How To Wear A Saree In 15 Different Styles

If you are looking for a quick tutorial on how to wear saree or simply different saree styles, then you have landed on the right page.

A saree is a beautiful piece of clothing, believed to be synonyms with ethnic glamour. The crown jewel of Indian ethnic wear, Sarees never fail to make way to the wardrobes of women. From Bengali style saree to Nauvari, Marathi, Gujarati or any Indian states; you will witness various styles to wear sarees. From wearing sarees on weddings to everyday casually, these ethnic drapes have made women stand out in the crowd and made them look perfect each time. So, the question of how to wear saree to look slim or perfectly with pleats for a party ends here. Below is a step by step tutorial showing 15 different styles to wear saree.

Wear Saree in 15 Different Styles – Step By Step Tutorial

The Classic Style Saree

Evergreen and timeless, the classic way to wear saree is the epitome of perfection. There’s no reason to say ‘No’ to this one! Suitable for meetings, festivals, or even dancing, this saree style can be conveniently adorned and carried gracefully throughout the day. Call it a statement as you make the style work for your persona and follow this a quick guide to learn classic draping.

How to wear saree - Classic Style Step by Step

How To Wear Saree In Classic Style?

  • Begin with wearing the saree blouse and petticoat. It is important that the colour of your petticoat matches or complements the saree.
  • Tie the petticoat using a drawstring. It must not be too tight or too lose, lest it might mess up the pleats.
  • Tuck the end of the fabric on the right side of the waist. Wrap it around your waist in one circle and bring it back to the front, tucking it in all this while. As you stop, tuck it at the centre of the waist.
  • Form about 5-7 pleats with the length of the saree. Tuck the pleats into the petticoat and pin them up to keep them secure. Press the pleats to avoid the bulge.
  • Using the pallu end, prepare the pleated or non-pleated pallu for your saree, as per the requirement.
  • The remaining fabric can then come from the back to the front. Any extra length can be used to form another pleat.

The saree must not be too low at the back and should ideally be tied at or below the navel. In addition to this you can also try out these latest designer dupattas.

The Maharashtrian Style Saree

A vibrant traditional weave, the Marathi style saree has always been the favourite pick of Indian women. For the stunner you are, give a shot to the very popular, Maharashtrian saree draping style. Give them an opportunity to talk about your admirable fashion sense as you don a beautiful silk cotton saree. Wear a Marathi Nath and bangles alongside to complete the party look.

How to wear saree - Marathi Nauvari Style Step by Step

Requirements: Silk cotton saree, shorts

How To Wear Marathi Nauvari Style Saree?

  • Hold your saree behind your back. Keep 1-metre length on your left-hand side and the rest on the right.
  • Hold the fabric from both the sides and tie a knot at your waist.
  • Hold the shorter end of the left-side fabric. Carry it between your legs and tuck it at the back.
  • Using the untied portion, start forming 4-inch pleats by holding the saree in your right hand on your waist, exactly where you tied the knot. Make at least 5-6 pleats and tuck them at the navel. Press the pleats to flatten them.
  • Take the pallu end and use the remaining length to make 4-5 pallu pleats. Press them to flatten and secure them using a safety pin.
  • Bring the pallu from the back to the front from the right hip, and then keep it over your left shoulder. Ensure that the drape comes across neatly over the back hip. Secure the pallu with the help of a safety pin.

The Gujarati Style Saree

A striking saree draping style, the Gujarati style saree is one of the most sought-after ways of adorning a saree. With the help of the right kind of ornaments and accessories, you can easily achieve that nauvari saree look in minutes. Offering a typically ethnic and feminine appeal, this traditional draping style is the pride of Gujarat and is extremely easy to learn and apply.

How to wear saree - Gujarati Style Step by Step

Requirements: Bhandej or Leheriya saree, fitted blouse, petticoat

How To Wear Gujarati Style Saree?

  • Tuck the non-pallu end of the saree on the right-hand side of the waist. Take one round from right to left and then bring the fabric to the front, tucking it in all this while. As you stop, tuck it at the centre.
  • Start creating 6-7 pleats and tuck them firmly at the centre of the waist, facing the right side.
  • Take the pallu end and form pleats using the remaining length. Secure them using a safety pin.
  • Take the pallu around and make it flow from the back to the front. Place it over the right shoulder and pin it.
  • Pick the first hanging pleat and pin the entire thing on the left side of your waist. It must be draped in such a way that it covers your bust area.

The Bengali Style Saree

Wearing Bengali saree is one of the most eye-catching saree draping styles of all. Traditionally, a bunch of keys was attached to the pallu placed on the right side of the shoulder in this kind of draping. This practice was done to highlight that a woman is the most significant member of the family and is thus given the reigns of the entire house.

