Best Fully Automatic Washing Machines

Best Fully Automatic Washing Machines

Fully automatic washing machines are one of the best home appliances that you can invest in. These machines require no manual interference for operation. Suitable for bachelors and families alike, these washing machines can complete the whole washing cycle by optimally utilizing resources like water and electricity. These time and energy saving washing machines are more compact than semi-automatic machines. So, if you are looking to bring home a fully automatic washing machine to get your clothes washed hygienically and perfectly, check out our top 5 recommendations for the same.

Best Fully Automatic Washing Machines

1. Samsung Fully Automatic Machine

This fully automatic washing machine by Samsung features a top-load design and a sturdy steel body. The washing machine keeps clothes lint-free, clean, and guarantees a hygienic wash. This washing machine can capacitate up to 6.2 kg of clothes and is ideal for a family of 3 to 4 people. Easy to operate, this washing machine features a control panel with various modes for cleaning and a digital timer on the front. Moreover, this washing machine comes with a Center Jet Technology that prevents clothes getting tangled in the tub, child-lock feature, and a quick wash program for lightly soiled clothes. It uses less water for cleaning reducing wastage, and the Eco Tub clean feature keeps the washer fresh and notifies you when in need of cleaning.

Fabric Care

This washing machine has a Diamond Drum which washes clothes effectively and is gentle on the fabric.

Top Choice

Key Aspects:

  • Leaves no detergent residue
  • Dry garments straight from the drum
  • Child lock
  • Auto-restart
  • Five water levels for varied requirement

2. Bosch Fully Automatic Washing Machine

Equipped with an AntiVibration design for low levels of noise, this Bosch machine is one home appliance that you must have. The machine has a front-load design and is made with durable stainless steel. The freestanding model comes with a front control panel and a digital timer. Suitable for families of 4 to 5 people, this washing machine can accommodate up to 7 kg of weight during one wash cycle. This appliance comes with higher spin speed and faster drying time. Explicitly designed to cater to those who suffer from allergies and sensitive skin, this washing machine comes with an AllergyPlus program that can keep the clothes a germ free and hygienic. It has a reload function that allows you to open the door early in the cycle and add or remove items. It also consumes less energy by adjusting water and electricity as needed.

Express Washing

This fully automatic washing machine allows you to wash lightly soiled clothes in a 15-30 min cycle. You can also get fully clean clothes in a 60 min Express Wash cycle.

Next Best

Key Aspects:

  • Reload clothes while washing
  • Gentle clean
  • Intensive stain removal
  • Auto-restart
  • Six modes for different fabrics
  • EcoSilence drive motor for reducing friction and wear-out

3. Whirlpool Fully Automatic Machine

Suitable for a family of 4 to 5 people, this washing machine can accommodate up to 7 kg of weight during one wash. The washing machine features a top load design with an easy control panel placed at the back. Made entirely of stainless steel, this washing machine also features a sturdy steel spa drum that ensures thorough cleaning of clothes. This washing machine also has a built-in heater which adjusts the temperature of the water as per requirement.

Adaptive Wash

This machine is endowed with special sensors that can determine the type of hard water being used and adapts the wash cycle depending upon it.

Popular Choice

Key Aspects:

  • Power scrub
  • Smart sensors for low voltage and water conditions
  • Suitable for hard water wash
  • Detergent dosage sensors
  • 12 wash programs for different fabric requirement
  • Zero pressure fill technology for quick filling of water
  • Timer for delay wash
  • Aqua Store feature for storing water for the next wash

4. LG Fully Automatic Washing Machine

Available in a beautiful silver color, this washing machine comes in a top-load format. The outer body and tub of this washing machine are made with durable stainless steel and a functional non-corrosive motor that adds to its longevity. This washing machine features a convenient to use control panel and digital display for the user’s ease. With a shockproof body, this washing machine is suitable for a family of 3 to 5 people and can capacitate up to 6.5 kg in one wash. The smart inverter motor adjusts the energy consumption and the turbo drum removes even the toughest of dirt and stains. It can be connected to the SmartThinQ app to know if there is a problem with your washing machine.

Powerful Wash

The washing machine is endowed with a Turbo Wash feature that can pull out dust and dirt with the motion of water.

Budget Buy

Key Aspects:

  • Smart inverter technology
  • Smart diagnosis
  • Child lock
  • Anti-corrosive motor
  • Twelve wash programs for different fabric requirement

5. IFB Fully Automatic Washing Machine

Equipped with a 2D wash system that ensures ample soaking and cleaning, this washing machine also features a ball valve technology that flushes out water and minimizes the wastage of detergent. Suitable for bachelors or a family of 2 to 3 people, this washing machine can capacitate up to 6 kg of weight in one wash. This washing machine features an in-built heater and comes with three temperature settings. Available in solid silver color, the washing machine is made with stainless steel which offers it extended durability. It removes allergens giving you fresh clothes and the Aqua Energie feature helps in dissolving the detergent better for softer clothes.

Laundry Add Option

This washing machine has a laundry add option which lets you pause the cycle and add laundry in between the wash cycle. It also monitors voltage fluctuations and prevents damage.

Strong Contender

Key Aspects:

  • Aqua energy filter
  • Express wash feature
  • Monitors voltage
  • Crescent moon drum for a gentle wash
  • More than fifteen wash programs for different fabrics

6. Godrej Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

This fully automatic washing machine from Godrej is affordable and provides a superb wash quality. It can take up a wash load of 6.2 kg in one wash and is suitable for a family of 4. It comes with 5 wash programs that can be selected according to the type of laundry. Every pre-set wash program comes with an automatic active soak time of 5-8 minutes. The Acu-wash drum has evenly spaced big and small contours for gently scrubbing away all the dirt from your clothes. It also has an auto-restart and backup program which is responsible for starting your machine from where it stopped in case of a power failure.

Turbo 6 Pulsator

There are 6 ridges on the pulsator which create a better water turbulence. This helps in providing a powerful wash and delivers absolutely clean clothes.

Trusted Choice

Key Aspects:

  • Anti-scratch and shock resistant lid
  • Child lock
  • Auto-restart
  • Five wash programs

7. Haier Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

Equipped with a Oceanus Wave Drum, this washing machine cleans your laundry with lesser abrasion. The cubical shape of the drum enables a stronger water flow and the Bionic Magic Filter captures all the lint during the wash. The balance clean pulsator allows water and detergent to mix well while going through the fabric and provides a powerful motion to clean larger and heavier clothes. It has 8 wash programs and a 6.2 kg load capacity with a non-rust body that makes the machine more durable.

Fuzzy Logic

With Fuzzy Logic, the appliance senses the wash environment like the amount of dirt, the amount of soap and water, direction of spin, etc. and adjusts the wash settings accordingly.


Key Aspects:

  • Low water consumption
  • Child lock
  • Rust free body
  • Eight wash programs

8. Panasonic 5 Star Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

This washing machine from Panasonic has a 6 kg load capacity and is easy to use for light as well as heavy laundry items like curtains and linens. With lint filters and an Aqua Beat technology, it provides a clean and hygienic wash. It also has a fuzzy control technology that measures the weight load automatically and suggests required amount of water. It has a 5-star rating that ensures optimal utilization of resources and energy.

One Touch Smart Wash

The One Touch Smart Wash lets you optimize your wash, rinse, and drying cycle with a single button.

Also Consider

Key Aspects:

  • Less tangled clothes
  • Improved drying feature
  • Power off memory
  • Faster tub clean and tub dry
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