Get A Trendy Makeover With Saree Gowns

A saree is a classic Indian attire. However, draping it correctly and walking in those six yards of fabric can be a hassle. Minimizing the hassle of wearing a saree is surely one of the reasons why saree gowns are worn but more than that it is about being experimental with fashion and exploring the Indo-western dynamo. With sultry silhouettes and flowy lines, a saree gown is an ensemble that’ll make you look sensational.

Check out various design techniques to make a gown from saree at home or you can look at these styles and get one made.

How To Make A Gown From Saree?

If you want to know how to make a gown from saree at home, then first get the saree you want to modify. Use your own dress-making skills or take help from a nearby tailor to customize it according to your need.

Below are a few styles that will definitely make you a show-stopper at any event.

How To Drape A Saree As A Gown – Step By Step Tutorial

Style #1

Requirements: For this, you need to pick a designer saree or a simple saree with a designer blouse.

Saree Gown 1

1. Neatly tuck the saree in your petticoat starting from the right leg around the back until you reach this point again.

2. Take the corners of your pallu from under your right arm and pin them across together on your left shoulder.

3. Now take the remaining portion of the saree to make pleats and tuck them in as usual.

4. If you’re wearing a saree with borders, then you can arrange them neatly to create a fall or gather them close together by pleating them up.

5. Repeat this arrangement towards the back as well and pin it up.

The above style can also be done with a twist. For this, you can take a silk saree as it has a gorgeous sheen with a fancy pallu. Pyjamas are also trending now days. Have a look at this list of best pyjamas for party.

Style#1 Variation: 

1. After repeating the first step of tucking your saree, grab the top left corner of the fancy end. Pass this corner from behind you and take it over for pinning on your left shoulder.

2. Take the rest of the fancy end and pull it tight around you. Pin it at an angle in front of your petticoat.

3. The remaining saree should look like a big loop. Now start pleating this loop from the left side, body outwards.

4. Now pin these pleats together just below your navel.

5. Grab the left-over fancy end of the pallu and scoop it over from behind towards the previously pinned section.

6. Adjust the front of the saree neatly and hide any excess fabric.

7. Now that the saree snuggly fits you, stylize it with a fancy belt.

Style #2

Requirements: For this style, you will need a soft and flowy saree, a pair of jeans or a fancy skirt and a crop top or a blouse.

How to drape a saree as a gown

1. Take the two fancy ends of your saree and tie them up in double knots.

2. Now place this over your right shoulder.

3. Then gather the rest of your saree and wrap it around your body clockwise so that the saree does not get twisted.

4. Take the other two ends of your saree and tie them up in double knots. Place this on your left shoulder.

5. The rest of the fabric should be in a loop right behind you.

6. Now closely pleat all of the fabric from the right shoulder till your left and pin them together.

7. Tuck these pleats at the back of your skirt or jeans.

8. You can leave it at this step. But it’ll look all the better if you cinch it with a waist chain or a belt.

You can also try this look differently by trying a halter neck and by making half pleats for both the sides instead of covering the entire loop together.

Style #3

Requirements: Gather your essentials, a flowy saree, leggings or jeggings and a crop or tank top.

Saree as a gown

1. Take the center of your saree and drape it around your waistline. Pin these two ends or tie them in a knot and tuck in.

2. Now take the left side of the saree and wrap it around the knot at the center. Tuck it in. Repeat the same process from right to left at the center and tuck it in.

3. Now take the right section of the saree and repeat step 2.

4. Now pick up the corners of your saree and tie them at the back of your neck like a halter.

5. Fix the front fall neatly. Bring the fabric close to each other toward the centre and add a wide belt to secure the front look.

6. Now, open the halter neck and twist the fabric corners from both the shoulders and tie them up again.

7. Fix the front fall around your bust if needed with a safety pin.

Style #4

Requirements: A saree, a tube top, leggings and a belt.

Saree as a gown style

1. Take the centre of your saree and drape it around your bust. Tie a double knot and tuck it inside the top.

2. Now take the left side of the fabric to make pleats from inside, moving out. Tuck them on the left side of your bust.

3. Repeat this process for the right side.

4. Spread the pleats neatly along your bustline.

5. Cinch your waist using a belt. This will also hold the pleats in the desired flow.

Now that you have all these new and easy styles in which you can drape your saree, look at many more styles for inspiration.

We have our very own Bollywood diva, Sonam Kapoor in a Grecian drape.

Sonam in a Grecian drape

Shilpa Shetty dazzled on her reception in this sparkly golden saree gown. In addition to this check out our latest blog on different styles to wear rompers. Do have a look and let us know which one you liked the most.

Shilpa Shetty in Saree Gown

Deepika, Kareena and Sonam, three gorgeous ladies slaying in a simple saree gown with a sexy blouse.

Actresses in saree gownWith these stunning looks, get ready to shine at any event!

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