18 Best Modular Switch Brands in India for 2024

Modular switches add extra oomph to the interiors of our homes with comfort and functionality. The versatility of these switches makes them sustainable and worth switching to them from the regular ones. But have you ever given thought to the features to look for when buying these switches? There are many electrical switch companies in India, among which 18 brands are mentioned here that produce some of the best modular switches.

Our Top Picks:

Modular Switches vs Traditional Switches

Modular switches have become widely popular in India, but many households still rely on traditional switches. Here are some critical differences between modular switches and traditional switches.


Modular switches feature sleek and modern designs that look super stylish as compared to traditional switches. They come in different colours, finishes, and styles as compared to traditional switches that come in basic designs and colours.

Safety Features

Modular switches feature safety features, such as flame-retardant materials, protection against electrical faults, and shock resistance. Traditional switches may vary in terms of safety features depending on the specific model and brand.

Longevity and Durability

Modular switches are made using high-quality materials that make them durable and long-lasting. Although traditional switches are also durable, they can vary from brand to brand.

List of Top 18 Modular Switch Brands in India


Founded in 1979 by Shri Otmalji Goraji, Goldmedal has emerged as one of the country’s most reliable electrical and appliance brands. The company is based out of Mumbai, Maharashtra and has a massive customer base today. Its top sellers include wires, modular switches, doorbells, LED lights, fans, and more!

Prominent Features of the Goldmedal AIR Modular Switch:

  • A complete range, AIR has everything from switches to sockets to regulators, USB chargers, key tags, and more
  • The slim A3 and A6 cover plates lend a minimalistic touch to these switches
  • The switches are user-friendly and versatile for use with multiple frames
  • They appear flat, which creates a beautiful aesthetic in your home


  • Has a smooth feel
  • Distinctive appearance
  • Stylish yet highly functional design

List of Modular Switch Range by Gold Medal:

  • Gold Medal Air Modular Switches
  • Gold Medal Curve Modular Switches

Why We Picked the Goldmedal AIR Modular Switch?

The Goldmedal AIR Switch range is undoubtedly one of the best in India today. The products excel in terms of style and functionality. They are highly user-friendly and can instantly amp up the aesthetics of your rooms.


Havells Switch
Havells Switch

The popular FMEG, Havells is a top switches brand that deals with electrical goods of multiple genres. The company offers geysers, purifiers, fans, and other home appliances. The trusted brand provides products with a guarantee and remains true to its word. The policies are followed strictly, yielding positive consumer feedback. 

Notable Features of the Havells:

  • The modular switches by Havells are made with plastic and polycarbonate, which are heat-resistant materials.
  • The brands’ best switches for home are made by following stringent quality norms that assure better fit and dual shutter mechanism.
  • The polycarbonate used is of FR grade.


  • High impact resistant
  • UV ray stabilized
  • Shockproof material
  • Affordable

List of Modular Switch Range by Gold Medal:

  • Gold Medal Air Modular Switches
  • Gold Medal Curve Modular Switches

List of Modular Switch Range by Havells:

  • Fabio Modular Range
  • Fabio Art Modular Range
  • Carbon Modular Range
  • Frameio Modular Range
  • Coral Modular Range
  • Oro Modular Range
  • Oro Metallica Range

Why We Picked This Brand?

The switches made by Havells are some of the best electric switches in India. These have great resistance to shocks and electrical leakages. These can even withstand impact and have long durability. 


CONA Switch
PM CONA Switch

PM CONA is one of India’s leading electrical switch companies that has garnered positive reviews from its consumers since its beginning in 1968. The switches are found in a large variety. The brand believes in innovation, so they often come up with new products to better its services.  

Notable Features of PM Cona:

  • PM CONA branded electrical switches are made of the best switch material FR grade polycarbonate.
  • They make both two-way and one-way switches catering to different requisitions. 
  • The design is sleek, with a robust structure that makes it easy to install.


  • Consumes less power than other switches
  • Has a long durability

List of Modular Switch Range by PM Cona:

  • Luxury Range
  • Status Range
  • Platinum Range
  • Style Range

Why We Picked This Brand?

PM CONA is a one-stop solution for all your electrical problems. It has a wide range of switch options in addition to regulators, LED lights, and several others. Each product is crafted perfectly to suit everyone’s choice. 


L&T Switches
L&T Switches

L&T is one of the largest manufacturers of switchgear components in India. It deals with other electrical solutions like solar energy and power quality solutions. Every product by L&T is of superior quality, making it one of India’s top electrical brands. 

Notable Features of L&T:

  • The polycarbonate switches by L&T are meant to last longer than regular switches.
  • These switches have wide cover plates that also increase longevity.
  • The home switch design includes inbuilt safety shutters that increase safety. 


