12 Best Night Dress Brands in India

Getting a good night’s sleep is important for all of us, and the clothes we wear when heading to bed play a very important role in the quality of sleep. For a sound sleep, it is essential to wear something which is extremely comfortable. This is the reason why cotton nighties are always in demand. They ensure optimum comfort with their fabric and a pleasant feel with their relaxed fit. You will have plenty of options when it comes to buying a night dress because there are many night dress brands in India.

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How Do We Choose the Best Night Dress Brands for You?

Before opting for a night dress brand, sort out the styles and fabrics that offer the utmost comfort. Then, look for patterns and designs you like. When done thinking, check the following determinant factors. 


When it comes to comfort, you cannot get the best without quality. The materials used for making the night dresses should be in your checklist of factors. Whatever the type of fabric, satin, cotton, polyester, etc it should have fine durability, good colour retention, and softness. With that, good stitching also determines the quality and the duration it might last for. 


Affordability is another factor that you should predetermine. What is the price range you can afford is a crucial factor. Besides, not everything that has a high price point has the best quality. So look for brands that provide you with the finesse you require at a set price point. 


A brand offering night wears should be able to cater to the needs of women with various tastes in fashion. Be it an ethnic design or a western attire, the best night dress brands have it all in different patterns, designs, and colours. Besides, it is easier to compare when you have large options in front of you.

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List of Top 12 Night Dress Brands in India


Romaisa Night Dress

Romaisa is a popular brand as it offers unique patterns of loungewear in different categories. The brand is inclusive, it provides options for nightwear that ticks every checkbox according to the taste of Indian women. Exploring different fabrics and Romaisa has become one of the top night dress brands in India.

Notable Attributes of the Romania brand:

  • It uses mainly satin fabric, which has long durability and retains its colour even after multiple washes. 
  • It creates designs that are both modern and traditional.


  • Every design has several colour options
  • Both Indian and western designs are available
  • Monochrome, as well as floral patterns, are available

Why We Picked This Night Dress Brand?

Rosmaisa has plenty of loungewear options that are rarely found with other brands. From jumpsuits to bridal loungewear, a vast range of this brand has taken the loungewear business to several notches higher. 


Clovia Night Dress

Clovia is a renowned lingerie brand that believes in changing the look of boring inner wear into a classy affair. It believes in providing you with the best-fitted lingerie which would not give you nightmares in public by twitching here and there. Presently, it is emerging as one of the most popular night dress brands. It provides you with tons of choices with an enormous range of fittings. 

Notable Attributes of the Clovia brand:

  • The nightwear is light and well-fitted that feels like your second skin. 
  • The brand keeps changing its collection continuously. 
  • From cotton to satin, you can find lots of varieties in the range of night dresses it offers.


  • Good range of designs is available
  • Best quality at the best pricing
  • Numerous options at different price points

Why We Picked This Night Dress Brand?

Clovia introduces fashionable night dresses that are available in a wide range of pricing and colours. You can pick from several fabric types besides choosing from tons of designs and patterns. 


Zivame Night Dress

Zivame is one of the best night dress brands in India that was made for the purpose of empowering women to shop for lingerie without any inhibitions. The brand is helping women break norms that have been existing for ages. The night dresses offered by Zivame are liked by women all over India. 

Notable Attributes of the Zivame brand:

  • The night dresses are made with the most comfortable fabrics, perfect for putting on and snuggling up to bed. 
  • The designs are meant to uplift women and their confidence. 
  • It has an inclusive design policy that pays heed to all types of body, shape, and age. 


  • Assured the quality of products
  • Numerous options available in different colours

Why We Picked This Night Dress Brand?

The night dresses by the brand Zivame have both traditional and western options. You have the freedom to navigate through thousands of designs and colours in any suitable price category. You can opt for unique designs in different patterns as Zivame knows the needs of women to the core

House of Artemis

Artemis Night Dress

House of Artemis is a brand that aims at providing premium loungewear with a minimalistic look. Apart from the look, it also focuses on providing comfortable fashion. Every collection in some or another way is inspired by different attributes of life. You can go wild or choose to be subtle, the brand has it all for you. 

Notable Attributes of the House of Artemis brand:

  • The brand has comfortable cotton fabric night dresses with tie and dye patterns.
  • The night dresses adapt to all body types easily. 


  • Good quality products
  • Assurity on colours


  • Not many options available

Why We Picked This Night Dress Brand?

House of Artemis only deals with premium products regardless of the category. The light and sober colours will suit every woman regardless of their age. The fabric has long-lasting durability

Eden & Ivy –  Amazon Brand

Eden and Ivy Night Dress

The brand Eden & Ivy has a great line of womenswear and a great collection of bags. The goal of this brand is to reach out to all women and cater to their fashion needs. With this brand, you can reach your fashion goals on a budget. The selection of night dresses is modern and chic with the perfect tones of colours. 

Notable Attributes of the Eden & Ivy- Amazon brand:

  • Eden & Ivy will be your ideal choice if you are looking for the best night dress brands providing western options. 
  • They use mainly cotton elastic fabric to easily fit everyone’s body. 
  • The options are mostly monochrome with unique graphic tags on them. 


