If You Are A True Book Lover, You Must Have These Classy Bookmarks

Best Bookmarks

Still dog-earing your books? Stop right away and use these beautiful bookmarks.

Bookmarks are cute accessories that are close to every book lover’s heart. Available in charming designs and pretty shapes, these accessories can be of great help for those who often forget page numbers or use bills, payslips, and other things to mark the pages. They come in various kinds like string bookmarks, ribbon bookmarks, printed, charm, metallic, and magnetic. If you’re looking to buy some bookmarks for yourself or for gifting purpose, here are our top recommendations for you.

Best Bookmarks for Book Lovers

1. Harry Potter Themed Bookmarks

These bookmarks feature unique prints and famous quotes from the Harry Potter series. Perfect for HP fans, they can be used to mark pages in diaries, schoolbooks, novels and more. They are laminated on the outside and have a foldable design that allows their flaps to stick together.

Magnetic Bookmarks

These bookmarks have strip magnets that secure the page from both sides.

Top Choice

2. Antara Wilderness Bookmarks

These bookmarks feature a digitised version of original hand paintings. It is a set of five bookmarks that can be used between textbooks, novels, or any other book to mark pages. They are thin enough yet durable, thanks to the outer laminating. Besides being strong and long-lasting, these bookmarks are waterproof too.

Dual Sided

These bookmarks can be used from both sides as they feature a digital print on one leaf and a stylish quote on the other.

Close Second

3. Kraftnix Bookmark

These bookmarks have a stainless-steel body and come in a connected trail of stylised alphabets – ‘Abibliophobiac’. It is resistant to corrosion, rust, and tarnish, making it a durable choice for those who prefer quirky accessories. The creative design allows it to hang on the pages to mark the paragraph.

Metallic Bookmark

It is a lovely metallic bookmark that can be placed or stuck between the pages of any book easily.

Most Loved

4. Buckle Up Help Me Bookmarks

Available in assorted colours, these bookmarks come in a set of four. All the bookmarks have a big, outstretched hand attached to a thin plastic strip with a cutout design. Mark your last read page with these bookmarks to add colour and charm to your latest reads.

Hard Plastic

This bookmark is made with hard plastic, which offers durability and strength.

Next Best

5. Futurekart Posters Retro Landscape Paper Bookmark

Made of high-quality paper, these bookmarks have a truly vintage look. The set has 30 pieces of bookmarks featuring different landscapes and designs. They also have a writeable leaf on the back and can be used as memo message cards or personalised gift cards.

Retro Look

These bookmarks have a lovely retro look that makes them even more attractive.

Popular Pick

6. MC SID RAZZ Friends TV Series Magnetic Bookmarks

If you are a die-hard Friends fan and a book reader by heart, these Friends-themed bookmarks are all you need. This pack contains six colourful magnetic bookmarks with popular quotes, dialogues, elements, and airing span of the popular TV series. These fun bookmarks rest comfortably on the paper when placed on the edge.


These bookmarks have a clear lamination that protects them from damage caused by water and other liquids.


7. Seedhi Jalebi Magnetic Bookmarks

Love having bookmarks that motivate you to read and do more every minute of your life? These magnetic bookmarks are the best pick for you. The set contains four lovely bookmarks that ensure you do not lose track of your reading. They are made of high-quality paper and are laminated with a clean film, making them resistant to scratches and water spill.

Wide Design

Each bookmark has a lovely colour combination and is wide enough to have a good grip on the bookmarked page.


8. Bookworm Magnetic Bookmarks

These bookmarks are available in pretty colours and detailed prints, including flowers, animals, and intricate elements. They are made with high-quality and tear-resistant paper that adds to the durability of these book accessories. Each bookmark features magnetic strips that stick together when the bookmark is folded on either side of the page. They are small, portable, and water-resistant bookmarks that are available in a set of eight.

Pretty Prints

These bookmarks feature pretty prints, colours, and quotes that add a quirky look to your latest pick.


9. Paragraph Batman Series Bookmarks

These bookmarks come right out of the DC world. These bookmarks have a simple design and dual-toned colour scheme that isn’t too bright for the eyes. Each bookmark features a Batman silhouette that has an aesthetic appeal and catches the attention of kids and adults alike. This pack has 10 Batman bookmarks that are long and wide enough to fit inside the pages of most standard-sized books.

Matte Finish

Every bookmark is made with high-quality paper and has a fine matte finish that adds to its charm.

Also Consider

10. Plantables’ Origami Seed Paper Bookmarks

These wood-free and eco-friendly bookmarks are all that you need to add a layer of cuteness to your reads. This set contains seven square bookmarks in animal designs that can be placed on the corners of the book. They are 100% biodegradable, made with waste cotton pulp, and are printed using water-soluble dyes, ensuring they cause no harm to the environment.

Seed Paper

These bookmarks are made with seed paper that can be potted into the soil to grow plants.

Runner Up
Niharika Mathur
Niharika Mathur

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