  • Affordable 
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Impact resistant
  • Heat resistant

List of Modular Switch Range by L&T:

  • Englaze
  • Entice
  • Orem
  • Engem

Why We Picked This Brand?

L&T is a long-running brand providing switchgear facilities of the best quality. The modular switches manufactured by them are unique and easily maintainable. These are engineered to make them easily installable

Anchor by Panasonic

Anchor by Panasonic Roma Plus Switch
Anchor by Panasonic Roma Plus Switch

For the last five decades, Anchor by Panasonic has been a household name. From a humble beginning, Anchor has attained major mass attention in many parts of the world. The domestic wire and switch ranges are made after an elaborate research and trial process. 

Notable Features of Anchor by Panasonic:

  • Anchor by Panasonic makes different sets of modular switches for various purposes. 
  • Polycarbonate switches have greater strength than regular switches. This property makes it 220 times more resistant to impacts than glass.


  • Affordable
  • 1-year warranty

List of Modular Switch Range by Anchor:

  • Thea
  • Tiona
  • Vision
  • Europa
  • Ziva
  • Roma
  • Penta Modular
  • Woods
  • Rider
  • Penta

Why We Picked This Brand?

Anchor by Panasonic is renowned for curating every switch type with the same care and quality. The switches are made in such a way that they can be installed by anyone with ease. 

Tata Power EZ Home

Tata Power EZ Home Switch
Tata Power EZ Home Switch

Tata needs no introduction as it is a widespread industry in itself. Tata power EZ home is a brand owned by Tata that manufactures new-age modular switches employing advanced technology and digital advancement. 

Notable Features of Tata Power EZ Home:

  • The smart modular switches by TATA power are the most attention-grabbing products.
  • These switches have a timer for automating any operation. 
  • The switches can be controlled with the help of the EZ home app. 
  • They can be operated from distant places.


  • Voice-activated switches
  • Inbuilt electricity consumption tracker


  • Expensive 

List of Modular Switch Range by Tata Power EZ:

  • Smart Switch

Why We Picked This Brand?

Tata Power EZ Home is lighting up thousands of houses in India. The features and utility of these modular smart switches are commendable and reliable. The cutting-edge technologies help users safeguard their homes from far away. 


Hi Fi Modular Switch
Hi Fi Modular Switch

Hi-Fi is driven by research and innovation in standardized model interfaces. Its products are manufactured by implementing features that are internationally acclaimed. 

Notable Features of Hi-Fi:

  • The switches are made of polycarbonate.
  • The installation of these switches is easy. It fits well on any Roma modular plate. 
  • These switches have heavy-duty contacts made of brass. 


  • Affordable
  • Easy maintenance

Why We Picked This Brand?

Hi-Fi is the affordable variety of modular switches that can make your house look classy and chic. The switches are heavy-duty and can withstand short circuits to a large extent. The brand has a good reputation in the Indian market. Durability and affordability are the USPs of Hi-Fi. 


Legrand Switch
Legrand Switch

Legrand manufactures a huge range of wiring accessories. The new switch models in the modular range are commendable. They are electrifying homes with ideal digital infrastructure and cable management

Notable Features of Legrand:

  • Legrand has award-winning designed switches that yield high performance and ensure scalability. 
  • From regular to modular and smart switches, Legrand curates interesting cable management equipment. 
  • Floating Frame for home switch design is one of the most sold products of Legrand. 


  • Switches have good space for wiring
  • Easily installable
  • Suitable for houses, shops, restaurants, and offices.

List of Modular Switch Range by Legrand:

  • Living Now
  • Arteor
  • Myrius
  • Lyncus

Why We Picked This Brand?

Legrand has attained the trust of millions across the globe with the best cable management products. The top switches brand makes ideal panel mounting switches in addition to the regular ones. 



Manufacturing some of the best switches in India, GM accentuates your home and reflects your style. GM not only makes switches but also manufactures fans, pipes, and other electrical products. They are always focused on innovation. 

Notable Features of GM:

  • The polycarbonate used for making modular switches have a long life performance
  • The switches fit into any modular frame or box.
  • GM produces lightweight switches that can carry heavy duty.


  • Affordable
  • Heat resistant

List of Modular Switch Range by GM:

  • Four Five
  • G-Era
  • G-Home
  • G-Magic
  • G-Nine
  • G-X
  • Cuba

Why We Picked This Brand?

GM has built an empire that offers some of the best modular switches in India. These switches are an amalgamation of style and sustainability. The switches can tolerate heat and resist electrical dysfunctions. 


Salzer Switch
Salzer Switch

Since 1985, Salzer has been working on improving the technology of electrical installation products. The switches created by Salzer are known for their excellent services coupled with dependability. The company has managed to bring out new switch models from time to time. 

