6 Different Types of Long T-Shirts & Ways to Style it

Do you wish to jazz up your wardrobe? Long T-shirts are a new trend that add something new to your appearance and spice up your looks. If you pull these longlines well, it is surely going to make you look stunning. Whether its summers or winters, long T-shirts come in handy when you wish to wear something different. Although there are many different types Of t-shirts for women already available in the market these Long T-shirts can be a go to option for boys.

Pulling off longlines or long t-shirts can be a task. If the proportion, silhouette, and style are combined perfectly, you can boss the outfit while being an inspiration for many.

6 Types of Long T-Shirts & How to Style Them

1. Long T-shirt For A Party

A shiny black long top with white bottoms looks perfect if you’re up for a party. The dropped hem of the top and a skinny fit jean will work wonders. You can wear a leather jacket to amp up your style.

Accessorize With:

Corset heels, a dark colour satchel and silver jewellery.

Style Tip: 

Let your hair loose and apply light make-up. You can opt for a matte lipstick and dewy eye make-up.

Long t shirt for party

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2. Long T-shirt For Formal Wear

Long T-shirts in the workplace is a bit tricky! You need to add a blazer of similar length to make it look formal. You can wear trousers and classy pumps to work. A white blazer and a white formal long T-shirt will also do!

Accessorize With:

Pumps, a dark colour clutch and silver danglers.

Style Tip: 

Let your hair loose and apply light make-up. You can use matte lipstick and wear subtle eye make-up.

long t shirt for office

Starts from Rs 1000 onwards Only

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3. Long T-shirt For A Casual Outing

A casual street style with a long T-shirt is not hard to achieve. Wear skinny fit jeans of any dark colour with a light-coloured long T-shirt. If its winters, you can wear high boots and a stylish cap to help you with that fashionista look. Long t shirt for women can also be worn under a women’s long checkered shirt, women’s long fitted denim shirt or a women’s long floral shirt.

Accessorize With:

High boots, a dark colour handbag and silver ear loops.

Style Tip: 

Let your hair loose and apply light make-up. Wear a silver bracelet if you wish.

Long t shirt for casual wear

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4. Long T-shirt For Winters

Long T-shirts layered with a long cardigan or a jacket gives you a stunning look. A scarf draped in a trendy way magnifies your look as well as keeps you warm in the chilling winters. A plain black long t-shirt is versatile with long sleeves, it becomes one of the best women’s long sleeve t shirt. Wearing a women’s long sleeve ruffle shirt over it will also look great. Add some spice to your look with stylish ear loops or tassel earrings.

Accessorize With:

High boots, a dark colour handbag and ear loops.

Style Tip: 

You can wear a little gloss on your lips, highlight your eyes and cheeks.

Long t shirt for winter

Starts from Rs 600 onwards Only

5. T-shirt Dress For A Friends Party

If you’re fond of dresses, you can wear a long T-shirt as a dress. A T-shirt with a contrasting jacket or a blazer looks perfect for a friend’s party. If it’s a day out, you can wear white sneakers and carry a handbag.

Accessorize With:

White sneakers, a handbag and trendy silver earrings.

Style Tip: 

Wear dark shades, leave your hair open and apply a matte lipstick.

Long t shirt dress

Starts from Rs 700 onwards Only

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