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The market leader when it comes to large household electronic items, Whirlpool is an established brand in India. It is one of those brands which has stayed in the electronics industry due to its high quality of products. Currently, Whirlpool has a whole collection of home and kitchen appliances like refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners, microwave ovens and water purifiers.

Among the most bought products, a Whirlpool refrigerator is common among Indian customers. Whirlpool India houses many different types of refrigerators to suit your family’s needs according to the Indian weather conditions changing from time to time. If you’re looking for an efficient refrigerator to sail through all weather conditions, you can check the Whirlpool refrigerator price.

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Top selling Refrigerators to shop at Whirlpool India

Double door refrigerators – You can opt for a frost free whirlpool refrigerator to keep your grocery and vegetable reserves easily as the whirlpool double door refrigerators have the best insulating abilities and a strong solid stainless steel outer case. Check for the best whirlpool double door refrigerators available at unbelievable prices today. They’re available in a palette of colours with spunky body designs as well. Apart from Whirlpool, you can also look into Godrej refrigerator prices to find some amazing double door refrigerators.

Single door refrigerator – Whirlpool makes affordable refrigerators with the single-door feature as well. The metal body with quality temperature control makes this range a must-have for those who are always on a move. Let your refrigerator freeze your ice-cream without you having a headache. If you don’t want to spend a fortune to land a side by side refrigerator, these cheap whirlpool refrigerators will serve you good.

Multi-door refrigerators – Whirlpool gives you a powerful refrigerator equipped with direct cool technology in low and medium capacities. Also, they come with energy saving technology which you need throughout the year, check out the whirlpool refrigerator sale with the best offers on whirlpool mini refrigerator and the side by side refrigerator.

Other than refrigerators, Whirlpool has a wide collection of washing machines as well. Today, a washing machine is a household need for everyone. Therefore, cost effectiveness of these useful appliances is a huge concern. Whirlpool has tackled that quite effectively; they manufacture semi-automatic and automatic washing machines so that they fulfil every household’s laundry needs. So waste no further time and energy on your laundry, check whirlpool washing machine prices today.

Microwave ovens – Who has the time to stand and wait just to heat their food? Isn’t it great that a microwave oven helps you defrost meat and bake a cake within minutes? Whirlpool microwave ovens give you this and more. Better timers, better temperature control and more heat modes for your smooth cooking activities, Whirlpool gives you nothing but the best range in microwave ovens. Check Whirlpool India microwave ovens for a wonderful cooking experience now.

Air conditioners – With the tropical weather conditions in India, an AC is a must-have. Bring comfortable living into your home with a whirlpool air conditioner to sail through the heat and sweaty months. Whirlpool has Split ACs as well as Window ACs starting at INR 25000 only. The ACs have capacities of 1 ton and above.

Top retailers selling Whirlpool refrigerators online

Amazon – With quick deliveries and efficient customer services, Amazon is the first choice for Indian online customers. For every refrigerator, Amazon gives you the power to choose among the best products based on customer reviews on refrigerators, ACs and washing machines. Read all refrigerator reviews before you make the right selection among the whole catalogue of Whirlpool products on Amazon. LG is another brand to reckon with when it comes to home appliances. You can check LG refrigerator prices at our website and make a calculated decision.

Croma – The online megastore which understands the Indian home and kitchen needs the best is housing a whirlpool refrigerator sale. Choose the best colour, cooling and preservation features and unmatched efficiency in the whirlpool double door refrigerator and single door refrigerators. So check the whirlpool fridge price offered at Croma today and save more. Croma gives a detailed report on washing machine and refrigerator prices, so you can also check the latest Whirlpool refrigerator prices and avail them for best price using Croma Offers.

You may also like to know the whirlpool washing machine price list while browsing through the range of semi-automatic and fully automatic washing machines. Other brands producing quality home appliances include LG, Samsung and Videocon. Godrej is another very popular brand. Make a good choice of refrigerator after checking Godrej refrigerator prices online.

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