What is Mild Shampoo? How to Find Best Mild Shampoo in India


What is Mild Shampoo

1What is Mild Shampoo? 

Mild Shampoo means a shampoo that has no harmful chemicals, that will not damage hair even on everyday use and that has a naturally beneficial effect on our hair. The mildest of all the shampoos are baby shampoos. However, selecting a mild shampoo in India involves some trial and error. You will find many mild shampoos, and only after trying a few will you find one that does perfect cleansing, is absolutely harmless to you and is made of natural and beneficial and healing components.

Most of the people don’t usually know what a mild shampoo means and how to recognize or classify one. However, when asked to our audience which mild shampoo do they use if they use one. They mention “Dove” which in fact is not really a mild shampoo. Dove is not harsh either, though it’s milder than most of the shampoos available in the market.

“Mild” can have different meanings depending on the factors that people are treating for

  • Mild Shampoo that should not irritate skin or scalp.
  • Mild Shampoos that won’t cause hair loss hair and help the damaged or dry hair.
  • Mild Shampoos that lather well and cleanses the scalp.

Depending on the above factors, you can buy a mild shampoo of your choice. Here’s a detailed guide on how you can choose the Best Mild Shampoo.


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