How to wear saree - Bengali Style Step by Step

Requirements: Bengali saree, puffed-sleeve blouse, petticoat

How To Wear Bengali Style Saree?

  • Begin by tucking the non-pallu end of the fabric on the right side of the waist. Wrap it around the waist, completing one full round and bring it back to the starting point, tucking it in.
  • Make 3 broad pleats of about the length of your midrib and tuck them at your waist.
  • Using the pallu, make 4-5 pleats and bring them over your left shoulder. Secure them using a safety pin.
  • Hold the pallu end and tie an Indian jewellery piece (such as a fancy earring) to it.
  • Bring the pallu end from the front and place it over your right shoulder.

Moreover if you also find wearing lehenga dupatta difficult then our this blog where we have covered each and every step necessary to take to wear a lehenga dupatta perfectly.

The Kerala Style Saree

How to wear saree - Kerala Style Step by Step

Requirements: Mundum Neryathum (Kasavu saree), blouse, petticoat

How To Wear Kerala Saree?

  • Wrap 1 meter of the fabric around your waist, starting from the left.
  • Bring it to the front and tuck the fabric twice at the centre of your waist, leaving some length of the fabric in between.
  • Form pleats with the length that you left in the front and tuck them at the centre.
  • Drape the pallu portion over the chest, from the right to the left. Bring it from the back to the front, completing one full round.
  • Create broad pleats taking the remaining length of the fabric. Tuck them in the chest area.

Modern Style Saree

As modernization takes over the fashion space, even the most basic ethnic styles are given a revamp. You might often see various celebs like Sonam Kapoor donning a saree with an Indo-Western twist. These styles can look great on any occasion like a reception or your farewell. There can be many variations for draping an Indo-Western style saree. Let’s check out the one simple way here.

How to wear saree - Modern Style Step by Step

Requirements: High Collar blouse or a crop top, a net or chiffon saree with a bordered hemline, and a petticoat

How To Wear Modern Style Saree?

  • Pick out a collared blouse, a crop top or a designer blouse, whichever you like.
  • Follow the usual process of tucking the saree in your petticoat. Take one corner of your saree and wrap it on the front right end of your waist.
  • Circle it from around the left side until you reach the centre
  • Form 5-7 pleats and tuck them in neatly. Secure them with a safety pin.
  • Pleat the pallu length-wise and secure them over your shoulder as you do in a classic drape.
  • Now, take the horizontal end of your pallu and pleat it horizontally until there’s little or no extra fabric.
  • Bring these pleats over the shoulder again, the border coming towards the end of your shoulder.
  • The front side drape will look like waves with very little fabric left on your back.
  • Add a belt to style and pins to secure if needed.
More Styling Tips:
  • For an Indo-Western style, the usual pallu could also be draped around the neck.
  • You can also use jackets and capes for a red carpet look.

Half Saree Style

The mermaid draping style is another modern way to wear a saree. It looks completely unique and works best with lightweight sarees with embellished or designer borders. This easy method can be chosen for events like a wedding, reception or other festive occasions.

How to wear saree - Half Style Step by Step

Requirements: An embellished blouse, a matching petticoat, georgette or a chiffon saree with border and pallu embellishments.

How To Wear Half Saree?

  • Do the usual first round tuck. Then make broad pleats for the pallu.
  • Take the pallu from behind your waist and place it over the front of your right shoulder. Leave the pallu 4 inches short of the floor.
  • You’ll now have extra fabric left on one side of your waist. Neatly tuck it in your petticoat.
  • Now take the inner corner of your pallu and from around your back bring the corner end towards the front centre.
  • Pin the pallu corner in your saree and petticoat.

The Lehenga Style Saree

Another very festive style of draping a saree is to wear it like a lehenga. The drape is very similar to that of the mermaid style and it can be made with no fuss at all. Take a heavily designed saree in any fabric, preferably with a lighter fabric of pallu. Wear it with a designer blouse.

How to wear saree - Lehenga Style Step by Step

Requirements: Embellished or embroidered sarees with a designer blouse, a petticoat

How To Wear Lehenga Style Saree?

  • Make the usual first drape.
  • Pleat the pallu and take it over your left shoulder like you usually do. The pallu can also be left open if you wish.
  • The extra fabric hanging loose can be tucked in your petticoat but from around the back.

Bollywood Style Saree

One of the most iconic styles straight from the screens of Bollywood is the Mumtaz style saree drape. The popularity of this style has been as fresh as it was in the ’60s-’70s donned by the famous actress Mumtaz.

