10 Premier Women’s Handbag Brands

Handbags reflect one’s personal taste and style while being functional in its true sense. However, top handbag brands are bringing in so much variety into this product that it is no longer treated as just another necessity.

We now put a lot of thought into which color, design, texture and size to choose. A handbag can complement and complete your attire to take it up a notch. If you’re on a lookout for the best handbag brands in India, our list of 10 such brands will become your guiding light.

10 Premier Women’s Handbag Brands

1. Caprese

Standing tall among our list of top 10 handbag brands is Caprese. It is a high fashion premium brand that offers lifestyle products and specializes in curating handbags. Launched in 2012 as a part of the VIP group, Caprese’s aim is to bring trendy handbags at affordable prices. The brand takes inspiration from the pristine islands of the Italian shore to target free-spirited urban women. Handbags offered by Caprese exude a feminine and confident vibe and can suit all occasions.


Rs.1084 onwards

2. Hidesign

Acclaimed as one of the most popular handbag brands today, Hidesign started off as a hobby by Dilip Kapoor in 1978. Much loved for its chic designs, colors and luxurious leather, Hidesign offers a vast variety of handbags. Hidesign’s handbags collection is a blend of functionality and stylish handcrafting. Choose from the formal briefcase styles to the trendy zipper ones and everything else in between.


Rs.3412 onwards

3. Da Milano

The list of luxury handbag brands is incomplete without Da Milano being a part of it. Da Milano is an Indian brand that incorporates Italian standards and designs into its products. Crafted in superior quality genuine leather, Da Milano’s handbag range beats some of the well-known international brands. You won’t regret picking one from this brand that offers a lifetime warranty on each of its products.

Da Milano

Rs.6049 onwards

4. Lavie

Part of Bagzone Lifestyles Pvt. Ltd., Lavie is an accessories brand that was established in the year 2010. Lavie takes inspiration from the spontaneous, vibrant and independent nature of modern women. Its unrivaled line of handbags is not just quality driven but is also very affordable. If fun and flirty is what defines you, Lavie is the right choice.


Rs.1876 onwards

5. Baggit

Baggit is a trusted name among ladies’ handbag brands that was launched in 1990 by Nina Lekhi. Producing captivating styles in vibrant colors, the brand has come a long way. It is now recognized as a brand that provides high-quality products at competitive prices. Baggit has a versatile collection of handbags that suit multiple occasions. Investing in this brand will be worth the money spent.


Rs.1870 onwards

6. Esbeda

Esbeda is an Indian handbags brand that markets an extensive range of products that have a youthful vibe. Intouch Leather House established Esbeda in 2006. Splashing a pop of vibrancy with each of its products, Esbeda is an ideal choice for young college-going women and office goers.


Rs.1140 onwards

7. Nine West

Nine West is an American fashion wholesale and retail company that dates its existence back to 1983. Introduced as a shoe brand, Nine West is now a renowned seller of handbags too. Its collection incorporates the latest trends that reflect a high sense of fashion. If you are in search of a standout design, Nine West is your answer.

Nine West

Rs.5999 onwards

8. Lino Perros

Two young designers, Natasha and Sanjay, got together to establish an exclusive accessories brand in 1999. Famous handbag brands often focus more on the product’s design than its pricing. Lino Perros took advantage of this gap and started producing luxurious handbags at cheap prices. Authentic design is the key to this brand’s success. No matter what color, shape, size or design you’re looking for, Lino Perros has it all.

Lino Perros

Rs.1153 onwards

9. Fossil

Fossil commenced as an American brand for watches in 1984. It is a brand that produces authentic products with vintage and classic designs. Fossil is slowly starting to compete with top handbag brands in India. Fossil’s handbags collection is much loved for its functionality and sturdiness. Imbibing a cool, girly feel in its products, Fossil’s handbags will keep your style intact.


Rs.13995 onwards

10. DressBerry

Myntra’s in house label, DressBerry was launched in 2013 as a versatile fashion brand. Aiming at giving complete style solutions, DessBerry is for women who know their individual sense of style. The brand’s handbags collection is proof of the diversity it offers. The range reflects a subtle class in even the most relaxed styles of bags. Crafted in trendy designs with an affordable price range, a handbag from DressBerry is sure to become your everyday companion.


Rs.919 onwards

**DISCLAIMER: The mentioned price of the respective product is variable and subject to change.

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