Notable Features of the SALZER Brand:

  • Salzer electric switches are environmentally friendly as they are made of polycarbonate material of the highest grade.
  • It produces CAM-operated rotary switches that are highly efficient.
  • The designs are robust and modern that have good durability. 


  • Affordable
  • Anti-flame retardant property
  • Good tactical feedback

List of Modular Switch Range by SALZER:

  • Elite Series

Schneider Electric

Schneider Electric Switch
Schneider Electric Switch

Schneider Electric has a mission of empowering the citizens by utilising energy and resources in a productive and sustainable manner. The company is driving digital transformation by fusing energy technologies and world-class processes. 

Notable Features of Schneider Electric:

  • Schneider Electric advocates meaningful purpose, empowered values, and inclusiveness. 
  • The high durability of these switches is a property of the silver inlay contacts and copper bridge. 
  • The brass terminals ensure electric contact efficiently. 


  • Eco-friendly products
  • Has a 1.6-year warranty


  • Expensive

List of Modular Switch Range by Schneider:

  • Neo
  • ZENcelo
  • ULTI
  • Livia
  • Opale
  • AvatarON
  • Unica Pure
  • Clipsal X


ABB Switch
ABB Switch

The leading global brand ABB aims at transforming society to attain a better, more productive, and sustainable tomorrow. It has a history of excellence for over 130 years and still has its foothold in the international market.

Notable Features of ABB:

  • The switches are made with low-carbon materials making them eco-friendly and sustainable
  • The modular switches also include features like audio solutions for multi rooms in addition to alarm options. 
  • These switches are energy efficient as they consume low electricity


  • ISI marked
  • Easily upgradeable
  • Easy to install


  • Incompatible with frames other than ABB

List of Modular Switch Range by ABB:

  • Snieo
  • Adiya
  • Tvisha
  • Tvisha Antibacterial
  • IVIE
  • Zenit
  • Millenium

Vinay Electricals

Vinay Electricals Switch
Vinay Electricals Switch

Vinay electricals have embarked on a bright journey for the past 5 decades. It has managed to fortify the electrical industry with imminent solutions. Passion, excellence, and innovation are the key driving factors of this brand. 

Notable Features of Vinay Electricals:

  • Stylish switches with higher conductivity than regular switches. 
  • Corum is a popular range of Vinay electricals that have ambient features with high impact tolerance. 


  • Affordable
  • Easily installable 


Elleys Switch
Elleys Switch

Elleys is a new-age electrical company thriving with its modern designer switches.

Notable Features of the Elleys:

  • The Elleys switches are made with good quality polycarbonate
  • The switches are made to implement the latest technology associated with electrical equipment. 
  • It specialises in one-way, two-way switches. Besides, modular plates and regulators are also sold enormously in the market. 


  • Good quality products
  • ISO Certified



GreatWhite has been performing well on the statistical front for the last 5 decades as an electrical company. With the input of the finest technicians in the field, the brand has made a good name all over India. 

Notable Features of the GreatWhite:

  • The modular switches made by GreatWhite are ideal for both household and commercial purposes.
  • These have finger-proof terminals with an additional tunnel for easy installation
  • Every switch has an elegant design with different finishes. 


  • Affordable
  • Flame retardant
  • ISI Marked

List of Modular Switch Range by GreatWhite:

  • Arcus
  • Myrah
  • Trivo
  • Fiana

Wipro North-West

Wipro North West Switch
Wipro North West Switch

Wipro North-West is one of the fastest-evolving FMCG companies in the world. With great revenues every year, this brand manufactures products in many niches. From wellness products to electrical wiring devices, it has battled a good position in all the fields of its presence. 

Notable Features of Wipro North-West:

  • Polycarbonate modular switches are designed to have increased durability.
  • The switches are available with and without indicators. 
  • Thermostat materials are used to make these switches for safe electrical insulation. 


  • Includes heavy metal contact yielding improved conductivity
  • Heat retardant

List of Modular Switch Range by Wipro North West:

  • Artisa
  • Nova
  • Stylus+
  • Convex
  • Venia

Duravolt Electricals

Duravolt Star Electrical Switch
Duravolt Star Electrical Switch

Duravolt Electricals is in the business of manufacturing modular switches with contemporary designs. The brand started its journey recently as a small-scale enterprise. Presently, it manufactures a large range of modular switches in India.

Notable Features of Duravolt:

  • FR-grade polycarbonate material is used for making the switches.
  • The products are made eco-friendly, with the inner component being brass. 


  • High heat resistant
  • Elegant unbreakable body

Western Electricals

WESTERN Modular Pilot Switch
WESTERN Modular Pilot Switch

Western Electricals was established in the year 1986 to manufacture unique models of switches. Since then, the brand has garnered the attention of users from different parts of the country for its offerings. 

