10 Best Shoe Brands For Men In The World

10 Best Shoe Brands For Men In The World

It is rightly said that ‘A man is known by the shoes he wears’. This essential gear dates its existence way back when they were merely an item to protect the human foot. They started evolving around the 1800s and today, the industry has grown leaps and bounds to offer some of the most striking pieces.

World’s top shoe brands are now pointing out India as a potential market to make the latest trends accessible across the country. From impromptu errands to the most formal revelry, the best shoe brands in the world are stocking a piece for all. Picking a pair that suits your personality well is the right way to master your look. Scroll through our list of shoe brands to fulfill all your shoe desires.

10 Best Shoe Brands For Men In The World

1. Carlton London

Carlton London was launched in 1992 in the UK to offer high-quality shoes across the globe. It is now a complete lifestyle brand that offers unlimited products for all your fashion needs. Carlton London’s shoe range can cater to all your needs with a fun yet classy vibe. Be it a strict office meeting or the most glamorous cocktail night, these shoes will always showcase your charismatic side.

Carlton London

Rs.1798 onwards

2. Hush Puppies

Hush Puppies is one of the most famous shoe brands of America that is marketed internationally as well. Since 1958, Hush Puppies has been producing products that fall between sporty and sophisticated. This stellar footwear brand imparts softness and breathability in every pair of shoes. These are available in a riot of colors that are water resistant and stain proof.

Hush Puppies

Rs.2999 onwards

3. Nike

Nike is an American multinational corporation. It designs, develops, manufactures and markets footwear, apparel and accessories across the globe. Introduced to become one the of the best running shoe brands in 1964, Nike is the answer to every athlete today. Stay on top of your game with Nike’s stylish and comfortable shoes collection. It is curated for active and adventurous men. Nike offers an advanced selection of shoes for every sport that keeps functionality as a priority.


Rs.4795 onwards

4. Ruosh

Ruosh is a home-grown Indian brand based out in Bangalore. The brand’s products are crafted with intricate details and creativity. Ruosh is a brand for passionate men who never compromise on comfort and quality. Classified as one of the finest leather shoe brands, Ruosh shoes can vary from swanky and casual to stylish and elegant.


Rs.2394 onwards

5. Adidas

Originating from Germany in 1949, Adidas is the largest sportswear manufacturer in Europe and the second largest in the world. It is known as one of the best casual shoe brands as well. Adidas offers an extensive array of shoes ranging from sports, high fashion, street and even music. A blend of style, functionality, quality and comfort is the right way to define a pair of Adidas’ shoes. For on-field practicality, pick from the range of Adidas Originals and for off-field activities, opt for Adidas Neo.


Rs.2309 onwards

6. San Frissco

Standing tall amongst the top 10 formal shoe brands is the premium shoemaker, San Frissco. The brand combines ancient and modern design techniques to manufacture innovate and evolving range of shoes. From the gleaming metal accents to the soft slip-ons, San Frissco’s shoes are a dream to wear.

San Frissco

Rs.1397 onwards

7. Puma

Established in 1948, Puma is a German company that provides athletic and casual footwear, apparel and accessories. This top sport shoes brand is termed as the third largest in the world. Derby, sneakers, loafers or floaters, no matter what your choice is, Puma has stocked them all. High performance and top-notch style is the key to Puma’s successful shoe range.


Rs.3499 onwards

8. Woodland

India’s favorite shoe brands list is incomplete without Woodland. Founded in Canada, Woodland is an outdoor footwear, apparel and accessories brand. The brand entered the Indian market with its first hand-stitched leather shoes and a spirit to promote outdoor activities. Woodland’s shoes are crafted with innovative technology for the adventurer in you. Protected and comfortable, these shoes will let you stretch your levels of endurance.


Rs.3595 onwards

9. Bata

Bata is a world-renowned Canadian footwear and fashion accessories company. Since 1949, Bata has been manufacturing functional shoes infused with fashionable trends. Quality and craftsmanship combined with affordability is what defines a Bata shoe. From performance ready sport shoes to dressy loafers, Bata shoes can suit any and every occasion.


Rs.999 onwards

10. Louise Philippe

Louise Philippe is an Indian luxury brand for men’s apparel, footwear and accessories. Founded in 1989, the brand is now one of the largest fashion brands in India. Designed for the edgy men, Louise Philippe shoes reflect confidence and exceptional style. They are modern while being comfortable and lightweight. Dress your best by picking one from this fashion-forward brand.

Louise Philippe

Rs.2999 onwards

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