not be the right choice for business or formal events

Why We Picked the Woodland Men’s Leather Casual Shoes?

Comfortable and snug, these Woodland leather shoes are a must-have in every rugged man’s wardrobe. They are perfectly suited for outdoor wear and can be worn on semi-formal occasions too. If you’ve been looking for a pair of semi-formal shoes, go for these without any second thoughts. We also recommend you to check Woodland offers to get cashback and discounts on Woodland shoes.

4. Lee Cooper

Lee Cooper
Lee Cooper

Situated in London, Lee Cooper has made its products fit in various market types and pocket sizes. The brand offers classy leather shoes with intricate detailing, certain to grab your attention. A perfect blend of state-of-art features and stringent quality standards, Lee Cooper leather shoes are the epitome of comfort and satiate the demands of the customers in the best possible way.

Prominent Features of the Lee Cooper Men’s Formal Shoes:

  • Made with premium quality leather
  • Have a lace-up closure
  • Feature a low-top design
  • Have a round toe shape


  • Stylish ombre colour
  • Easy lace-up closure
  • High-quality leather

Why We Picked the Lee Cooper Men’s Formal Shoes?

A perfect blend of state-of-art features and stringent quality standards, Lee Cooper leather shoes are the epitome of comfort and satiate the demands of the customers in the best possible way. The ombre pattern adds more style and class to them, making them suitable for various occasions.

5. Red Tape

Red Tape
Red Tape

Well known for its unparalleled comfort, international styles and finesse, Red Tape is a high-end shoe brand for men committed to providing the highest-quality products to the customers. Red Tape has a huge variety of leather shoes for men, especially known for their designs and durability.

Prominent Features of the Red Tape Men’s Leather Shoes:

  • Crafted with top-grade leather
  • Have a lace-up closure
  • Round toe style
  • Have a rubber sole


  • Leather lining offers enhanced breathability
  • Rubber sole prevents slipping or skidding
  • Stylish low-top design


  • Might face issues with the right size

Why We Picked the Red Tape Men’s Leather Shoes?

Crafted with a sleek leather upper and a rubber sole, these shoes can be your numero uno choice for formal occasions. For the dapper man that you are, choose to adorn these comfortable, tough leather shoes of this brand and be the style icon of your group. Get these Red Tape Men’s leather shoes at the most reasonable prices from Ajio. You just have to use Ajio vouchers for leather shoes that you can find at non other then CashKaro.

6. Clarks


With over 1000 branded stores and franchises globally, Clarks is a leading footwear brand founded in the year 1825. Clarks is famed for its Desert Boots which are made from calf suede leather. High on style and functionality, Clarks leather shoes are the perfect choice when looking for a value-for-money proposition.

Prominent Features of the Clarks Men’s Banbury Limit Leather Shoes:

  • Made with a leather upper and sole
  • Have a simple lace-up closure
  • Classic brogue pattern on the shoes
  • Low-top design


  • Medium thickness of the footbed keeps you comfortable
  • Brogue pattern adds a touch of class
  • Leather quality is excellent


  • Might face sizing issues

7. Allen Solly

Allen Solly
Allen Solly

One of the fastest-growing fashion brands, Allen Solly is a premium lifestyle player in the retail sector. Modern and trendy, Allen Solly leather shoes are equipped with top quality soles for good traction and are well-designed for walking on rough surfaces as well. The shoes are made from the finest quality leather and are well-suited for your black-tie affairs.

Prominent Features of the Allen Solly Men’s Leather Shoes:

  • Upper and sole are made with leather
  • Low-top ankle length
  • Have a lace-up closure


  • Comfortable insoles
  • Sleek and classy design
  • Premium leather finish


  • May not fit perfectly
  • More cushioning needed on footbed

8. U.S. Polo Assn.

U.S. Polo
U.S. Polo
Check Prices

Serving worldwide, U.S. Polo Assn. is a subsidiary of the United States Polo Association. Due to the classy shoe designs that it offers, the leather shoe line of U.S. Polo depicts your personality and status in the best possible manner. A youth-oriented shoe brand, it is a pioneer in the leather shoes segment and has created an ardent customer base in a short span of time.

