Buying Guide: Toasters

Does your morning start with hot, crispy, buttered toast? If yes, a toaster should find a space in your kitchen. Toaster is an appliance that can toast (make brown and crispy) 2 to 4 breads at a time. Once it pops up, you can add butter or any other ingredient to make your taste buds happy.

Toasters Buying Guide

Types Of Toasters

There are three main types of toasters available in the market that fulfills varied purposes. Choose according to your household requirements and have a great snack peak time or maybe a whole Breakfast meal. .

1- Pop-Up Toasters

This is the most common type of toaster that you would get at anyone's home. The bread has to be inserted vertically. Basically, the coils inside the toaster starts heating up and makes the bread hot and crispy. It has a spring loaded tray that pops up the bread at a particular set of time. It is the most convenient way of preparing your whole breakfast meals.

2- Conveyer Belt Toaster

If you are looking for commercial purpose toaster then this one is for you. It is used in bakeries or fast food joints. The heat is produced from both top & bottom, the conveyer belt keeps on moving. When the bread reaches the end of the belt, it is dropped into the feeder. These are highly expensive & should be used only for commercial purpose.

3- Toaster Ovens

A smaller version of microwave is the toaster oven. It has a limited usage. It has tempered glass doors and has the ability to endure high temperatures. This oven can be used for baking, convection cooking & more than the normal toasters. Recipes like peanut butter cookie, lasagna toast, baked eggs, roasted asparagus, etc. can be made in toaster oven.

Things To Consider Before Buying A Toaster!

Toasters come with varied settings that fulfills your need or to help you customize the browning of your bread. Hereby are some important points that needs to be considered while choosing a Toaster for your kitchen.

Number of slots

The number of slots will decide the number of slices you can toast. Most of the common toasters come with two slots. However, other toasters can give you the option for 4 or 6 slots. Make sure that the slots are wide and long as you may want to try toasting different types of breads.

Automatic control

This would mean that your toaster should pop up once the bread is done. Also, it should automatically switch off once the bread pops up. Some toasters just require a touch of a button and no pulling of the lever.

Browning Options

How would you like the bread to be? Light gold, sunburnt or soft and smeared with jam? This is one the most important feature a toaster should offer you. The heating option should be simple and handy and there should be several levels to choose to make your bread golden and crispy.

Crumb Tray

Almost all types of toaster offer this feature. This is again an important feature as you don’t want the bread crumbs to accumulate inside the toaster. Crumb tray enables you to remove the tray and throw away the unwanted bread crumbs.


You need to consider this feature as a good quality body offers durability. There are 2 types of toasters available in the market. One is the plastic body & the other is chrome or metallic finish. The one made of metallic finish is more preferable. The reason is that they don’t heat up early as compared to the plastic ones.

Additional Features That Might Interest You.

Some sensors available on a smartphone are of utmost importance. They are automatic and come with advantages. Almost all smartphones have these sensors.

Reheat & Defrost

Want to toast frozen bread? Use this feature to defrost the bread. The reheat feature can be used if you want heat toasted bread again without making it too dry.

Hi-Lift Feature

Do you have left over breads that are smaller in size? The hi-lift feature can help you. Lift the bread carriage to a higher level than the normal to retrieve smaller bread pieces.

Progress indicator

Some toasters come with digital screen to help you see the progress (the amount of time left to get your toast ready). Some models also show the countdown in seconds.

Crumb Tray

If at any time you feel that the bread has reached the desired level of browning and don’t want to brown it more or maybe kept wrong settings, then a cancel button helps.

Recommended Brands
  • Morphy Richards Toaster
  • Havells Toaster
  • Prestige Toaster
  • Bajaj Toaster
  • Philips Toaster