  • Wide option range
  • Patterns available in various colours
  • Good quality body-hugging fabric


  • No traditional options are available

Why We Picked This Night Dress Brand?

Eden & Ivy is the brand to opt for when looking for adorable nightwear vibing with teenage spirit. It is mostly loved by teenagers as it meets modern fashion requirements along with comfort. 


Zeyo Night Dress

If you are looking for cosy loungewear options, Zeyo will be your ideal choice, as it is among the top night dress brands in India offering casual western patterns. The brand also has an enormous range of accessories to elevate the beauty of every look you create with Zeyo clothing. 

Notable Attributes of the Zeyo brand:

  • Zeyo has tons of night dress options in many colours.
  • You can choose from monochrome, stripes, and spotted patterns of night dresses.
  • The fabrics are super soft and have good durability. You can choose from polyester and cotton fabrics. 


  • Numerous patterns are available
  • Multiple colours available in all the patterns


  • Little expensive

Why We Picked This Night Dress Brand?

Zeyo night dresses are body-hugging and comfortable to wear while sleeping. It feels good on the skin and lasts for a long time. The colours are soothing to the eyes and loved by all Zeyo customers.


Max Night Dress

Max brings international fashion on a budget to its customers. The establishment is booming around India and outside with hundreds of stores and online availability. The night dresses manufactured by this brand are liked by many. It is a staple brand for night dresses for hundreds of buyers. 

Notable Attributes of the Max brand:

  • Every design has multiple pattern options.
  • You can choose between monochrome, floral, stripped, and polka dotted patterns. 


  • Affordable
  • Available in many colours
  • Includes many size options
  • Manufactures both ethnic and western night dresses


July Night Dress

Comfort is the first thing we seek in our sleepwear, and that is what July started its venture for. This is one of the few night dress brands that accommodate unique patterned dresses besides being usable by all. The founder Neha Bajaj believes in changing the perception of nightwear and providing a modern outlook

Notable Attributes of July Brand:

  • July has multiple types of nightdresses that are uniquely designed and look more than just sleepwear.
  • The fabrics used for making night dresses are durable and smooth. 


  • Multiple sleeves and sleeveless patterns are available
  • The colours are soothing and last after multiple uses

The Kaftan Company

The Kaftan Company Night Dress

The Kaftan Company aims to accentuate every woman’s beauty with a fashionable range of night garments for women. The ornamental details of each night dress are a commendable side of this venture. Since 2011 the Kaftan Company has managed to provide sophistication with kaftans that are crafted to fit every woman seamlessly. 

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Notable Attributes of the Kaftan Company brand:

  • The products are made with the finest and most sustainable fabrics that remain the same after many washes. 
  • Luxury night dresses are made with trendy patterns and designs.
  • It makes night dresses of different lengths and accommodates many patterns like animal prints and floral prints. Solid colours are also available. 


  • Both western and ethnic patterns are found 
  • The fabrics are eco-friendly 


  • Expensive

Miss Chase

Miss Chase Night Dress

The global fashion brand Miss Chase is into designing dream dresses and nightwear for women. The company makes event-appropriate dresses to suit different needs and purposes. Miss Chase is considered one of the best night dress brands as it is a top choice among buyers. 

Notable Attributes of the Miss Chase brand:

  • Made with comfortable fabrics that are loosely fitted to make it more breathable.
  • The range is perfect for girls and women. The printed quotes are quirky and define modern style.


  • Available in chic colours
  • Loose fitted 


  • Not enough options
  • No ethnic options

Sweet Dreams

Sweet Dreams Night Dress

Since 1989, Sweetdreams has been people’s favourite brand for sleepwear. The high-quality fashionable nightwear and sportswear curated by this brand are loved by many and still garner attention from all age groups. So the brand is for everyone regardless of gender, age or size. 

Notable Attributes of the Sweet Dreams brand:

  • Night dresses curated by Sweet Dreams are well-fitted with great-quality fabric.
  • There are many types of fabrics. You can choose between different cotton blends and satin blends. 


  • Affordable
  • Both western and ethnic options are available
  • Many patterns are prints are available in different designs


Soie Night Dress

Spreading consciousness about fashion in the sleepwear range is the goal of Soie. It focuses on building strength and confidence among women through fashion. The company is also involved in a noble job, it contributes 2% of its profit to support the education of tribal children. 

Notable Attributes of the Soie brand:

  • Comfortable cotton fabric is used for making night dresses.
  • Solid-coloured nightwear with small floral patterns is majorly made by Soie.
  • The night dresses are body-hugging and soft.


  • Long-lasting materials are used


  • Expensive
  • Not many options to choose from

Final Word

The 12-night dress brands discussed here are the top preference of Indian consumers. Even though some cons are found to be associated with some brands, the attributes and their pros outweigh them. The night dresses of different brands vary from one other in a good way. So, go for a brand that suits the factors you value the most. 

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