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Men T shirts

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Buy Men T-Shirts Online in India

T-shirts are one of the most important elements of menswear in India and across the world. Whether be it a leisure walk, sports activities, or even a casual Friday at the office, t-shirts are available for several occasions and purposes. If you are looking to buy t-shirts, you are in for a treat. CashKaro has several branded t-shirt brands at affordable prices, along with extra cashback. Mens t-shirts come in various patterns, colours, sizes, designs, brands such as Allen Solly | Park Avenue| Roadster, etc.), prices, and more. Some people prefer solid t-shirts, others like Henley style, while some go for striped polo T-shirts. Whatever your preference, you are sure to find the best men t-shirts online.

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Men T-shirts Online

How to Choose Men T-shirts?


From casual wear to party wear, t-shirts look good for any occasion. If you are looking for casual t-shirts, then a round neck with cotton fabric is perfect, but for working out, sweat-absorbent dry-fit fabrics and tighter t-shirts are the best choices. If you are someone who does not want to leave the comfort of a t-shirt and wear it for a formal occasion, polo t-shirts are your best option.


The material of your clothes makes a lot of difference. Cotton is usually attributed to the comfort, while polyester is good for parties since it looks good. Most mens t-shirts come in a breathable material that comprises a cotton blend. The choice of material also depends on the season you are going to be wearing the t-shirt in so you should choose accordingly.


Sizes vary across brands, especially for men t-shirts. It is best to check your measurements and tally it with the size charts available on websites like Myntra and Ajio to get the best idea for your correct fit.


Depending on the purpose or occasion you are purchasing the t-shirt for, the style of the collar, the colour, pattern, pocket, etc and make a great difference. Choosing the right t-shirt for the right occasion is important as you do not want to seem out of place.

Best Men T-Shirt Brands In India

  • Nike T-shirts
  • Jack & Jones
  • Wrogn
  • H&M
  • Roadster T-shirts
  • Tommy Hilfiger
  • Zara
  • Levis T-shirts
  • Flying Machine T-shirts

Different Types of T-shirts

Crew Neck T-shirt

The crew neck t-shirt is the most popular kind of t-shirt in the Indian market. It looks best on men with long, narrow features and sloping shoulders to elongate the figure. The round neckline fits tightly at the neck, giving you a neat look. Nothing surpasses the crew neck t-shirt for a classic style.

Polo T-shirt

Golfers, especially polo players, made polo t-shirts famous. However, now it is worn in various casual occasions. The collared variation with buttons gives the outfit a more official feel. This type of t-shirt is perfect for men with a lean physique.

V-Neck T-shirt

As the name implies, the neck of this kind of t-shirt is shaped like a V. Guys with wide shoulders and round features might benefit from this neckline since it makes them seem thinner and flatters their body shape. It can be worn with a buttoned-down shirt so that the V neckline is hidden from view.

Henley T-shirt

The simplest way to define the Henley t-shirt is as a cross between the crew and the V necklines. It has a deep buttoning placket that extends several inches and fits wonderfully over a chest that is well-built and strong. Its visual appeal is increased by the buttons while yet retaining a subtle machismo.

Scoop Neck T-shirt

Another variant of the crew neck is the scoop neck. The t-shirt has a round neckline that hangs a few inches below the collarbone. It does not have the same rough appearance as the other necklines, but it has a subtlety that goes well with the metrosexual image.

Sleeveless T-shirt

The sleeveless t-shirt is perfect for hot summer months. Because they allow for increased airflow, sleeveless t-shirts are essential for staying cool in the summer. They make a nice layer in warm weather so you can wear anything below without getting too hot. Sleeveless t-shirts can also keep your primary shirt clean by acting as an undershirt.

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