7 Best Trouser Pant Designs for Women’s

There is nothing more appealing than a woman pulling off a pair of trousers with confidence. However, its appeal is primarily dependent on the kind of body type the wearer has. Often, we wonder what kind of body type we have. Is it an apple, triangular, or hourglass? Trouser pants are easy to pull off. But if you wear these against your body type, then it could turn into a mess. Let’s discover the best trouser designs for ladies of different body types.

List Of 7 Best Trouser Pant Designs for Women’s

1. For Tall & Non-Curvy Women

Kate Hudson is one of those spectacular celebrities who has been earning style points for their rectangular frame. If you are a someone with a boyish frame, then you must go for a high waist pegged trousers that highlights your mid-section. These trousers help in making your hip area fuller while accentuating your long legs. Fabricated in cotton, these trousers give an all-day comfort along with adding appeal to your look. We have also compiled a list of the best Kurta Styles so you can shortlist the ones for you.

Style Tip:

Club these trousers with a flared crop top underlining your waistline.

For Tall & Non-Curvy Women


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2. For Women With An Hourglass Figure

Blessed are those women who have an hourglass frame! But if you are a Kardashian-type frame, then you might have to wear a corset for that perfect body.

What is more amazing than highlighting your curves? Add a subtle touch to your look by adding some flares to your bottom wear. Trouser pants that are fitted from the waist to your hip area are ideal for an hourglass frame. These navy blue cropped trouser pants in culotte style are great to complement your body type. Wondering where to get the best sweatshirts for girls in India? Read our list to find out.

Style Tip:

Pair these trousers with a solid top or a simple cold-shouldered top.

For Women With Hourglass Figure


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3. For Women With A Fuller Mid-Section

Have you been envious of Rihanna’s beautiful stature? Effortlessly flaunting curvy hips and thick thighs, Rihanna has been giving us styling goals for a while now!

A fuller mid section can be a ‘blessing in disguise’! You can easily accentuate your curvy hip area by wearing certain unique patterns and designs. These flared trouser pants are perfect for ladies who have a wide hip area and thick thighs. This midrise trouser design looks stunning on an ankle-length silhouette.

Style Tip:

Club your trouser pants with strapless tops or tops with plunging necklines to enhance your bust area.

For Women With A Fuller Mid-Section


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4. For Plus Size Women

We ladies are obsessed with Oprah Winfrey! But when it comes to her unique fashion statement, then we are equally enchanted.

A plus size woman can pull off any look if she has the right attitude. Women with a plus size body must include a mid-rise boot cut pants in their wardrobe. A pair of wide leg trouser pants enhances your thighs making your lower body perfectly align with your upper body. This black boot cut trouser pant design gives a modish look that is ideal for multiple occasions.

Style Tip:

Go with a flared top and a front open jacket for a trendy approach.

For Plus Size Women


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5. For Petite Women

 Remember Vanessa Hudgens from her High School Musical days? She pulled off those trouser pants like a pro! Her trendy apparels in her petite frame are still admired.

Ladies with a petite frame are blessed with the best. A petite woman has her shoulders and hips aligned together that makes her torso admirable. A pair of trouser pants that hugs your waist will be perfect for highlighting your thin waist. Go for this straight ankle cut trouser pant that makes a short frame look longer. Buy these latest trouser designs now!

Style Tip:

A tight-fitted top with a turtle neck will be perfect to make you look taller and sharper.

For Petite Women


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6. Women With A Larger Hip Area

Beyoncé is an epitome of perfection! Gifted with curves to-die-for, Beyoncé’s styling sense has nailed it every time. Wearing these regular fit trousers are bound to accentuate your curvaceous hip area. The loose fit of the trousers with a fitted high waistband will make your waist look thinner too.

Style Tip:

A solid cropped top with a circular or sweetheart neck to accentuate your curves.

Women With A Larger Hip Area


Rs.849 /-

7. Women With Narrow Shoulders

Who doesn’t just love Halle Berry? With her dapper looks and insanely amazing dressing sense, she has stolen the hearts of many.

Women with narrow shoulders must take inspiration from Halle Berry. Include straight fit trouser pants to your wardrobe to look extremely elegant. The straight fit makes your shoulders aligned with your waistline. This new trouser design is bound to give you a balanced silhouette.

Style Tip:

Go for loose tops that make your shoulders look a little broader.

Women With Narrow Shoulder


Rs.1379 /-

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