Prominent Features of the US Polo Association Aaron Leather Sneakers:

  • Crafted with premium quality leather
  • Have a low-top ankle
  • Feature a lace-up closure
  • Has bold USPA branding on the side


  • Easy to maintain
  • Coomes in multiple colour variants
  • Look and feel premium


  • Might run a size larger

9. Red Chief

Red Chief
Red Chief

The list of the top leather shoe brands for men and women in India will always be incomplete without the inclusion of Red Chief. A part of Leayan Global Pvt. Ltd, Red Chief has made its mark all over the world with its exclusive collection of leather shoes. The brand stands for trust and boasts of unique designs, comfort levels, and reasonably-priced footwear. Noticeably, Red Chief is one of the most selling Indian leather shoe brands.

Prominent Features of the Red Chief Formal Shoes:

  • Crafted with a goat nappa leather upper and sole
  • Have a pull-on closure
  • Comfortable insoles to keep your feet relaxed
  • Low-ankle design
  • Have a polyurethane outsole


  • Polyurethane outsoles offer good grip and stability
  • The comfortable insole offers support to your underfoot while walking
  • Easy pull-on wear


  • May size a size larger

10. Adidas


Founded over 90 years ago, Adidas is one of the largest sports shoes manufacturers in the world and one of the top 10 formal shoe brands in India. It has been the preferred footwear brand of millions of Indians and has a very strong presence in India as well. The shoes manufactured by this brand are a mix of modern style and comfort and are suitable for all those who embrace the lighthearted spirit of this iconic brand.

Prominent Features of the Adidas Men’s Advantage Base Leather Tennis Shoes:

  • Have leather on the upper
  • Low-top ankle length
  • Feature a lace-up closure
  • Have a round-shaped toe
  • Have a rubber outsole with a honeycomb grid


  • Padded insole and heel tabs offer immense comfort
  • Perforated design on the upper promotes airflow
  • Rubber outsole with honeycomb grid offers excellent grip and stability

11. Bata


Founded in 1894 by Tomáš Baťa, Bata is one of the most popular footwear brands in India today. This Czech multinational footwear brand is now headquartered in Lausanne, Switzerland.

Prominent Features of the Bata Men’s Formal Shoes:

  • Made with a top-quality leather upper
  • Have thermoplastic elastomer on the sole
  • Comfortable and cushioned footbed
  • Have a low-top design
  • Square-shaped toe


  • Cushioned footbed for enhanced support and comfort
  • Fit you perfectly
  • The solid sole prevents skidding


  • Leather may start to wear out quickly

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Final Word

A good pair of leather shoes is a must-have to make sure you can pull off all your formal looks with ease. In the list above, we have mentioned the most loved leather shoe brands in India that offer both quality and comfort. Our personal favourites are the ones from Hush Puppies and Louis Philippe but feel free to choose any of these brands as all stand out in one way or another.


Which leather shoe brand is best?

Hush Puppies, Lee Cooper, Louis Philippe, and Woodland are some of the best leather shoe brands in India

What are the 3 types of leather in shoes?

The three main types of leather in shoes are full-grain leather, top-grain leather, and suede.

What is the highest quality shoe brand?

Nike, Adidas, Puma, Woodland, and Hush Puppies are considered some of the highest quality shoe brands.

Which leather is expensive?

Nappa leather is one of the most expensive types of leather in the world. It is very lightweight, comfortable, and durable which makes it pricey.

What is the strongest type of leather?

Full-grain leather is the strongest and most durable type of leather in the world.

How can you tell if the leather is good quality?

Good quality leather will be extremely soft to touch, will have a smooth surface, and resist staining from oils. You can also check by smelling it as fake leather will have a plastic-synthetic smell.

Allen Solly is from which country?

To many people’s surprise, Allen Solly is an Indian brand that was founded together by Madura Fashion and Lifestyle. Established in England, it was acquired by the Aditya Birla Group and brought to India to cater to the needs of a young, fashionable audience.

U.S. Polo is from which country?

U.S. Polo Assn. was founded as a brand under the United States Polo Association in 1980. Since then it has emerged to become a leading brand in terms of apparel, footwear, accessories, luggage, watches, shoes, bags, and so much more. With stores across 135 countries, this brand has found a strong footing in the retail market.

Red Chief is from which country

One of the major footwear brands in the country, Red Chief was founded in 1997 in India. The brand has become a trusted household name and seen tremendous growth, thanks to their genuine leather products, made available at affordable prices.

Adidas is from which country?

Founded in Herzogenaurach, Germany, Adidas is the largest sportswear manufacturer in Europe. With selling networks across the globe, it comes second only to Nike. From footwear and apparel to all types of sports accessories, Adidas has witnessed immense popularity over the years.

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