How To Wear A Dupatta In Different Styles? Step By Step Tutorial

Ethnic outfits undoubtedly make us look great whenever we wear them. No wedding or festival is complete without women donning their favourite lehenga choli or salwar kameez which adds a special charm to their entire look. Dupattas have always been an essential piece of clothing in the traditional wear segment. You can drape these in different ways to create interesting looks. This post will tell you how to wear different types of dupattas in different styles.

Here is a step by step guide on how to wear dupatta with lehenga in different styles. Follow these steps to make your look even more appealing and unique.

How To Wear a Dupatta in Different Styles? Step By Step Tutorial

A dupatta can be worn in several styles depending upon the outfit and occasion. You can use it to look contemporary or exquisite as per your choice. Here is how to wear lehenga dupatta or a suit dupatta in different styles.

1. Drape It Around 

Drape It Around Yourself

This is a very elegant and royal dupatta wearing style which will not only make you look good but also keep you warm. It is ideal for cotton and linen dupattas.

Step-by-Step Style Guide

  • Pin one end of the dupatta on your right shoulder.
  • Take the other end and wrap the dupatta around yourself loosely.
  • Pin the other end on the left shoulder.
  • Make sure you tie it loosely so that you have room to move your hands.

2. Pleat It and Pin On One Shoulder

Pleat It and Pin on One Shoulder

This is a vintage style which you must try. It will render a neat and polished look. The style can be carried with ease. Try this style for formal events.

Step by Step Style Guide

  • Take the dupatta and pleat its entire length.
  • Take a safety pin and secure it on one shoulder.
  • The length at the back should be slightly longer than the length at the front.

3. Pleated on One Side and Open on the Other

Pleated on One Side and Open on the Other

One of the most beautiful styles, this is ideal for dupattas that have a beautifully emphasized border. Any fabric will work for this style.

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Step by Step Style Guide

  • Pleat the dupatta along its entire length.
  • Pin it on one shoulder with one-third of the dupatta’s length behind the shoulder.
  • Open the pleats of the length of dupatta in the front.
  • Take the upper part of the dupatta and pin it on your other shoulder, leaving it a little loose between both the shoulders.

4. Open and Pinned on One Side

Open and Pinned on One Side

If you are wearing a heavily embroidered or sequinned dupatta then this is the best style for it. Keep the rest of the outfit simple and let the dupatta take the attention.

Step by Step Style Guide

  • This is a very simple style. Open your dupatta and pin its upper edge on one shoulder.
  • You can pin it with an equal length falling behind and on the front or make the length at the back a little longer.
  • Let the dupatta fall on your arm with grace.
  • You can gather it on your arm if you want to.

5. On the Elbows from Behind

On the Elbows from Behind

This is one of the most popular styles of wearing a dupatta. It is also one of the ways to wear a dupatta with lehenga. Absolutely chic and classy, this style will add a princess vibe to your look.

Step by Step Style Guide

  • You really don’t have to do anything for this style. Take your dupatta behind you around your waist.
  • Bring both the ends in front of you.
  • Lay the dupatta on each of your forearms from respective sides.
  • Let the end fall down and adjust the length so that you don’t have trouble walking.

6. With a Waist Belt

With a Waist Belt

This is a contemporary style which will help you attain an Indo-western look. Fabrics like cotton and georgette are apt for this style.

Step by Step Style Guide

  • Take a dupatta and open it completely.
  • Put it on one shoulder keeping the front length only a little below the waist.
  • Tie a sleek belt around your waist, with the front part of the dupatta inside it.
  • Take the other end from behind and tuck one end inside the belt on the other side.

7. Pinned on Shoulder and Waist

A style mostly carried off with lehenga, this is a traditional and beautiful way to wear your dupatta. You can never go wrong with this style. A long dupatta is required for this style.

Step by Step Style Guide

  • Pleat your dupatta.
  • Pin it on one shoulder with the front length reaching a little below the waist.
  • Take the other end and tuck it in the waistline of the lehenga on the other side.
  • See that it is draped properly from behind. Adjust the length if needed.

8. Side Cowls Style

As a Side Loop

Another style preferred by women when wearing lehenga. It should be worn like a sash with beautiful cowls on one side. It is an effortless style and does not consume much time to wear either.

Step by Step Style Guide

  • Open your dupatta completely.
  • Take both the ends and pin them together, forming cowls.
  • Wear it with the ends pinned on one of the shoulders.

9. High Neck Style

High Neck Style

This style of wearing a dupatta comes a long way and is mostly seen with salwar kameez. If you want your outfit to look traditionally feminine then go for this style of dupatta.

Step by Step Style Guide

  • Open your dupatta
  • Gather it at the centre
  • Wear it over your shoulders
  • Make sure it is in contact with your neck.

10. Shawl and Cape Style

Shawl and Cape Style

If a dupatta is worn in this style, it is bound to make you look elegant and classy. This style goes best with lehenga and choli.

Step by Step Style Guide

  • Open your dupatta completely.
  • Wrap it behind your back.
  • Bring the upper hem over your shoulders.
  • Let the dupatta folds open on the back gracefully.
  • Hold the fabric on the elbows.
  • Pin it on the shoulders if needed.

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