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Fragrances & Perfumes

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Fragrances & Perfumes

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7 Different Types Of Fragrances Available in the Market

Eau de Toilette

One of the most found and popular fragrance types, Eau de Toilette contains less perfume oil but has a dense volume of water and alcohol. For those who prefer a light misty fragrance and do not want to wear a strong scent, Eau de Toilette is one of the best options. Eau de Toilette is suitable for outings that can be done within a short time span such as brunch dates or a day out shopping at the mall.

Eau de Parfum

Another commonly loved fragrance type, Eau de Parfum is one of the best fragrance types that has historically always been genderless. In contrast to Eau de Toilette, Eau de Parfum contains a lot more perfume oil, making it an ideal choice for people who prefer wearing strong perfume. These are best for longer durations since they last all day.

Body Mists

A body mist is simply a lighter variant of a perfume, ideally used on the wrists, neck, and collar bones. They are soft and contain a delicate fragrance that makes one feel refreshed after putting it on. Because a body mist has a lower concentration of essential oils, the scent lasts for about 2-3 hours. Body mists are best to be carried in your purse for last-minute fixes.

Roll-on Deodorant

Roll-on Deodorants are known for providing the flexibility to control the amount of fragrance one wishes to apply, because of their unique build. Best used in the underarms since they produce a lot more sweat than other body parts, roll-on deodorants deliver a larger amount of active ingredients as compared to regular deodorants. One of the most common roll-on deodorants is antiperspirant deodorants which prevent sweating and keep the unwanted sweaty odour at bay.


Deodorant sprays have been popular for a long time now and can be suitable for people of all ages, excluding infants. Deodorant sprays work towards covering the sweat glands and is usually applied in the underarms, and on the neck. Lately, deodorant brands have shifted to producing alcohol-free deodorants that do not cause irritation to the skin but produce the same amount of fragrance as their earlier versions.


Cologne sprays are usually made of 2-4% perfume oils diluted in a combination of alcohol and water. These usually last for about 3-4 hours and are popular amongst the youth. Cologne Sprays are light, fruity, fresh, and can be worn by both men and women, contrary to popular belief that women wear perfumes and men wear cologne.

Body Spay

As a deodorant, body sprays are fragrances that are supposed to be applied elsewhere on the body except the armpits. In comparison with a cologne, body sprays are lighter in strength and usually less expensive. Bodysprays are composed of mainly water and alcohol mixed with a dash of scent. They are antiperspirant in nature and must be used in areas that produce sweat.

List of Best Fragrances For Men in India

This list will tell you the Best Fragrances for Men in India with starting prices.

Best Fragrances For Men in IndiaStarting Price*
Mr BurberryRs 679
Tom Ford Noir ExtremeRs 585
Pour Homme by Bottega VenetaRs 1149
Ambre Nuit By Christian DiorRs 1475
CK One by Calvin KleinRs 4525

List of Best Fragrances For Women in India

This list will tell you the Best Fragrances for Women in India with starting prices.

Best Fragrances For Women in IndiaStarting Price*
Flowerbomb Eau de Parfum SprayRs 588
Black Opium Eau de ParfumRs 1325
Coco Mademoiselle Eau De Parfum SprayRs 525
Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet Eau de ToiletteRs 2763
Pleasures Eau de Parfum SprayRs 1999

List of Best Fragrances For Home & Room in India

This list will tell you the Best Fragrances for Homes & Rooms in India with starting prices.

Best Fragrances For Home in IndiaStarting Price*
Odonil Room SprayRs 190
Ambi Pur Air EffectRs 251
Godrej Aer Pocket BathroomRs 210
Airpro Luxury SphereRs 349
Elioria Lavender Scented CandlesRs 399

List of Best Fragrances Brands in India

Best Fragrances Brands in IndiaStarting Price*
Titan Skinn PerfumesRs 535
Estee Lauder PerfumesRs 4500
Bath and Body Works MistsRs 1499
Axe PerfumesRs 172
Engage DeodorantsRs 194

Titan Skinn Perfumes

The fragrance that has been inspired by the alleys of Amalfi in Italy, Skinn by Titan is one of the most popular and best-selling perfumes in not just India but also globally. Skinn has a range of perfumes for men and women, and help you elevate your everyday attire in just a few sprays. Crafted by celebrated French perfumers, these perfumes are long-lasting and help you stand out in the crowd.

Estee Lauder Perfumes

A premier brand of cosmetics, Estee Lauder has some of the best perfumes for women and cater to a global audience. A favourite amongst the Hollywood clique, Estee Lauder has experience of over 70 years in skincare and cosmetics and produce fragrances that stay for a long duration. One of their best-selling perfumes for women is the Red Door by Estee Lauder and Estee Lauders Sunflower.

Bath and Body Works Mists

An American giant that made its way to India about 3 years ago, Bath and Body Works perfumes is a millennials go-to fragrance. A rage in the western world that has gradually taken over India, their perfumes are classic and never disappoint. They launch new fragrances every season, while still paying tribute to their timeless ones. One of the best perfume brands for women and girls, some of their iconic fragrances are Cherry Blossom, Sweet Pea, and A Thousand Wishes.

Axe Perfumes

Axe is a popular mens perfume brand that takes pride in producing some of the best and most masculine fragrances for the men of today. Most of their perfumes have a strong scent and can stay on for hours so you smell your absolute best. Axe has a unique range of deodorants, antiperspirants, and daily fragrances that are suitable for every individuals fragrance preference.

Engage Deodorants

An Indian brand from the house of ITC, Engage has an exquisite range of deodorants, body sprays, and perfumes that are ideal for those who want to smell their best but within a budget. Crafted by international fragrance experts, these perfumes offer an exciting and fresh take on age-old fragrances with their refreshing burst of scents for men and women. It is innovative packaging also makes it a must-have perfume beauty accessory for those who love all things quirky.

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*Price & specs are subject to change according to brand.

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