Top 10 Looks From Aashna Shroff To Make You Ramp Ready

A familiar name in the makeup and fashion industry, Aashna Shroff is a Mumbai based fashion blogger with a huge fan following. Personifying the real diva, her fashion collection is truly worth dying for. So, if you’re looking to spruce up your wardrobe with some amazing picks, then take some inspiration from her top 10 fashion looks.

1. Pretty In Pink

Bright pinks are in trend this season. While Aashna steals the show by pairing it with black faux leather pants, you can club it with a dark washed denim and black calf-length boots.

Pink Pullover

2. Brimming Blue

One of the most versatile pieces of clothing that you’ll ever wear is a denim jumpsuit. Add this full-length jumpsuit to your wardrobe and wear it on any casual outing along with grey heels.

Denim Jumpsuit

3. Yellow On The Go

Add some bling to your fashion collection by bringing in a yellow top like this. Team it with a pair of dark jeans and sports shoes to nail the carefree look. Moreover check these amazing Kangana Ranaut looks that you might wanna steal.

Yellow Top

4. Whimsical Whites

Whites can never go out of fashion. Pack the amazing white front knotted top and team it with denim hot pants or skirt and a beautiful pair of grey heels.

White Front Knotted Top

5. Blazing Blacks

An essential clothing item, a black jacket is something that should be your go-to option whenever you’re undecided about your dress. Take a black jacket along with a white top and denim hot pants on your dream vacation and slay. You might also find these Deepika Padukone photos inspiring.

Biker Jacket

6. Tranquil Turquoise

The best choice for people who prefer to keep it sassy and light, a turquoise jumpsuit like this one will surely make you look even more charming. Pack it up for your trip to a royal fort or desert area and nail the look.

Printed Jumpsuits

7. Combinations And Contrasts

Trying out this combination is worth every penny. Just like Aashna, team up your orange or yellow top with a black sheer skirt to make the best fashion combination ever.

Black Skirt

8. Dark Denims

Denims have got a charm of their own. While you can always pick an overall denim look for any casual outing, pairing a denim jacket over a white top and similar colored denim pants is what will make you look classy and elegant.

Denim Jacket

9. Vibrant Blues

A solid ruffled top paired with light coloured denim capris is a perfectly made match. Team up this amazing outfit with a pair of black heels and steal the show by making an unconventional fashion statement.

Ruffled Tops

10. Majestic Maroons

A dress is simply a girl’s best friend. Pick out a maroon empire dress like this one with a spaghetti strap detail and slay with style at your next night out or a romantic date with your man.

Empire Dresses

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