How to wear saree - Bollywood Style Step by Step

Requirements: Chiffon saree with a border, a petticoat, sleeveless blouse

How To Wear Mumtaz Style Saree?

  • Wrap the saree around your petticoat until you reach the front.
  • Make 2 pleats and tuck them in neatly a little beyond the centre.
  • Wrap the saree around your body for the second time, a few inches above the bottom drape.
  • Now take another round if there’s enough fabric left.
  • Now tie your pallu in small pleats and secure it over your left shoulder.

The Rajrani Style Saree

The Rajrani style is very similar to the Gujarati style drape. All you need to do is take the inner corner of the pallu on the front and pin it up on the right side. You’ll get a V-shaped fall over the bust.

How to wear saree - Rajrani Style Step by Step

The Pant Style Saree

The pant style saree is another modern take on this Indian attire. This unconventional style of drape can be made with sarees in soft fabrics and modern designs or rich ones like silk with traditional design.

How to wear saree - Pant Style Step by Step

Requirements: A saree, a pair of chudidar pants or cigarette pants, blouse

How To Wear Pant Style Saree?

  • Take one corner of your saree and make 6 pleats or more keeping enough fabric for your pallu.
  • Tuck these pleats in the center and secure with a pin.
  • Now make length-wise pleats for the pallu and neatly secure them on your left shoulder from around the back.

The Double Pallu Saree Style

This style looks absolutely gorgeous and can be worn by women of all ages. You can get a chic look by trying out fabrics like chiffon and georgette which have a designer pallu or go for rich silks. Avoid heavy work in your sarees or mirror work.

How to wear saree - Double Pallu Style Step by Step

Requirements: 2 different sarees that complement each other, a body shaper skirt, a blouse

How To Wear Double Style Saree?

  • Take the first saree. Take one end of it and make six short pleats.
  • Tuck them in the centre left of your in-skirt.
  • Make pleats from the pallu and toss it over on your left shoulder.
  • Now take the other saree and make lower pleats as you did for the first saree.
  • Tuck it in your centre right overlapping the first saree pleats.
  • Now make pallu pleats and bring them over your right shoulder from behind. This means that this time you’ll have a front pallu style.
  • Secure with safety pins wherever needed.

The Karnataka Style Saree

This traditional saree style from Karnataka is very simple to wear. It reflects tradition and culture and can be worn on special occasions.

How to wear saree - Karnataka Style Step by Step

Requirements: A traditional silk saree, a petticoat, a blouse

How To Wear Karnataka Style Saree?

  • The first few steps of wearing the saree will be the same as your usual drape.
  • When your pleats are secure and its time to make the pallu, take the saree and wrap it around your body from the bust area.
  • Now take the corner end from behind your right shoulder and secure it with a pin.

The Dhoti Style Saree

The dhoti style drape might not be the easiest to pull off but it looks great. If you’ve been following the latest fashion trends, then you know that it’s only right to learn this style and rock it at the next party.

How to wear saree - Dhoti Style Step by StepRequirements: A saree with a 2-3 inches border, tights, and a blouse

How To Wear Dhoti Style Saree?

  • Take the saree from around your back. Leave 2 meters on the left side and the remaining on the right.
  • Pin both at the centre with the right side overlapping the left.
  • Now take the right side of the fabric from around your back and tie it in narrow pleats for the pallu.
  • Secure with a pin over your left shoulder and carry those pleats along towards your waist and secure them at the centre.
  • Now, take the shorter 2-metre fabric from inside the loop that was left.
  • Take the corner ends in both your hands and make narrow pleats. Secure these with a pin and drop it back.
  • Now take these pleats from between your legs and tuck it in at the centre back.
  • You still have a loop in front of you. Tie this left-over fabric in pleats and tuck the pleats at the centre front.

Saree Style to Look Slim

This is another popular style that everyone loves. The sexy look that this style gives you makes it our favourite as well. Chiffon and net sarees are the best ones to pick up for this style as the pallu needs to be folded in neat and narrow pleats making your midriff completely visible making you look slim. A designer crop top style blouse will work well for this style.

How to wear saree to look slim

Requirements: A net or chiffon saree with an embellished border, petticoat, designer blouse

How To Wear Saree Look Slim?

  • All the steps for wearing this saree are the same as your classic drape.
  • While folding for pallu pleats, make sure those are neat and narrow.
  • Secure the pleats from the inner side so that they stay intact.
  • Take the pallu on your left shoulder from the centre of your chest or from the corner by leaving some fabric fall in the front.

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