Notable Features of the Western Electricals:

  • The plastic used for making modular switches can withstand high electric capacity.
  • They come with and without indicators.
  • They have chic and elegant designs


  • ISI Certified
  • Affordable


  • Made of plastic

List of Modular Switch Brands with Price & Rating

Gold Medal Modular SwitchesStarting at Rs 4994
Havells Modular SwitchesStarting at Rs 994
PM Cona Modular SwitchesStarting at Rs 1204-4.5
L&T Modular SwitchesStarting at Rs 1803.5-4
Anchor Modular SwitchesStarting at Rs 1404-5
Tata Power EZ Modular SwitchesStarting at Rs 2,9994-4.5
HiFi Modular SwitchesStarting at Rs 4993.5-4
Legrand Modular SwitchesStarting at Rs 1303.5-4.5
GM Modular SwitchesStarting at Rs 1504-4.5
Salzer Modular SwitchesStarting at Rs 1303.5-4
Schneider Modular SwitchesStarting at Rs 1003-4
ABB Modular SwitchesStarting at Rs 1503.5-4
Vinay Electricals Modular SwitchesStarting at Rs 2304-4.5
Elleys Modular SwitchesStarting at Rs 1703.5-4
GreatWhite Modular SwitchesStarting at Rs 2994
Wipro North West Modular SwitchesStarting at Rs 4504-4.5
Duravolt Modular SwitchesStarting at Rs 2203.5-4.5
Prices are subject to change*

Additionally, you can use the most recent Amazon discount coupons that will help you save more on the purchase and get the finest deals.

How Do We Choose the Right Modular Switch Brands for You?

Switching to modular switches is surely a good idea, but you should know the dos and don’ts of selecting the right one. Three vital factors that matter when buying modular switches are elaborated on below:


The material is a crucial determinant of the quality of a modular switch. You should always consider materials that are safe to use as well as good to look at. Besides, the material should have resistance to heat. This diminishes the chances of accidents related to circuit failure. Flame retardant materials like polycarbonate are used extensively in the best switches in India.

Maintenance and Durability

The switches should be easy to maintain and have long durability. Some plastic materials look elegant but end up breaking or cracking after a few months of use. Presently, many materials have been engineered with the assistance of modern technology. These repel dirt and last for years.

Applied Technology

The industry of electronic equipment is doing a commendable job in developing the best switches for home. The one-way and two-way modular switches offer ease of use. 

Importance of Choosing the Right Brand of Modular Switches

Picking the right brand of modular switch is important for many reasons, some of which are mentioned below.

The trust of Quality and Safety

An established brand will always ensure that you get the best quality products that are safe for use at home, office, or in any commercial space. They use high-quality materials and put their products under several quality checks to make sure you have a trustworthy product. These products will also have features like flame-retardant materials, shock resistance, and protection against electrical faults.

Ease of Usage and Installation

Reputable brands ensure that their products are easy to install and compatible with standard wiring systems. This will allow you to install these lights easily, and you can do it even without any professional help.

Warranty and Customer Support

Trusted modular switch brands will offer warranties and guarantees on their products so that you can change them if they stop working within the warranty period. They also have great customer support, so you can share your concerns if you face any.  

Final Word

With some of the best electrical switch companies in India, Havells seems to be the top option. However, you should choose a brand according to your necessity. The requirement of volts in the point you want to install and the purpose should be analyzed beforehand to opt for a modular switch along with the above-discussed factors.


What are the 4 types of switches?

There are two types of switches, mechanical and electrical. Mechanical switches can further be divided into SPST (Single Pole Single throw), SPDT (single pole double throw), DPST (double pole, single throw), DPDT (double pole double throw). On the basis of operation and construction, they can come in various types like push button, toggle, joy stick, rotary, etc.

Which is the No 1 switch company in India?

Goldmedal, Havells, Anchor, Legrand, and other brands listed here are some top companies that you can check out when looking for switches.

Which type of switch is best for home?

One-way or single-pole switches are best for homes.

What is the fastest switch?

Linear switches are the fastest switches out of all mechanical switches.

Which is better, Legrand or Schneider?

In India, Legrand is a popular choice, clocking in a revenue of 2,885 crores in 2021-22. However, Schneider is also a popular global brand. In India, Schneider clocked in a revenue of 1,530 crores in 2021-22.

Which is better Havells or Anchor?

Havells is one of the best electrical brands in India and the world, making it one of the top companies on this list.

Why Trust CashKaro Reviews?

CashKaro reviews take into account the positions of the brands along with the utility and features of their products. All factors are well-assessed before coming to a conclusion. Moreover, every review is made by following stringent review policies. This list of the best modular switch companies in India has been curated after evaluating all available options.

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