7 Best Ripped Jeans Brands in India 

The trend of ripped or distressed jeans has brought in a style that suits every personality. Brands that offer the best-distressed jeans are not only good to invest in but also provide some great quality jeans. Ranging from urban style to edgy look, their collection enhances fashion like never before. The jeans are unique with inevitable originality. Here are some of the best brands for ripped jeans for men.

List Of 7 Best Ripped Jeans Brands in India 

1. Spykar Jeans

Spykar is one of the tops ripped jeans brands. It offers an easy breezy semi-casual look that will help men get ready for a day out with friends. Pair your slightly distressed jeans with a light-colored shirt and tan brown shoes or white sneakers. You can also add aviator sunglass and a digital wristwatch, to sum up your casual look. you may also like to know about Non-Stretchable Jeans & Best Jeans brands on Flipkart.

Spykar jeans

Starts from Rs 1484 only

2. Wrangler Jeans

Wrangler is one of the most loved brands by men when it comes to buying ripped jeans. It has an amazing collection of all types ad shades of distressed jeans. When we talk about distressed jeans, you can place your trust in this brand. Wear your blue distressed jeans with a T-shirt and sneakers. This perfect combination can be enhanced with wayfarers and a digital wristwatch. here you can also check Slim Fit Jeans Brands For Men.

Wrangler jeans

Starts from Rs 2600 only

3. Levis Jeans

Levis has been a prominent player in the category of jeans offering some super cool designs for many years now. It is one of the best-ripped jeans brands for men. Be it slim-fit narrow jeans or distressed jeans, the quality that Levis offers is absolutely flawless. This type of jeans offers a very subtle yet classy look. Team it up with a pair of grey sneakers and a black wrist watch and you are all set for a day out.

Levi's Jeans

Starts from Rs 3300 only

4. Flying Machine Jeans

When we talk about ripped or distressed jeans we can’t miss out on this brand. Flying Machine has a great collection of distressed jeans and offers impeccable quality and fitting for men. This is a very classy look, where you can team your casual distressed jeans with a T-shirt and a pair of casual sneakers.

Flying Machine jeans

Starts from Rs 2400 only

5. Lee Cooper Jeans

It has been a while now that Lee Cooper is in the ripped jeans game. Keeping things fresh and modern, this type of casual distressed jeans is perfect to wear for an outing. You can style your blue ripped jeans with a T-shirt or shirt and either loafers or sneakers, to keep your look casual and comfortable.

Lee Cooper Jeans

Starts from Rs 2399 only

6. Jack and Jones Jeans

Jeans are the lifeblood of Jack & Jones and they offer an exemplary variety of men’s jeans for all occasions. This could be the perfect example of a casual look, team your Jack and Jones ripped jeans with a pair of regular sneakers, a wristwatch and a T-shirt.

Jack and Jones Jeans

Starts from Rs 3500 only

7. Tommy Hilfiger Jeans

If you’re looking for a designer brand ripped jeans, Tommy Hilfiger has an amazing collection to offer. These ripped jean is casual, stylish, and comfortable. Try teaming it with a plaid flannel shirt or a crew neck T-shirt along with a pair of white or grey sneakers.

Tommy Hilfiger jeans

Starts from Rs 4000 only

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