How To Wear A Lehenga Dupatta?

From a Bollywood celeb to the girl-next-door, lehengas have been worn by all. However, slaying a lehenga look becomes a stumbling block if the lehenga dupatta isn’t draped right.

This elegant attire can make you look like a goddess if styled in the best way. There are numerous lehenga dupatta draping styles but choosing the one that goes well with the occasion can be cumbersome. So, we are here with a quick guide to how to wear a lehenga dupatta in different styles.


How To Wear A Lehenga Dupatta – Step By Step Tutorial

This year was all about celebrity weddings and we all were crushing over the Deep Veer, Nikyanka, and Sonam-Anand’s wedding outfits. The trend has already been set and the lehenga dupatta draping styles of the shadi season are already copied by the viewers.

Let’s check out the ways to wear lehenga dupatta.

Style #1

Drape It Like Sabyasachi

Drape It Like Sabyasachi

The signature Sabyasachi style is easy to pull off! Classic as ever, the over-the-head pinned style with a veil-like style at the back looks super stunning. This look gives ample space for your hands to move around and enjoy the wedding. In addition to this do check out how you can wear phulkari dupattas.

How To Wear Lehenga Dupatta In Sabyasachi Style?

  • Pin one dupatta over your head.
  • The other lehenga dupatta is pinned at one of the shoulders.
  • Stretch it to the mid-waist and pin it up. Tada, you are ready!

Style #2

Drape It With Front Cowls

Drape It With A Front Cowl

If your lehenga blouse is totally simple and lehenga dupatta is ultra-intricate, then the best way to accentuate the outfit is to drape your lehenga dupatta in the front cowl style. Also do check some of the best crop top lehenga designs that are must to try.

How To Wear Lehenga Dupatta With Front Cowls?

  • Simply place your dupatta conventionally on both of your shoulders.
  • Let it flow downwards and place it on your hands.
  • Pin it up on your shoulders from both the sides.

Net dupattas are perfect for parties. So we have done some research and was able to find some of the best gold net dupattas that are go to for parties.

Style #3

Drape It Like A Cape

Drape it Like A Cape

Go unconventional this shadi season! Drape your dupatta like a cape and boost your style sense. If your blouse has a unique style and you wish to accentuate it, then simply drape it like a cape lehenga dupatta style.

How To Wear Lehenga Dupatta In Cape Style?

  • Let your lehenga dupatta flow effortlessly in the front.
  • Pin up your dupatta from the back with the shoulder straps of your blouse.

Style #4

Drape It On Your Arms 

Drape it On Your Arms

If you wish to look gorgeous while remaining at ease, then simply drape your dupatta over your arms. This simple lehenga dupatta draping style is perfect for ladies who don’t want to go overboard and yet wish to stay casual. Say ‘Bye!’ to pin-ups now.

How To Wear Lehenga Dupatta On Your Arms?

  • Place the dupatta on both your arms pulled from behind.
  • Let it simply flow downwards.

Style #5

Drape It On One Shoulder 

Drape it on One Side

Simple and subtle, drape your lehenga dupatta on the side to look quintessential. It is super easy and does not take much time when rushing for an event.

How To Wear Lehenga Dupatta On One Side?

  • Simply drape it on one of your shoulders.
  • Pin it up to the shoulder strap of your blouse. Ta Da, you are ready!

Style #6

Drape It Like A Saree Pallu

Drape it Like A Saree Pallu

Pull off a lehenga with maintaining the essence of a conventional sari. Simply go for this saree pallu draping style.

How To Wear Lehenga Dupatta Like A Saree Pallu?

  • Place the dupatta on one side of the shoulder.
  • Pleat it just like the sari pallu.
  • Take it around your waist and tuck it at the back of your lehenga.

Style #7

Drape It Like A Veil

Drape it Like A Veil

Remember how DP created headlines with her vivacious avatar at one of her wedding receptions in Mumbai? Who doesn’t? Her flawless floral Sabyasachi lehenga was a stunner and her veil style lehenga dupatta was phenomenal. If you wish to get the same look, then you need not to buy a Sabyasachi lehenga.

How To Wear Lehenga Dupatta Like A Veil?

  • Simply take a sheer lehenga dupatta and place half of it over your head.
  • The other half falls perfectly at the back.
  • Pin it on your head with bobby pins.
  • Let the veil gracefully fall on your face.

In addition to this sarees are never off session. So if you also want to wear a saree but don’t know how the check out our latest tutorial on wearing saree.

Style #8

Drape It From Shoulder To Arm

Drape One Side on the Shoulder and One on the Arm

At her charming self, Alia Bhatt appears like a breath of fresh air in the neon green lehenga. The lehenga dupatta draping style looks absolutely classic. If you wish to look elegant as ever, then go for this draping style.

How To Wear Lehenga Dupatta Across The Shoulder and Arm?

  • Place one end of the dupatta on your shoulder and pin it up.
  • Take the other half around your waist from the back.
  • Wrap it around your arm.

Style #9

Drape It Gujarati Style

Drape it Gujarati Style

Prim and refreshing, the Gujarati lehenga dupatta draping style is all you can ask for. This draping style gives a comforting experience throughout the wedding event and also looks effortless.

How To Wear Lehenga Dupatta In Gujarati Style?

  • Place the lehenga dupatta on your shoulder and pleat it just like a saree.
  • You can either let the other half flow at the back or tuck it in the lehenga itself.

Style #10

Drape It With A Belt

Drape it With A Belt

Virushka’s wedding affair was all star-studded, but we couldn’t take our eyes off her glittery attire. Her lehenga dupatta draping style is now a trend that every bride follows.

How To Wear Lehenga Dupatta With A Belt?

  • Simply place the lehenga dupatta over your shoulder.
  • Tie a belt around your waist.
  • The lehenga dupatta stays inside making your silhouette appear slender.
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