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Pigeon Induction Cooktops Available at Lowest Prices in India

Pigeon is a popular brand of kitchen appliances and cookware catering to the cooking needs of Indian households. With Pigeon induction stoves for the fast-moving generation of today, Pigeon has secured a vital place among the kitchen needs in every home. It is also one of the best gifts you can give to someone who loves cooking or wants to learn cooking because of its unique user-friendly features. Check the Pigeon induction stove price now.

Pigeon Home & KitchenProducts At Best Prices

Pigeon IndiaOfferCashback
Pigeon Induction Stove Upto 50% Off Upto 6.75%
Pigeon Cooktops & Burners Upto 55% Off Upto 6.75%
Pigeon Pots & Pans Upto 60% Off Upto 6.75%
Pigeon Cookware Upto 40% Off Upto 6.75%

Why should you use a Pigeon induction cooktop?

Gone are the days when you would have to stand for hours in a hot kitchen to cook a delicacy at home, with a Pigeon induction cooktop you can cook your full meals because of the flexibilities of superior temperature control and discrete cooking modes. Pigeon induction cooktops are considered as the standard product for working class Indians who want to cook and eat within limited timeframes.

What’s more, a fully glass Pigeon induction cooktop offers better safety and intelligent sensor-enabled technology with touch input. This reduces the fears young college goers and working men and women associated with cooking previously. The Pigeon induction cooker reduces the accessibility to heat only for the compatible utensils that are placed on it instead of the gas stoves that would cause immense heating problems inside the kitchen. Pigeon products come in a variety of capacities starting from 3 Litres. Login to CashKaro and get the lowest Pigeon induction cooker price and also save more with promo codes and coupons from CashKaro.

Money Saving Offers on Pigeon Induction Stoves and Products

Pressure Cookers Upto 42% Off Rs 75
Cooktops and Burners Min 50% Off Rs 75
Pots and Pans Upto 60% Off Rs 75
Induction Stoves Min 50% Off Rs 75

What are the top selling Pigeon kitchen appliances?

Pigeon is a household name when it comes to cookware and kitchen appliances. The exclusive range of Pigeon cookware products includes Pigeon Pressure Cookers, Pigeon Cooktops and Burners, Kitchen storage and containers and Pigeon Mixer Grinders.

Pigeon induction cooktops are the preferred induction stoves because of their various features such as intelligent power saving technology enabled with the Auto-OFF feature and timer-enabled cooking menus. The lightweight model such as Pigeon Induction Cooktop Rapido is available at different prices according to the wattage.

There are low-priced Pigeon induction cooktops available too which have different cooking modes and temperature palettes for easy cooking. You can check the lowest prices of the Pigeon Induction Cooktop Rapido cute range of products as they are small compact cooking appliances for your everyday needs.

Pigeon cookware like pressure cooker, pots and pans are compatible with the induction base so that they can be used on the Pigeon induction cooktops and also on gas burners. So when you buy a Pigeon induction cooker, you may like to buy compatible Pigeon cookware too. You can also check the price of Prestige Induction stove before you make your final choice.

Why should you buy Pigeon kitchen appliances online?

When you buy a Pigeon induction stove, you also get a one-year manufacturer’s warranty on the product and that means when you face any problems in using your Pigeon induction cooker, you can immediately call Pigeon customer care for instant assistance. Another way in which you can get immediate help is by going to the nearest Pigeon service centre. Here, whatever missing or damaged parts need repair will be addressed immediately. The Pigeon service centre takes care of Pigeon kitchen appliance malfunctioning and repair works on a timely basis to keep your kitchen running efficiently. So when you want to cook delicious food for your family and friends, Pigeon induction cooktops are just what you need.

Where can you buy Pigeon products online?

Snapdeal – When you unbox happiness with the purchase of Pigeon induction cooker at Snapdeal, you’re assured of 100% payment protection. Not only this, you unlock more savings potentials with additional cashback from CashKaro. With CashKaro and Snapdeal offers on your side, being a shopaholic won’t hurt your pocket.

Amazon – Take home your Pigeon induction stove at the lowest prices with the advantages of the Fulfilled with Amazon experience. Also, you get additional benefits when you’re an Amazon Prime member. So go ahead and login to Amazon via CashKaro and be a smart shopper today.

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