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Women Casual Shoes

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Buy Latest Casual Shoes for Women In India With Discounts & Cashback

Women casual shoes are available in an infinite variety of styles/colours, which are regularly updated to reflect the latest pop culture influences and fashion trends. Any girl/woman who likes shoes understands their importance to an outfit.

As Marilyn Monroe once said, "Give a girl the right pair of shoes, and she can conquer the world."

Picking up trending casual shoes for women is always a smart idea, whether it is for an occasion or just to improve your overall look. Additionally, you may now browse many brands at once while buying some everyday casual shoes for women online.

We at CashKaro, let you compare the prices of the best casual shoes for women offered by various retailers like Amazon, Myntra, and TataCliQ with best discounts.

Types of Women Casual Shoes in India

Casual Sneakers

The most prevalent kind of sneakers you will see in stores and on women feet are lace-up shoes. They are casual sneakers that come with shoelaces. Flat sneakers with lace-ups keep the shoes firmly fastened to your feet.

Casual shoes like sneakers have practically taken off over the globe. By the start of the twenty-first century, shoes like the Classic Chucks had established themselves as real global favourites. Purchase a pair of white or black casual shoes online since they are the best and go with everything!

 Women Casual Shoes

Running Shoes

Classic running shoes live up to their name and are excellent for jogging. Whether strolling to the grocery store or jogging quite a distance, their cushioning technology can keep your feet comfortable.

The fact that these sole high shoes for women are lightweight is their finest feature! These kinds of shoes are widely available. There are running shoes available for a variety of surfaces and exercises like high-impact aerobics.

Slide Sandals

Slide sandals are sometimes referred to as slides. This footwear embodies casual dressing. This stylish shoe design has an open toe and no rear. One strap may be present, or there may be many. Slide sandals have been worn on feet for many centuries, first appearing on the feet of the ancient Romans. Though much later, in the 60s, the slides began to gain popularity in the US and Europe.

Flip Flops

Without flip-flops, summer would not be complete! This flat footwear is another design that borrows elements from antiquity. They were worn by the Ancient Egyptians as early as 4000 BC. However, the Zori marked the beginning of the flip-flop obsession in America in the 1960s.

Gladiator Sandals

With a hefty heel, tie-up fabric, and an open toe, these casual shoes will look excellent with both long and short skirts. This pair provides a very fashionable touch to any outfit, day or night. They are a trending category of women footwear with several varieties today.

Ballerina Flats

Nothing compares to ballerina flats for basic casual shoes in comfort and elegance. They are renowned for having low heels, and traditional designs incorporate a small ribbon upfront. These days, pointy or almond toe ballerina flats are in style. For trendy events, these non-heeled flats are a terrific alternative.


Indigenous Americans and Canadians are the sources of this ungendered shoe fashion. The top of the sides and sole are sewn together. It could include a vamp, a kind of leather panel. Originally, deerskin or similar soft leather was used to create moccasins.

Slipper Loafers

Given its lack of a toe-stitch and frequent use of expensive fabrics and decorations, slippers are seen to be the most formal kind of loafer. Loafers are easy-to-wear casual shoes with elasticized strips on each side that eliminate the need for laces or other fastenings.

Ladies loafers feature a timeless design that gives daytime or business attire a touch of retro charm. They may be worn with various outfits and are also quite adaptable. It makes sense that they are a mainstay in many closets.

Slingback Shoes

Slingback shoes, many of which have heels, have an ankle strap that spans over the heel of the foot and wraps around the back and sides of the ankle. Because the strap simply wraps around the back of the ankle, slingbacks vary from ankle strap shoes in this way. The strap may sometimes include a buckle or an elastic band for comfort and flexibility.

Canvas Shoes

Although lightweight canvas shoes have a sportier appearance than ballerina shoes, they are just as wonderful a shoe design for ladies seeking a casual appeal. They are cosy, useful, and available in various hues and designs.

Canvas shoes make a stylish weekend ensemble worn with jeans and a T-shirt. Shorts may be worn with printed canvas shoes for those warm-weather weekends spent at the park.

Trending Casual Shoes Brands for Women in India

  • Metro Shoes: Metro is a household name and offers some of the best-selling footwear in India. A multinational Indian brand, Metro is known for its quality and skilled craftsmanship over anything else. They have a wide range of casual shoes, including comfortable everyday wear flats for women of all ages.
  • Clarks Shoes: Clarks offers an extensive range of casual shoes, ideal for laidback everyday wear, party nights, and professional workdays. Their shoes promise optimum comfort, and when manufactured, each shoe receives immense attention to detail. Women can find formal, sparkly heels, wedges, and pretty sandals at Clarks.
  • Bata Shoes: Need affordable prices? Bata has the best of everything. In colourful designs, women can find ballerinas, sandals, slippers, canvas shoes, and flip-flops. They are sturdy and can last for years if maintained well. Bata also has some of the best walking shoes for older women who do not prefer tying laces or do not want to opt for bulky sports shoes.
  • Nike Shoes: Keeping up with the preferences of millennials, Nike casual shoes exhume an energetic vibe to blend in perfectly with a fast-paced life. Nike has an impressive collection of casual sneakers, stylish slip-ons, and joggers, so immediately maintain a healthy lifestyle.
  • H & M: Putting your best foot forward has been made simpler by H&M exciting range of funky & minimal-looking shoes. From trendy sneakers to warm, fashionable boots and stellar high heels, women can be left split for choice by the H&M collection of footwear.

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