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Buy Latest Monitors Online With Offers & Cashback Via CashKaro

Monitors are some of the most essential peripherals to complete your computer setup at home or in the office. In addition, it can totally change your computing or gaming experience.

Monitors come in various screen sizes, resolutions (normal to 4k), shapes, and brands, which you can choose depending upon your budget and requirements. If you are looking for the best monitors online, there are plenty of options on leading shopping sites like Flipkart, Amazon, and more. What is even better is that you can get amazing deals on the best monitors via CashKaro.


Types of Monitor Available Online

A monitor is a screen that you can place on your desk and connect your laptop or desktop to use the software on your preferred operating system. With the wide range of monitors available nowadays, it is important to know the types of monitors available.

  • LCD Monitor: LCD monitors are one of the most popular and widely available monitors that are available nowadays. LCD monitors have good resolutions and are lighter. Also, they do not take up much space.
  • LED Monitor: The LED monitor is another type of display that is available widely. LED screens are brighter and have longer durability than earlier LCD monitors. Additionally, they also produce brighter colours.
  • Flat-panel Monitor: A number of computers and laptops come with flat-panel monitors as displays nowadays. The narrow shape of the monitor leads to the name. A flat panel monitor is well-liked because of its portability, compact size, and high resolution.
  • Curved Monitor: The most recent in display technology are curved monitors may be pricey. They are popular for the view that they provide. Curved displays are growing in popularity among gamers and programmers.
  • Touchscreen Monitor: A touch screen monitor allows for physical interaction. By just touching the screen, users may access any websites or programs.
  • OLED Monitor: OLED monitors are more energy-efficient than LCDs. They have greater contrast ratios and more vivid colours. An OLED monitor is more eco-friendly since it does not generate any harmful byproducts
  • DLP Monitors: When it comes to reproducing true colours on a computer screen, DLP monitors are regarded as the finest. They utilise light and have three main colours. Because they are so good at displaying beautiful images, gamers and movie fans are interested in them.

What to Consider Before Buying a Monitor Online?

  • Screen Size: The monitor is usually the main display port of a desktop and a secondary one for a laptop. Usually, monitors nowadays range between 14 inches to 30+ inches. Anything above that is not the best in case you are keeping it on a table due to proximity to the screen. 21-27 inches is the most popular screen size range as it gets most of your work while offering a good amount of screen real estate.
  • Screen Resolution: Screen resolution is another major factor when deciding to buy a new monitor. The resolution has been improving over the last few years, going from 720p HD to 1080p full HD and even 4K. Depending on your usage and budget, you can pick from a resolution that suits your line of work.
  • Display Technology: Displays today come in several types, including LCD, LED, AMOLED, IPS, and more. These are across different budgets, with AMOLED being one of the most premia in the market.
  • Refresh Rate: Refresh rate is another point to consider, especially for those who use their desktops or laptops for gaming. Generally, the higher the refresh rate, the smoother is the display operates during heavy refreshing actions like playing a game or editing a video.

List Of Best Monitor Brands to Shop in India

  • LG: LG is one of the biggest names in the monitor and PC accessories business. This South Korean manufacturer offers options with varied screen resolutions, screen sizes, refresh rates, and more.
  • Samsung: Looking for monitors online? Samsung is one of the best brands to go for. Samsung has a big share in the monitor market, and for all good reasons. You can choose from smart, gaming, curved, flat, and business monitors.
  • Acer: Acer monitors are a value buy. They offer top-of-the-line features on a budget. CashKaro offers the most advanced at unbelievable prices. Just log on to CashKaro, and ensure savings by purchasing through top sites like Amazon, Flipkart, Croma, etc.
  • Dell: Dell is one of the top monitor brands in the market. The Dell S2421HGF is a great 24-inch gaming monitor that offers a 144Hz refresh rate, 1ms response time, and an advanced cooling design for the most responsive gameplay.
  • HP: HP is one of the leading brands for PC accessories, hence, on the list of the top monitor brands in India. Their monitors have a large selection of budget as well as premium options for varied use cases.

Top 10 Best-Selling Desktop Monitors in India

  • Dell UltraSharp 27 4K USB-C Hub Monitor
  • HP E27m G4 QHD USB-C Conferencing Monitor
  • Dell UltraSharp 27 4K PremierColor Monitor
  • Philips Brilliance 279P1
  • HP 24mh 23.8-Inch Display
  • LG C2 48-Inch Evo OLED TV
  • ViewSonic Elite XG270QG
  • Dell 24 S2421HGF
  • Alienware 34 QD-OLED
  • Asus ROG Swift PG35VQ
  • Lenovo ThinkVision M14
  • Apple Pro Display XDR

Save Money on Desktop Monitors via CashKaro

Monitors are required by all computer users, whether you are a casual browser or a professional video editor. However, the requirements range from a basic monitor to a high-end 4K monitor with a large screen resolution. You can find the widest range of monitors offered by the biggest brands in the market through major retailers via CashKaro at only the best prices. CashKaro allows you to compare prices, grab exclusive coupons, and get cashback or rewards on your purchase. So, anytime you shop via CashKaro on its 1500+ partner sites, your savings are ensured. The cashback you receive will be real cash that can be transferred to your bank account.

*Product price is subject to change according to sales and brand price list.

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